No matter you are a podcast host, an aspiring singer, or just someone who loves recording audios, if you need to make voice recordings and audio content, then you need a good quality app. Using a voice recording tool can be complicated yet super fun especially if you use the right software.

With so many apps available today, it can be very confusing to choose the voice recorder for windows 10 that will suit your needs. Some apps are great for beginners, while others are better suited for pros.
So, to ease your pain and help you find the best voice recording software for Windows 10, we have listed down the seven best ones for you!

What Is Voice Recording Software?

Voice recording is a technique that allows you to record audio. Voice recording is used in filmmaking, YouTube podcasts, social media videos, singing, etc. A voice recording software is used for multitrack recording and mixing of the sound. You can also edit the recorded audio and add different sound effects. Many audio recording software also comes with screen recording, allowing you to create and edit visual content as well.

So, basically, voice recording software programs let you record and edit any type of audio file, whether it’s a voice-over, sound effect, song, or audiobook.

The Best Voice Recording Software Programs for Windows 10


FilmForth is a powerful video editing software that also functions as a voice recording tool for Windows. It is also known as Windows Movie Maker. It can help you create simple as well as pro-level video and audio projects. You can use FilmForth to make movie clips, edit images, and specialize in background music. Audio features of this app include video dubbing, video editing, and detaching audio from video. The best thing about this tool is that it is free to download. You can save and share files without any watermark!

How to Use FilmForth for Voice Recording?

Step 1: Open a File

Open a project with graphic objects on the timeline. Now, click the Audio feature on the bottom of the screen to open Audio functions.

Step 2: Add Audio

Click the Add Audio [+] icon present on the left side of the function bar. On the timeline panel, a Suggested Music panel will be present towards the left – this has a section of pre-recorded songs available to use for free.

Step 3: Import Audio

On the right side of the Music panel, is the Import Audio section. Using the Import Audio feature, you can add your own audio files.

Step 4: Voice Recording

You can also record audios using the voice recording feature.

Step 5: Audio Editing

Once the audio file is uploading or recorded, use different audio tools to edit the file.


  • Audio and video tool
  • No watermark
  • Suitable for beginners
  • User-friendly software
  • Free tool


  • No cross-platform accessibility

Wondershare DemoCreator

Wondershare DemoCreator is an intuitive video creator, audio recorder, and editor. This screen and audio recording software come with a user-friendly interface and lots of amazing features. It allows you to make professional tutorials, demos, vlogs, online courses, and gifs.

DemoCreator allows you to record an audio clip and capture the system sounds, webcam video, and microphone audio. All this makes Wondershare DemoCreator the perfect tool for audio and video recording.


  • Screen recording on Windows 7 and above
  • Transition effects and cursor effects
  • Easy important export
  • Multiple audio effects
  • Graphical interface


  • Not suitable for advanced level
  • Slows down the system

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is a digital audio recording and editing software from Adobe Systems. This audio workstation features waveform editing and a multitrack mix/edit environment. Overall, it is a great tool for creating, editing, mixing, and restoring audio content. However, like most adobe suites, Adobe Audition is also a complicated tool suitable for professional audio editors.


  • Multitrack feature
  • Imports and exports multiple formats
  • Advance Audio editing
  • Huge library of sound effect


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Poor User interface
  • Not free


Wavosaur is a free and simple voice recorder available for Windows 10. It is a small software packed with a full-featured audio editor. Wavosaur allows you to normalize, change bit rates, cut, slice, dice and detect beats, and convert, create and apply volume envelopes. Moreover, it also supports ASIO (ASynchronous Input/Output). It processes files with WAV and Mp3 file filters.


  • Multiple audio effects
  • High-quality processing
  • Free
  • Small software size


  • Inefficient audio rooting
  • Software is slow


Audacity is a free open source audio editing software. It is great for professional audio recording and editing as it is a high-performance program. Audacity supports 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit audios to ensure high-quality resampling. It also supports ADSPA, VST, LV2, and Audio Unit (macOS) effects. With its high-quality audio tools, user-friendly interface, and cross-platform accessibility, audacity is one the best audio software programs out there. Moreover, it is an ad-free tool


  • Multiple sound effects
  • Portable program
  • Cross-platform accessibility


  • Poor noise reduction
  • No record to tape feature


Spek is a free voice recording and editing software that allows you to easily record audios. With this tool, you will not face any problems that the other audio recorders present. It comes with a simple interface that is easy to learn, and so it is an excellent choice for beginners. The lossless quality of this software makes it one of the best audio recording programs. Moreover, it also supports the FFMPEG library, and signal processing is super quick. Spek also supports the efficient drag and drop feature, and you can use the software in 19 different languages.


  • Auto fitting of time
  • Adjustable spectral density range
  • Cross-platform accessibility
  • User friendly


  • No audio signal parameters
  • Dated layout


WavePad is one of the most commonly used programs to make audio recordings with perfection. This tool is compatible with most of the audio formats, and it is suitable for the pro level. WavePad offers multiple audios enhancing capabilities like amplification and sound effects. You can use WavePad to edit, trim, and crop audio files. However, it is a purely audio recording and editing tool, so it does not support video creation.


  • Supports high-quality sounds
  • Supports different audio formats
  • All audio tools
  • Batch Processing
  • Audio Restoration


  • Not free
  • No video editing
  • Poor mp3 processing


Voice recording is a useful technique, particularly if you have to create different videos regularly like YouTube or influencers. This list of voice recording and editing apps will satisfy all your voice recording needs. It has options for both beginners and pros. So, use these versatile audio recording tools, whether you want to create a podcast or an IGTV post.