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FilmForth Audio Remover

Get any unwanted or unnecessary sound out of your video with just a click.


Noise in your footage can be such a bummer and we’re here to help.

FilmForth is the best free audio remover application for Windows 10 and Windows 11. It allows you to detach and remove audio tracks from video with a click , without the re-coding process. It’s easy, fast, and reliable.

What’s more, with FilmForth practical video/audio editing features , you can easily trim, crop, merge your video/audio tracks. And with the FilmForth inbuilt music library, you can add thousands of free music tracks to your muted video for incredible content creation.

Why Choose FilmForth Audio Remover

Remove Any Audio from Video

FilmForth removes any sound, music, voice, and noise from video with ease.

One-click Audio Removal

FilmForth helps remove audio and voice from videos with a simple click, fast and effortlessly, without the need for extra actions.

Vast Video Format Support

FilmForth assists you in removing audio from MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, HEVC, and 1000+ video formats.

Stable Performance

Compared with online services, FilmForth prevails with its stability and zero importing/exporting issues. In and out, not trouble.

Free and No Watermark

Unlike most free audio remover services out there, FilmForth is a completely free audio remover that doesn’t contain watermarks in your exports.

No Limit in Removing Audio

Online audio removers always limit your file size and file number for the sake of the server’s steadiness. But FilmForth allows you to remove audio from videos without file size or file number limitations.

Clean and Safe

FilmForth is officially approved by and can be downloaded from Microsoft Store, it’s completely clean and safe for your computer.

Various Editing Features

Apart from removing audio tracks, FilmForth is also a versatile video editing tool that enables you to freely cut, merge, or split your video and audio tracks.

Music Library to Replace Audio

Not just getting rid of the noise in your video! FilmForth is integrated with a music library of thousands of dulcet tracks for you to replace the audio in your video for free!

4 Simple Steps to Remove Audio from Video with FilmForth

To get started, hit the Download button below to download and install FilmForth.

1. Import Your Video

Launch FilmForth, hit New Project, and then drag and drop the video into FilmForth.

2. Detach Audio from Video

Click the added video in the timeline, and hit the Detach Audio button below.

3. Remove Audio from Video

Click the detached audio track, then hit the Delete button to remove the audio.

4.Export the Muted Video

Lastly, click the Save Video button to save and export the muted video.

Import Your Video Detach Audio from Video Remove Audio from Video Export the Muted Video
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Remove Audio from Videos: FAQs

What is the Best Audio Remover for Windows?

The best audio remover program for Windows 10 and Windows 11 is FilmForth, it’s free, it doesn’t have watermarks, and it removes audio from video in simple clicks.

What to Do with a Piercing Sound or Noise in a Video?

Piercing sounds and noises are a disaster when your audience watches your video, and it’s a smart move to remove audio from video or replace audio from video, and you can do these with FilmForth audio remover.

How to Remove Audio from Videos?

To remove audio from video, you need the best audio remover FilmForth. Install and launch FilmForth, import your video, and then hit the Detach Audio button to detach and delete the audio track.

How to Mute a Video?

To mute a video, you need to completely remove the audio track from the video. With FilmForth, you can easily detach and remove audio tracks from a video to mute the video.

How Do I Mute a Part of a Video?

Most audio removers remove audio from the entire video. However, with the FilmForth split feature, you can easily remove audio from a part of your videos.

How to Remove Audio from Video Online?

There are many practical online audio removers such as and Clideo. They work great with smaller files, but if you look to remove audio from longer or larger videos, then desktop audio remover FilmForth is more advised.

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