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Inspire the World with Your Creative Story

Even beginners can handle each frame with breathtaking effects.

With FilmFo​rth, every frame is a keyframe.

The music, the lighting and the entire execution of the video make the every frame worth p​resentation.

Enpower the Creativity

FilmForth is far more than a video editor. Tens of thousands of users get their imagination done perfectly every day.

More Features

FilmForth allows you to make a video like a pro.

  • Make Slideshow

    Make a slideshow out of photos or videos with music and effects.

  • Change Video Speed

    Speed or slow the video with ease.

  • Voice Recording

    Well-recorded audio will dramatically highlight your video.

  • Dub A Video

    Add your voice over the original one.

  • Rotate Video

    Flip sideways of a video by your will.

  • Mute Video

    Remove audio from a video.

  • Add Effects on Video

    Boost the video’s creative flair by adding effects.

  • Remove Video Background

    Change the background to fit with the video theme.

  • Cut Video

    Trim the necessary part of a video.

  • Separate Audio from Video

    Detach audio from video and use it your own way.

  • Meme Maker

    Create video and image memes with a few clicks.

  • Make Logo Transparent

    Make your logo transparent at one click.

Stay with Filmforth

FilmForth keeps working on providing a professional and easy-to-use video editor for everyone.

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FilmForth is the best free video editors and also is easy for up and coming youtubers. Such an unbelievable tool to add music and some cool effects, voice over and so such more. Highly recommend.


Easy to use, clean and simple, it is quite friendly to the new video maker. Not too much overusage of CPU. great starter program.


This software was easy enough to use. Learning more about the software was also easy.


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