Duo Video Converter User Reviews

Duo Video Converter 4.8 (33Reviews)
Duo Video Converter
Highly recommended!
5.0 Lucian

Great! I love it. No ads and easy to convert. Highly recommended, thanks IOForth for bringing this into Windows Store.

It's a YES from me.
4.5 Qamarul

1. It's free 2. It's usable 3. Simple design, UI and the likes Haven't really pushed the app to the max but for normal usage, this app can do what needs to be done.

The best converter for free I've ever seen
5.0 Pradyumna

It's really the best audio and video converter. It utilizes proper resources for conversion which makes it do fast conversion. The best thing of this app/software is it's completely free. Really excellent work. Thank you so much.

Very well done
4.7 javier

This application got me out of a big hurry to be able to convert some videos from MKV format to MP4 and best of all without losing video quality simply excellent this application.

Excellent app!!!
5.0 Javier

Compress video very well without losing !!! quality The best thing is that it lets you choose the percentage of compression and the format to save, it is one of the best applications !!! I highly recommend it

It really helps people.
4.8 James

Aamzing! It works very good with high quality, also it's easy to use. I am happy with this app.

4.5 DeferentCrib

Apart from not making the Chinese version, the others are perfect, but take this opportunity to just learn English and thank the developer, thank you very much.

Excellent product, works amazingly well
5.0 Andy

Excellent product, works amazingly well. Quick to install, easy to use and very fast transfer, does exactly what it says on the tin, Brilliant

It has a lot to offer
4.5 Player

Great video converter. I wish the development team would add a feature to enhance the frame rate and change to x256.

Works Great!
4.9 WorthierTitan

Love it! Works great; much better than a different converter I tried in the past. I have only used this one to convert MTS to MP4 video files so far (so I cannot attest to other format conversions), but for what I need, it works perfectly./p>

worth trying
5.0 Daniel

Did exactly what I need it. I had several large files converted to jpeg format. It took a long time to finish but with good results and best of all , it was free. thank you

Great converter
5.0 Jhair

Awesome converter! Definitely recommend. One cool feature, that perhaps that could be added in the future, would be having the option to flip the video (360 degrees) when converting. If it does happen, thank you in advance!

5.0 Gabriel

The app is great but I would like them to translate to the Portuguese but IT DOES NOT disturb the experience with the application because it is intuitive. So far it is one of the best if not the best in the Store.

Great video converter App
5.0 Yitzhak

Great video converter App. I just used it on a 12 year old video file and it worked to perfection!

I was looking for gold but I found treasure.
5.0 DJ

This application is great! I was having a really hard time looking for video converters online but all of them always have a limit on how many I can convert. Good thing I found this app, it saved me. Thank you devs and to all who worked on this app.

Amazing and Easy
5.0 Alex

This is an amazing video converter and can be used for a lot of purposes including simply compressing a video (by converting .mp4 to .mp4). This is simply the best application for its purpose out there and has a well thought out UI. It supports multiple types of formats which makes it a perfect choice for content creators. Great job!

Easy to use, direct and free. Recommend!
5.0 Jorge

Excellent! Works well, is simple and straightforward, very easy to use and free. That's what I recommend.

Works smoothly with old files
5.0 Scott

Installed and converted my first two videos to mp4 from a .vob format. Went smoothly twice as fast as with vlc media player and the sound came through great. These are old 8mm home movies and vhs videotapes that were converted to digital and put on dvd.

Great tool simple to use
5.0 Peter

I record videos on an iPhone and find . MOV files difficult to work with. This tool is simple to use and free.

Very Impressed
5.0 Cheese

I like that it is very simple and easy to operate. The speed is great. I like the way you can follow every movement. Great Program. Thanks for all of your hard work. You will be blessed.

It Works Great Converting TS to mp4
5.0 Alan

It works, its easy to use and has a good user interface. I converted a 350 MByte TS file to mp4 and transferred it and played it with ease on my iPhone and iPad.

Duo video converter
4.7 Darren

Nice and easy interface. Can convert many formats would even better if it converted a bit faster but otherwise very good.

Quick, easy and it works!
5.0 Ian

Quick, easy and it works! Great stuff. I wanted to convert from mp4 to mov due to compatibility issues and it worked a treat

The first legit free video converter I found
5.0 Yidi

I have been looking a good video converter online and they are all scams that put limits on their free version to get you to buy. This is the first one that's completely free. No freemeim

5.0 Abel

Good. As far as I can tell it's completely free and converts files. Good enough for me and better than wasting 6 bucks.

Very good in my opinion
4.0 Henry

I just used it after testing two other applications, and for the moment it is the only one that does its job in addition to it working perfectly! the only downside, what makes its rating drop a little is that it is quite long to convert, but it is not necessarily serious

I think this is a winner.
4.5 Honey

I recently got into audiobooks, but I needed a way to convert the file type from MP4 to MP3 so I could listen at work. I tried a couple of things, and the results were not great. This app, so far, has been a great experience with easy to use menus and functions. I'm still skeptical, nothing this good is ever free, but I wont rock the boat with this one. Give it a try if you need to convert some files.

Fast and free.
5.0 Ivan

I find the converter very fast to copy, I was quite surprised and the quality was what I was looking for too. Thank you...

An excellent app, simple to use, no errors.
5.0 Will

Very easy to use. No errors of any kind. Conversion to MP4 reduced file size by approximately 60%.

Free of charge.
5.0 CptnChkn

Absolutely free converter full video and resolution conversion from weird files for free

4.9 Kevin

User experience. Mainly for the m4v format. No charge no ads is very good.99 points bar if out of the Chinese version is better

Easy to use!
5.0 Donald

Video can be converted within few minutes. Still can't believe how easy it was to convert. What a great program.

Thanks God I found you
5.0 Lana

This app is absolutely the best gem I've found lately. I've tried other free converters and they suck. This one is free and awesome!! sweet!!