IoForth Privacy Policy

Welcome to the Privacy and Data Management Policy of all IoForth software, these Applications hereinafter referred to as “The Software”, available through, hereinafter referred to as “The Site” owned by IOFORTH PTE. LTD, Singapore.

For all purposes “You” will mean and include an adult person (of at least 18 years and otherwise not disqualified under any law to which the person is subject to example, insolvency, etc.), who have the competency to enter into any contractual relation, so visiting The Site or downloading or using The Software, like a visitor or customer in general and “We & Us” will mean and include The Organisation, IOFORTH PTE. LTD

This document specifically relates to data collection and privacy policy for both The Site and The Software.

Right to Information:

By entering the site and or by clicking the download button or installing The Software, or while interacting with The Site or with “FilmForth” or with the Support Team, You have agreed to our data collection and usage policy, including but not, limited to processing Your data for the betterment of The Software or The Site, all possible care and caution will be taken to ensure most of the identifiable information is removed before storing them at our end. You can request removal of data relating to You and can opt-out at any time.

For all purposes, We are in compliance with Singapore (Personal Data Protection Act, 2012), and the EU's model of data protection procedure, and as such We are also trying to cover EU countries legislation, including Dutch laws, etc., under GDPR. We are also including CCPA provisions (California Consumer Protection Act,’18) for best practice with regard to the American citizens.

These legislations mentioned above provide the highest level of privacy practice model which We are eagerly incorporating here by writing this detailed policy regarding data and privacy management and also including EU nations and common law nation’s policies. Please go through all the details carefully.

Data Defined:

Data may mean and include information so generated by You while interacting with The Software or The Site etc., by as such installing, The Software, surfing, The Site and as such data footprint generated as a visitor or as a registered user or while downloading any add-on or making any payment towards such add-ons, or any subsequent login whereby You are updating any add-ons or such paid add-ons. All data’s are so created, will be used for product improvement, new product development, software, and system security, or management, and all individually identifiable details will be removed, before these data are processed or stored for further usage or improvement of The Website or The Software functionality, etc. subject to the technical requirement of a given identifiable data for example data’s relating to the number of users from a given geographic location.

This privacy and data management policy do not include any tracking or data collected by any third party organization including our application hosts, The Microsoft Corporation and others, We are working with, including but not limited to Google Inc. We are using both of these services to track software usage and user behavior. The organization mentioned above may track any further data where We are not seeking their support as to track or collect, thus You are requested to check the respective organizations, regard to their privacy and data management policy and We disclaim any liability in this regard.



GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation that helps achieve synergies across the EU member state regard to collection, processing, storing, and transmission of personal data by a public authority or private companies.

b. Personal Data Protection Act, 2012,

Lays down provisions for controlling data collection, usage, cross border data flow by private companies. The Act establishes the Personal Data Protection Commission, alias, PDPC, Info-Communication, and Media Development Authority, a statutory body, which is so designated as PDPC.

c. Personal Data

Such information or fragment of information that can help identify any legal person or reveal their identity whether directly or not, following information will be considered as personal data, Your physical address, contact number, emails, residential details, and data relating to genes, economic or social information, etc.

d. Anonymising

Such an act of shredding of personally identifiable information from the collected data is called anonymizing.

e. Processing

Such act of human or machine whereby the personal data, which is already shredded were further categorized by utility regard to specific purpose, collection, adaptation to a given purpose, further transmission, dissemination, etc. as per requirement.

f. Restriction

Means identifying, marking the data in question, so that they would not be processed in future.

g. Profiling

Means processes run by an automated system whereby all preference, reservation, incidents, activities, economic strata, personal preference, etc. are as such collated in a given way against any particular person so that predicting about such person behavior becomes easy in any given situation. However, We do not profile anyone!

h. Consent

Means to agree with, data collection and privacy management policies as laid down in this agreement.

i. Controller

This means such a person of authority to whether legal or natural person who determines the purpose or if at all the given personal data will be processed or not as per Union (Federal) law and as well as State law as per EU law.

j. Visitors:

The visitor with all its cognitive meaning and expression will mean and include an individual so surfing the site for the first time or as such is not yet registered.

k. Registered users:

Registered user in all its cognitive meaning and expression will include such user who is so registered by filling all relevant customer details like address, preferred communication details, etc. and who have consented to the usage of their data for such communication, including if You have so preferred to receive such newsletter, product development, and improvement notification, etc.

All registered users must confirm that they are adult and competent as per laws in force in Singapore. If at any time it came to our notice that any given user so opened the account in minority or incompetent, then We may reserve the right to suspend, terminate their account or services, and may restrict their entry, subject to such occurrences.

l. Hardware and Internet Protocol:

The system which is used to surf The Website, or where The Software is so installed. First time visitors or registered users or downloaders of software can be tracked by Us or by our service provider viz, Microsoft Corporation and Google Inc. as per their policies for their own system requirement or for the safety of this site. You can always check with all our service providers regarding such tracking policies and practices.

m. Web analytics:

We use a web analytics service of both Microsoft Corporation and Google Inc. These two above mentioned services do help Us understand software usage and user behavior, they may track You further based on their respective policies and You must check the respective policies for better understanding.

n. Identification:

We can identify a user type by such IP Address or hardware identification information but that does not identify any human, when You enter our site or as such login and can store them as it is generally, do not identify You in person without any further assistance from Yours.

Data We Collect Explained:

We may collect these pieces of information as mentioned hereunder

a. Your interaction, data, both at the site and software
b. Hardware information, screens resolution, at initial first boot.
c. Disc information at first preparatory boot
d. Software logs, website logins whenever you log in to our Site
e. Any other data so generated by you like using the comment section, against any software or feature, and or bug report sent over email or via such a feedback button.
f. Regular software usage does generate log files regarding usage, condition, system resource utilized, etc. but unless it is a critical error software does not forward any report on its own.
g. We collect information through cookies and web beacons information such as and record duration regarding Your site visit etc.
h. We do use such pixel image for keeping alive the session and to ensure such session is free from third-party encumbrances and these resulted data finally make it to our server for processing.
i. Any data We receive while using Google Analytics and Microsoft app center to track software usage and user behavior.
j. Any cookies and session data saved for keeping such a login session alive or such paid add-on user’s session management and identification program, report back to us about the session or user login.
k. Whether You are a registered user, visitor, users using such hardware where the software is already installed, other users, including whose data is shared or usage statistics is so generated and log files already created.


We fully recognize the consumer right so protected by statute and as such allow you to opt-out from a selective data collection process where it is not essential to collect Your Data by filling such a partial opt-out request form or complete opt-out form. But some information is always need be parted while visiting any site like hardware information, system information and as regard software such compatible environment information test results, without which none can successfully install any software or surf any site thus under partial opt-out these are not included but if You do not wish to be tracked by us or as such do not wish to part with The Software log files, etc. information then You must stop using our services and delete cache files from Your system and uninstall Our software immediately and going forward Your data will not be collected. But already collected data being anonymized does not require deletion.

No Third-Party Advertisement:

At the very outset, We would like to point out that none of the data collected here will be sold to any third-party advertiser/marketing agency, etc. We only use Your Data for our own product development and use the same when it is shredded to become anonymous (like non-specific geographical information, physical address, IP address if attached being shredded partly already) condition. There will never be any third-party advertisement or popups only advertisement. You will come across our own product, tips, guidelines, etc. (however our service provider may show You some amount of advertisement subject to their policies).

You can always opt-out of data collection partially and completely from our end, in case of complete opt-out You must delete all Your browser cache, history, session data, and remove all copies of The Software, whereby going forward no data will be collected from our end.


We do not do any kind of profiling of any given user and We do not have target advertise against any specific user, (We have already mentioned that we do not do any third-party promotion or advertisement) and never treat You differently as against any other users. You will only come across our home-grown products, tips, promotions that too will not be intrusive in nature like popups, etc.


You may be tracked using web beacons like gif, clear gif, pixel tag, or clear graphic image or such tools to track Your access to The Site and or such interactions. While You are using the site these web analytics are essential per world wide web standards, if You do not like to track at all then You must stop accessing our site and exit the session data and delete all surfing data from Your computer and browser cache as the case may be.

Some web-beacons may have a time limit after which it expires automatically in some other cases; they may be active in the system for various reasons including facilitating Your future access. If You disable these web beacons then You may not be able to access our site.

Typically some web-beacons are planted by our service provider, like Microsoft Corporation and Google Inc. who may implement such web-bacons that persist even after such session is terminated by tracking such IP address and hardware configuration to prevent abuse of the site and You may not be able to further access our site as and when the auto-tracking and labeling found You to be in breach of service terms.

Web Analytics:

Typically, Your behavior is tracked and usage patterns are recorded by our web analytics providers Google Inc. and Microsoft Account services. This data is generated by such third-party endings and We are merely getting a copy, and have no apparent control as to how long they may keep Your data or as such if they target You with an advertisement, etc. You are responsible to check with such providers policies for better understanding.

Cookies Policy:

Each site has several cookies including login cookies, session cookies, etc. which need to be implemented for smooth performance, otherwise, the site may not be able to function as before especially in case of user authentication cookies. Some of the cookies are session limited meaning at the end of the session those cookies deactivate itself. We use session cookies to ensure Your session is encrypted and or authenticated. Apart from these session cookies of different applications cause some issues or may stop You using our site thus We need to monitor and store reports of such activities of different session cookies affecting Your interaction at our end.

User Consent:

User consent is obtained by such a site visit and also by such act of downloading or trying to install The Software in question. You acknowledge by so entering the site and so surfing and downloading the application, or forwarding error report, that You are subject to this Privacy and Data Management Policy. You are responsible to read the policies as mentioned here and you may email us with Your request to opt-out of partial data collection or data deletion and You must stop using our Site and The Software /application/add-ons as the case may be to facilitate complete opt-out or no further collection of data.

You are deemed to have consented and given us permission for processing such data you have shared whether involuntarily or voluntarily (anonymous data) after shredding identifying details.

We are not liable to make good in the event You have shared such a bug report (data) with us using an unsecured method. Please thus use only protected secure email services.

Software Users:

The software users or downloaders hereby downloading and installing the software on their respective system is agreeing to part with log files, bug files, post-installation error, or success messages, if any to be transmitted to our server for future record and can be processed for all purposes. Such system information may include hardware on which the software installed, user overall system specification, any conflict if it occurred due to installing any conflicting program or such security suite or such other firewalls, etc. type of programs.

Bug Report:

All bug reports generated can be sent to us depending upon the event and per setup You have chosen at the time of installation of the software in question.

In general, either the report or log file so generated will be forwarded to Us automatically via our auto-bug reporter if such options are activated.

In case You want to report any bug, You can send Us an individual email along with the bug report.

All other events You can individually send Us such screenshot and or error images or error codes relating to such software issues You may have faced or such suggestion which We may process for future development.

How We Process Data:

We process data so collected from our customers' bug report which We have collected after duly asking them to permit Us regard collecting such necessary data like, hardware (system) information so that bugs can be processed and software can be improved. We do collect data when you visit our site and process them too.

We may deploy human or machines for the purpose of processing the data and at the first level, We will employ a shredder to delete or hide any particular individual identifying details,

Next, the given data may be processed per such utility and category, next We test the data per such adaptability, next We may store such anonymous data in our secure storage or server for such period of time We deem fit and may transmit, retransmit or disseminate or destroy such data at the end.

Legal standing for collection of data and processing emanates from the obligation of, performing a contractual obligation and facilitating the delivery of goods and services as well as to protect our legal interest. Enshrined under Article 6(1)a and 6 (1) b of GDPR.

We also use Microsoft and Google web analytics system which is used to track user behavior and usage patterns for better protection of data.

Google and Microsoft as an entity have separated terms and policies regarding data collection while complying with respective local or regional laws like Shield Act etc. in case of the EU zone. Please go through their policy carefully for a better understanding.

Policy Relating to Children and Incompetent Person:

We have very limited capacity to determine if a person below 18 years or a non-competent person is using our software or site. But as and when We get any information or instruction to this effect, We will immediately remove such users from our system or registered user database or may issue such IP address barriers in rarest of rare cases to debar such minor or incompetent person from creating duplicate accounts.


We are not generating any revenue as of now and We are not selling information relating to You, whether identifiable or not to such marketing agencies to generate any revenue either. We hope to generate revenue at a future date by introducing paid add-ons.


We are a small organization, our organization does not require any controller to be employed while serving customers in EU locations.

Parting of Information with Law Enforcement or Order of The Competent Court:

This document relating to Privacy and Data management Policy is subject to laws in force in Singapore. We will abide by all orders of the Court established under law in Singapore.

If We receive an order from any Competent Court of Law then We will be obliged to share or part with such information including but not limited to anonymous or identifiable data even( in case the order comes within 30 days of collection).

In case We receive any request for information from law enforcement, or such other governmental agencies established under law in Singapore, We will be obliged to part with such information as per our standard compliance protocol and You agree to hold Us harmless against such regular parting of any information.

In the event any request of information from any foreign nation reaches Us, through any competent Court of Law, having jurisdiction in Singapore, or through our law enforcement agencies, then again, as soon as it reaches Us We will facilitate as per such requests to share such data as per such order issued by such Court established under law in force in Singapore. We reserve the right to issue any notice regarding such data requests against Your activities or Your accounts.

Global Privacy and Data Management Compliance:

While drafting this data management and privacy terms We have used some legislations as a model, because it offers the highest privacy options of our times, to users, one being Personal Data Protection Act 2012, Singapore, General Data Protection Regulation, alias, GDPR, EU, and California Consumer Protection Act, 2008, alias, CCPA, (California, Us) references, including several Common Law provisions to comply with highest standards of data and privacy management of our end users.

Privacy and security policy under Singapore and EU legislation:

We are committed to user privacy. We are also committed to complying with law of the land. Thus in the event Your act or such actions, comments create suspicion or such action is deemed to cause a threat to our Country( Singapore) or as such threaten the safety and security of people living in Singapore then We are obliged to submit such detail in compliance with the law and as such it is exempted under data flow rules.

We agree to fully comply with the statutory requirement as per legislation in force in Singapore and also as per EU regulations or regulation of such other nations (like the US for example) where We are available as and when it does not contravene our own law of the land,

Under Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (of Singapore) (which comes into force in 2014 January) we have already laid down, data’s we may collect, under clause 2 &4 and duly taking consent of the user’s so using our site.

We have also stated the purpose of the collection that is only to further improve The Software and The Site.

We have also implemented their reasonableness as is expected under the statute, one of the reasons being technical and safety requirements.

We also wish to facilitate data flow to such agencies of government or to ensure the health and safety of the individual.

We will not be sharing data overseas unless it comes through an order of an appropriate court of law or through governmental agencies.

We seek to help any person from deleting their data and handle all complaints forwarded by PDPC and implement all objectives of the action in a reasonable manner.

We will remove human identifying details at the outset, post collection of data be it successful installation information, or bug report so generated, etc.

We agree to store the collected information at a secured server protected by 3 steps of hardware and software and biometric security.

We hold the raw data with personally identifiable details for 30 days only but once such personally identifiable information is shredded, We are authorized to hold the data as long as We require the data as per our own discretion.

We agree to part with such record as per the legitimate request of the verified user in question.

We agree to conduct annual audit regard to our data processing compliance.

We agree to inform appropriate legal authorities in Singapore as and when such data leaks comes to our knowledge.

We are liable to hold such personal data as per regulatory requirement or as per such order of a court of law.

We agree to delete such older user data subject to such legitimate reasons or as per such user request.

Identifying details like Your email or phone number etc. or will remain with Us as long as You continue to use our paid add-ons so that We can facilitate the further performance of contractual obligations, facilitation or renewal of services.

We agree to follow orders and instructions of PDPC and will make changes to our policies as and when required or asked by The PDPC.

Please note You can claim a copy of stored information where Your identifying details are kept like for Your add-on subscriptions, You can request the deletion of the said data.

We agree to work with EU Commissions relating to general data management policy to make our policies in line with such new evolving situations or as per EU resolution or statutes.

We can collect data where it’s necessary to execute the agreement or to facilitate the process.

You agree to help Us with data, for example, a registered user account requires You to part with password reset options, where a person is required to provide details like date of birth, secret question, or such phone number, otherwise, recovery services will not work.

We also agree in principle regard to data portability in case the customer so changes service provider for example,

A customer can request portability or transfer of such customer data to such third party in case the customer wants to join some other provider for the similar services.

Records regarding how data are obtained and how where it’s been shared is not required for companies under 250 persons so We are seeking exemptions under EU, and Dutch specific regulations.

We agree to conduct an impact assessment regarding data being leaked in case of such breach etc. We agree to conduct; probability test and such other tests to (quantify) forecast damage it may have caused in the event of data leak and create effective countermeasures in this regard.

We are exempted to hire any Data Protection Officer for the EU.

Reporting data leak.

In the event of a data leak, We agree to report our local authorities with such data leak extended reports and our local authorities will be responsible to forward the same to such agencies in other affected countries. However, We reserve the right to inform such users about the breach at our end by sharing such email communication. In the event of receipt of such an email from our verified email address which is [email protected] please do change the password immediately.

Annual audit regard to data processing

We as an organization will report to our local authorities relating to the total volume of data being processed at our end and will share anonymous reports relating to such geographical distribution data etc.

Privacy and Security Under CCPA, meant for users from the United States of America,

We would like to first go through, clause 2, 4 regarding the under data collection system and what we collect.

You can always request deletion of Your data and as such removal. We will ensure that in fact part of the data collection can be stopped automatically as and when You clean Your browser cache and remove our software. But previously anonymous data already stored with Us irrespective of specific geographical location for example data of South American Persons cannot be deleted as they are not relating to any persons in general but anonymous. Also, deletion of data is subject to legislative compliance thus where We are obliged to keep Your data as per such statutory obligation of our home location, or as per Court order, in case of such data need to be examined or produced regard to such orders.

Your data is never sold to any person at all whether You opt-out or not. We just process Your data for better upkeep of our Software and Site and for introducing new services only. You can still opt out partly or fully from data collection. You can choose a complete opt-out where We will not be collecting any data regarding You in the future but it may affect if We literally do so. You may experience technical blockade while surfing our site. Thus, You must quit using our Site and Software to fully and effectively opt-out completely.

As regards receiving communication like newsletter or such periodical offers You can always opt-out of that under the partial opt-out program.

We have implemented a zero discriminatory pricing policy, regarding users choosing, any opt-out program or options, thus fees charged with regard to paid add-ons, (as the software is already free) relating to a user opting data opt-out method will be the same as users not using the opt-out program.

We are non-discriminatory.

Secondly, Our data collection does not include the resale of data, but utilization at our end. We do have paid add-ons as of now. We plan to introduce, paid-add on at, later stage. We need to keep some of the data like email so that We can restore Your account in the event You need to reinstall the add-ons but that can be limited like You can only share Your full name and email address.

Otherwise, We require your understanding and declaration that you do not wish to have an available account recovery support facility. And as you know none of the collected data will ever be sold to any third-party marketing agencies but will be processed at our end only for a new product, development, existing product modification, etc. only.

For any query or reporting leak, you can always write to Us at [email protected].

Changes in Policy

You agree that in any event, We can change this privacy and data management policy as We deem fit and proper as per requirement, you will get to know about such change as and when you enter our site afresh.