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fantastic keep working on this editor plus it's without water maca.

by Amilcar
I highly recomend this

It was very cool at first I was confused why this was the most rated video editor in windows so I launched it was epic I made an YouTube channel thx for making.

by Achilles Kyle B.
Awesome decent film app.

Well... free for such application... thumbs up... generally all good. None to complain.

by Himawan D
Na, de revens

I find it the best free editing program, and I love the AMOUNT of options it gives you.

by StaticStream763
not bad

The software is not bad I was just wondering if you could add keyframing or greenscreen in a future update.

by Lisa

very easy to use thank you!

by WeariedAphid813

This is a great editor but I do think it needs to improve on some stuff it is still very good though.

by Kristin

Bravo is too good I recommend for beginners mounting.

by JB

Thank you i LOVE this app sooo much its the best :)

by Hina_ Khan394 UwU
Best free option

It is free, user friendly, it has most of the necessary tools and it is very simple to navigate between all the features. Definitely 5 stars!

by mauped
A good choice for a lightweight video editor.

Talk about a great and lightweight program. This is my best choice for an actually good, free, and good on a low hard drive video editor. Keep going forth FilmForth!

Best editor I used in my life!

I was looking for a good editor and I stumbled upon this amazing creation! This editor is the best one I used yet and it's free. If you're looking for a good editor for your YouTube videos, this is the G.O.A.T.

by Darias
Great app and its FREE!!!

I just started using this and its so much better then the photos editor

by spryleeaf


by KingInsanity203
nice gui just using but grateful

nice gui just using but grateful!

by Michael

Filmforth Is a really easy to understand editor, but could use a bunch more features. For the effects tab, there are only filters. In the future it would be cool to see more effects like glowing.

by Netherite Nerd
So far so good

I have just started to use the app. So far it seems to be completely free. I will do another review if some type of hidden in app purchase comes up. The apps seems to have the basics you could hope to get from a free video editor.

by AgateRook77
Best editing app ever

I love this app. Very easy to use and does not require a watwermark.

by Tweety Marifin
Great program, converts from mts easily!

seems to be a good program, I am using the free version. Some things are not easy to figure out yet, but most adjustments are simple! Great free program and the watermark is unobtrusive. If I needed to use any of the creations professionally, I would buy the license :)

by Elizabeth
I love it!

And this is the best free software which works very fast and easy and powerful. Plus, my laptop is very slow, but filmforth works pretty well. Thank you guys for free and the best software in the world.

by Muzaffar Vakhidov

easy to use that's good!

by Yanisa

Thanks! U really needed a free video editor because I don't have the money to pay monthly on video editing softwares that want you to pay money and I needed this for my videos.

by Cookie_PupsYT
Recommend this editor for videos.

Developers did a great job making this app! This editor makes it really easy to edit and create videos for YouTube. I have been using it for a while and it keeps getting better and better.

by Suhaib

thank you so much for this! i can edit videos without watermarks :D your the best!

by FearlesslyTypical
Easy to make a home video

Very affordable asesfor those who are not image professional.

by Kurcudilo

The best! Thanks to everyone who made this product!😘🥰

by Наталия

Love!!! It has several tools and does not even have watermark congratulations. I advise for those who want to edit for your channel and have no editor (a real editor, a person).

by YTFfortnite4
Very good

Good pure basic application very complete and very decent watermark

by Josue


by Player192713623
very very best editor

I choose this editor I proud my self

by alol

great program THANK YOU VERY much

by mehmet murat
Absurdly Incredible!

This video editor can be light as hell, edit very well at up to 4k 60fps WITHOUT BRAND DAGUA AND WITHOUT PAYING ANYTHING! IF I COULD GIVE INFINITE STARS I GAVE! Amazing!

by Enzo

Intuitive, fast even for a newb on the subject like me.

by Dante
it is soo cool but needs more funshens

it is really good but I wish you could do more it seems it has so much room to grow and I have never seen a free app with this many 5 star ratings one thing I wish they add. was the Fushun to play 2 video at the same time on the screen like add them together to have more videos at one time pls do that I think that would be cool

by Nickolas
Very easy to use

Very good app, the most unexpected part is that you can export a video without watermark for free.

by Andrei-Claudiu
Practical editor

Very practical and easy to handle. I recommend it for novices who do not require a professional editing of a home video.

by PlumZeus7628141

A very good free editing software works just as professional.

by YoyoOju
What you need.

Convenient enough, the main functionality is quite enough. Very pleased.

by Maksym

A great app, very easy to work with

by MightyRook10869
Very useful

It allows you to create good quality videos for beginners, with good creativity you can get more out, Very good App

by IvanJR2735
The importance of FilmForth

It allows you to create presentations intuitively.

by antonio
Amazing Free Video Editor

I have used several free and paid video editors and I just love this free one. It is virus-free. It is fast. It is intuitive. It has powerful features. It handles many formats. It is not a limited-time free trial and you can choose not to watermark your finished product. I cannot say enough good things about it.

by SlenderWalrus48
well done very much liked the program

It's a great program. You need a video on the video overlay and fading transition.

by SickMusic242241

this is an pretty nice app, no watermarks. thank you so much!

by Ricardo
Exceptional application.

Simple, intuitive and effective Does anyone know if texts can be added?

by Pedro
Easy to use I would definitely recommend this place to anyone.

Easy to use It's not too much of a play, it's perfect for both dipping hands and using the mouse.

by KnowingHarpy8

Man I cant digest the fact that this thing is free. I mean I used filmora before and then I saw this after my computer restart when I worked for few videos it was just so like filmora

by helloiamapro
Very good and easy

First time I used, I liked it, I found it very intuitive and easy.

by Paulo Sérgio

i can tell this is a greta softeware just by this video. AND IT SIMPLE this is awesome.

by the mikster
Free yet professional video editor

Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH for a free, yet professional video editor that doesn't have a watermark and doesn't require me to pay for 95% of the features or expire in five days!!! This is almost too good to be true!!!!!!

by Nightwatch
Easy video editing software

This is so good we are lucky to have an easy video editing software nowadays it’s so good.

by Cryptical
Very good

I love this video editor because it has several useful tools and with a simple to understand and pleasant interface.

by CCX107
Got the job done - effortlessly

Very useful video editing app. Quickly Solved lots of editing output desires.

by OrpheusFuss540

Easy to use, good return, good quality.

by Jose Roberto

This app is totally great!! No watermark and very easy to use. The app layout is simple, and there are a lot of features. So easy, so simple and Superb Video result. Thanks for making this app. I like this app so much.

by WhiskeryAsp9421

is there a way to keyframes? this is the best video editing software!!!!!!!!


I LIKE IT!! I used this on my school project and came out perfect!!!! Definitely recommended!👍👍

by KoroSensihify
it's totally free

it's free and working fine to create a simple video.

by Rizal
Without watermark

thx its without water mark thank you so much.

by VoetPlayz
Best App

FilmForth is the best app for beginners like me it's so easy thank you FilmForth for making this kind of app.

by MetroPlayz
Nice piece of kit

A lot easier that the Old Movie maker, could do with more editing features such as lead offs.

by ChummyAcorn4581
The most incredible app ever for editing.

This is the best app! You can give effects free style and you can add clips and sound effects with .mp3 files! Thank you for creating this app :D! 10 STARS FOR YOU!!! EVEN IF I CAN'T GIVE 10 I WILL GIVE YOU 5 THAT IS MAX :DD!

by ExcessDegree119
Man! this good

this is a every good app its so easy to use they even provide a tutorial at first not laggy at all and no walter mark this is the best I tell you

by Player039493326

I really love this app! it is perfect for beginners!

by Kendall
Use FilmForth for gaming videos

I use film forth for all of my gaming videos.

by GarbagePanda
Simple, Excellent, and free

Simple and intuitive to use. Has all the basic features to make your video the best it can be for free.

by CitrusDuchess47
Super Good and easy

This is super easy to use it only takes about 5min to figure how to use it. It is good to make voice over videos

by ChickenSavage10
Thanks for an easy to use video editor that's free!!

Works really well and is easy to pick up quickly...

by Bartwynn
great editor

everything is free, no watermark, great user interface, easy to use but requires a decent pc. 10/10 good job.

by Ewan
Super :)

Very intuitive and easy to use, good editing application that I recommend!!

by Elisabeth

I am passionate about photography and before I did my montages on my smartphone and it was not very practical (the phone was swam). Now I have a computer not powerful at all and yet it manages to run the software which is well complete.

by Amaury
Five stars: )

Easy to use and delivers on what it promises. Thank you.

by BronzeSpark370
This app is like my best friend

This app is the only app which no water mark or to purchase a plan. i like video making apps without watermark. for this app i give 5 stars meaning outstanding man. good job.

by Phantom5260

I love that its free and it looks professional.

by Geraldine

Thanks to the short intro video, I was able to use it immediately. Could do everything I need to make one out of multiple videos. Conversion speed was also top.

by Jann
As Far As Free Goes Its A 5 Star

This program does a lot for being free. Better than GoPro Studios except GoPros slow motion program that things awesome but other than that you can do more with this program. I'd say its an Intermediate to expert level editor. If your new to editing video's you might want to look elsewhere. That being said it's still pretty user friendly.

by Missy

it's simple to use and very practical very well done

by Arturo
Way Better than Animotica in PERFORMANCE!

I have a paid version of the Animotica Movie Maker and even though it has a lot of different effects to use in your videos it does not stand to FilmForth. FilmForth is a lot faster and more practical when it comes down to just make a quick video. It also uploads in 4k a whole lot faster! Good Job!

by ShinjaDesu
Excellent app

Super easy to use very intuitive even for someone who has never edited videos. In addition to its good and fast operation it is totally free. Super recommended

by Miklos
5 star ok

The app makes it so easy to edit! Totally saved my video.

by Rüzgar Ateş

It's a user friendly free application without a watermark / banner. I've benefited too much.

by WardedEagle4
Best free video editor!

With some of the new updated, FilmForth is one of the best free video editor.

by Nunu
Would recommend!

Seems to work very well. The tutorial made getting started very easy and the application is straight forward. Have already edited a few videos and all seems well. Would recommend!

by edmond

I love it I'm just using it to edit a video and it's really cool and very practical its interface

by M
I love this app!

At first, I was a little iffy with this app because of some of the reviews I saw. But I gave it a chance. I use this for gacha life, and it works pretty good! I haven't experienced any issues so far, and I'm happy with the outcome! There is no limit to how many photos you add, and it is very good quality! I would recommend to download if you are having trouble finding a editing app. Very good!

by Kalista
a magical film making tool

Good movie making tools. Easy to use. Has 1080P export feature. I like it very much.

by ming


by Shaeel
User Friendly Powerful Tool!!

Very user friendly... Especially if you listen to the tutorial :)) Easily manipulate videos and bend them to your will. Wonderful App!!

by NoahFam53
best software for video editors for beigining for free

this software really good for students like us who cant afford filmora I am glad that I found this.

by soham

fast and efficient and free especially fast setting up, my first video/audio drum montages for YouTube I recommend.

by jeremy
Does the basics well

Does basic editing very well, perfect fit for someone in need of basic editing software..

by Lucian

I always wanted a good but easily understood program like this, but could never afford it, now you have given me the best Christmas present ever, thank you so much for your gift, and a Happy and Healthy New Year to you and yours. A new and ardent fan.

by aliza
It could be as simple as that to make a movie.

How simple can it be? Well, so simple. This app makes it easy to mount a professional video and add sound, text and effects. You save it to your desired size and you're done. And I thought you'd need an expensive program for this. This is really free.

by Justin
Good and improving

It's a simple editor. Support seems committed to continuous improvement, that's important, plus free and no watermark. Totally recommended, without a doubt.

by Francisco
Great video editor and movie maker

Nice, intuitive, simple to use. Great video editor for quick video projects.

by UnwornTax806160
subscribe to Oscar's ASMR!

This is a brilliant app to do editing on for youtube and lots more things! I have been scrolling the internet for a few days now trying to find a free editing website or app! then I came across this and it is perfect for my youtube!

by Oscar
A million in one

I've never written a review before and I'm in a bit of a rush for school, so to make it fast, its quick and easy to use, and it replaces about 4 or 5 other apps I've downloaded for a single project. Great job:)

by Kahar3728
I LOVE IT (+ suggestings)

Hello I really love this app! really good for my videos also, here is some suggestings - please add a cropping option, in my videos theres this very big black outline and I wanna crop it - custom images - music effects - animation (like animating the texts) - special effects that's all! you dont have to do these, but atleast do some of them..!

by maria
Great Job

So far so good, easy to use, gets most of the work done. Especially for a tech nube like myself.

by Zechariah
Geat app for beginners 👌

Really good app, it has all you can need to edit a video properly

by baile
Easy to use

It's easy to add the clips together, or cut, trim.

by saovaluk
Best App

The Best app for video editing and it is fast with many features I rate it 5

by SrAlfa_
Love it!

Easy to use, cool features, no hidden fees or excessive ads.

by Sheena
Great app

Easy to use and works great. Takes a little time initially to figure out, but then no problem.

by Nunya
Super app!

Excellent! Very simple to use and free:D I love it!

by ClaimedMedusa99
Really Good

Works up to the expectation. Very user friendly.

by Sandhya

The best app in the world. It's really free not like the others who say... when you actually have to pay to use certain functions. It's good for what he does. I haven't seen any problems related to crashes. Works great

by Victor

It is super useful for gacha videos! This works really well for me. and it is super easy to use.

by Jessie
easy to use

Easy to use and simple. Not to much overusage of cpu. great starter program

by John
Thumbs up

This is a good video editing app with no watermark... Worth 5 stars.

by Jack
Quickly Trims Videos

This software was easy enough to use. Learning more about the software was also easy.

by Adriana

great looks professional. No water mark either so great for Youtube videos!

by Jacob

It's good you have a lot of options and things simple without watermark

by Ján
epic and stunning

This app is free and also is easy for up and coming youtubers