How to Record a Webinar As An Attendee For Free

Summary :

Whether you are a webinar host or an Attendee, you can learn from this article how to record for free on any device

How to Record A Webinar
How to Record A Webinar

How to Record a Webinar

The webinar is exactly like Seminars but it is done online. If you are invited to a webinar, you can join that as an attendee, and participate. Most webinars are done to discuss some important topics related to anything you are working with or studying.

At times, you might miss some pointers that are discussed in the webinar. Thus, recording a webinar is a great idea so that you can watch that recorded webinar later as well. In this article, we are going to discuss how to record a webinar as an attendee for free.

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How To Record A Webinar On PC(Windows&Mac)

Recording a Webinar through inbuilt system apps is pretty easy on both the OS (Windows and Mac included). You can use the Xbox game bar in the case of Microsoft Windows and the Quick time Player on Mac. Just a follow-up caution for you to run the Xbox game bar in Windows and use it for recording purposes will be only possible if your video card supports the following encoders. These encoders function in a manner where the video input is further converted into a compatible video file.

Encoders list:

  • Intel Quick Sync H.264
  • Nvidia NVENC
  • AMD VCE encoders

How to Use Xbox Game Bar to Record a Webinar

It’s a fairly direct process, you need to access your gaming settings and head over to the enable toggle button. The criteria for recording lie in your gaming console options of ‘system settings’. You need to activate the Xbox Game Bar to proceed with recording.

Let Us Understand More Broadly Through These Steps:

Step 1: Right-click on your windows icon. Access ‘settings’ from the list of options.

In the Settings window, click on ‘gaming’

Step 2: Now move to ‘Xbox Game Bar’. toggle it on. There is also a checkbox that exists where there is an option of using your console and controlling the Game bar, for that you need to press the ‘X’ option.

Enable the Xbox Game Bar

Enable the Xbox Game Bar

You can also see a list of options and shortcuts you can also feed in keys to change the combination and perform the action.

Step 3:The recording procedure is fairly amicable, simply press ‘WIN KEY + G’ to open the Xbox game bar.

You will see the main screen acts like a screen mirror and you can find a ‘faded black’ button in the below transparent menu, that’s your record button. Select the Record button with a simple click.

Recording with Xbox Game Bar

Recording with Xbox Game Bar

Step 4: You can ‘start’ and ‘stop’ according to convenience. All the recorded files will be stored in the videos ‘section’ of the user data folder in the C drive.

Xbox Game Bar is a great recording app but it has its limitations especially because it’s not a recording app, it’s a game-specific app that has a lot of functions in itself and works great if you have an Xbox 360.

How To Use Quick Time Player To Record A Webinar

The Quick Time Player is the most convenient of all methods to record something off of your screen on a Mac. Its criteria to use is fairly simple like any other player an easy interface with a folder import property and a simple record ‘on’ and ‘stop’ switch to finish recording.

Step-By-Step Process To Use Quick Time Player:

Step 1: First, you can open the Quicktime app from your Mac applications folder. In case, you do not have it there, you go to its official website and download its recent update.

Step 2: Click on the ‘File’ option, which you can access on the top menu of the program window. Then navigate in the list of options to ‘New screen recording’.

QuickTime Screen Recording

QuickTime Screen Recording

Now as soon as the QuickTime Player option opens, near the record button there is a downward arrow click on it and then click on the ‘microphone and cursor’ option.

Step 3: Now as the webinar is already opened on the web browser, now open your Quick Time Player application and press the ‘red’ button in the middle of its interface. You can click on the ‘net and drag’ screen’ to choose specific sections for the recording. In case a presentation given by someone is not visible. You can zoom into it.

Record A Webinar with QuickTime Player

Record A Webinar with QuickTime Player

Step 4: Once the recording is done click the ‘red’ button again, this time it acts as a ‘stop’ button.

Step 5: As soon as you are done recording, you will have the option to preview it, click that and see if the clip is alright, and then save the file. To save, the steps are simple: Go to the File option>then access export from the list of options> and select the specific location for you to save your file.

And hence your file is completely saved, you can access it later.

Quick Time Player is a good app but it has its own restrictions and limitations. If you compare it with safe third-party apps, it has limited options. You cannot choose the export file quality. You have very limited scope in customizing the file.

How To Record A Webinar On Windows 10-Advanced Option

When you are using Windows 10, RecForth is an amazing tool to use to record a webinar. Here we are outlining the steps to record a webinar using RecForth on Windows 10 PC

Steps To Record Webinar From RecForth On Your Windows 10/11 PC:

Step 1: Go to the windows search bar in the taskbar, and type in ‘RecForth’. Open the app once it comes in the search results.

Step 2: Now select ‘area’ to record a specific area of the ongoing video as you snipe through the snipping tool. You can also select the ‘screen’ option to record the entire screen.

Set Up for Recording Webinar

Set Up for Recording Webinar

There are four options for recording. To record outer noise, plug in your mic and press the mic icon to record.

Step 3: You will be able to record internal media playing on your PC, To record a webinar you need to click that ‘sound icon’ to record.

To click some stuff off of the webcam which is also external media, you can tap the ‘webcam icon’. You can access the ‘cog wheel’ icon and click on it to set the frame rate, bit rate, and resolution of your video. That’s your system settings.

Step 4: After recording, press the white-red combined circles on the right side of the screen.

Record A Webinar with RecForth

Record A Webinar with RecForth

RecForth is good because it’s far more customization friendly than Xbox Game Bar. For recording videos that are a good option.

How To Record A Webinar On An Android Phone

The inbuilt updated Android Platform has an accessible screen recorder button right at the drop-down menu. It’s fairly easy to access without many issues. The criteria for use is simply tapping the screen record button two times once to record and another time to stop recording. The saved file will appear in the internal system video folder.

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown:

Record A Webinar On Android

Record A Webinar On Android

Step 1: Open your phone, if there is a lock, key in pattern/password/fingerprint/face sensor to unlock the phone. Then swipe down the drop-down menu.

Step 2: The last option as you swipe right will be the ‘screen recorder’ option, tap it.

Step 3: Tap it two times one time to start recording what’s playing on your screen and the other time to end recording.

The saved files will be in the Android folder and videos subfolder. You can also access it via the recordings folder.

The inbuilt Android Screen recorder does its job. It does have issues with customization, but then there is not much of a requirement on a phone that we often use for leisure more than a tab and PC which is used for work.

How to Record a Webinar on iPhone/iPad

The criteria to record for iPhone or your iPad is to access recording features from the control center. I will mention the steps below:

Steps: Record your webinar on iPhone:

Record a Webinar on iPhone and iPad

Record a Webinar on iPhone and iPad

Step 1: Open settings from your main menu. Then tap on ‘control center’.Tap the ‘plus’ icon.

Step 2: Open the webinar and then swipe down the drop-down screen. You will see a record button. Tap on the white color record button and then tap again to stop recording.

Step 3: Access the video from videos in the ‘Photo’.

The inbuilt recorder in iPhone is for on-the-go, fly in the wall type of recording needs. It’s not elaborate, discreet, and filled with options like others.


Recording your screen from any device is not that hard, while the third-party app requirement suffices an answer to install it or not. I have summed up the entire tally of use, the good side, and the bad side too. Make an informed choice, hopefully, your webinar won’t go unrecorded.