IoForth Team

IOFORTH PTE. LTD. was established in 2020. We aim to make life and work in a better way. That’s why our products are simple, fast and accessible to work. At our startup stage, we focus on developing video editor software to serve people who love to tell their story with friends, fans, or a following from all over the world.



We are committed to making every user a more convenient and efficient life and work. Also, to encourage more people to make their ideas come true is what we are pursuing.


We believe that a much easier and more efficient work would be part of a great life. Therefore, we have been committed to the development and creation of efficient and fast products.

At the same time, our community constantly emphasizes fairness and quality which would value our users’ work for sure.

We always expect a better future. That's what drives our products to improve and perform greater. We don't just make our work adapt to the changing environment; we do keep our thinking forward for generations to come.


IoForth is here to make its users have a better life experience because of its products. So, we develop our products with efficiency and stability.


The address of our office is 5001 BEACH ROAD #07-37 GOLDEN MILE COMPLEX SINGAPORE 199588

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