How to Screen Record on iPhone with Sound

Whether you want to show off your mobile gaming skills or record a tutorial on iPhone related features, it’s useful to be able to screen record on iPhone quickly and easily.

Sunday October 2, 2022 1:58 PM PDT by Karen Greene

With the release of iOS 11, screen recording on iPhone has become less tricky. No matter what your reason is for screen recording on iPhone, this article can provide you with useful help.

There are tutorials on how to record screen on iPhone, including using the built-in screen recording tools on iPhone and third-party screen recording software. Without further ado, let’s explore together.

Screen Recording on iPhone with Build-in Tool

Once you find the screen recording feature on your iPhone hidden in the Control Center, it’s easy to quickly record videos and share them with friends, and colleagues, or store them on your phone. You need to install iOS 11 or later update on iPhone, that’s the only requirement. There are some highlights of the built-in screen recorder on iPhone.

  • Native screen recorder with your iPhone
  • Unlimited recording time, but the exact time depends on your phone’s memory
  • The user-friendly interface makes it easy to record screen
  • Reduce the video resolution to reduce the recording file size

Step 1. Add Screen Record on iPhone

To go to “Settings” on your iPhone > click on “Control Center” in “Settings” > scroll down in the custom controls and select “Screen Recording” > Click the green + button to enable the feature.

Set up Screen Record on iPhone

Set up Screen Record on iPhone


Step 2. Start to Record on iPhone

Open the Control Center, and tap the Screen Recording button. A three-second countdown will appear before the recording starts, and you can turn on Do Not Disturb during this time to prevent pop-up notifications from interfering with screen recording.

Start Recording on iPhone

Start Recording on iPhone

If you want to capture audio while recording the screen, press and hold the Record button and tap the microphone icon to turn it on. While recording, a red bar will appear at the top of the screen to show you the recording duration.

Step 3. Stop Screen Recording

To stop recording, you can tap the red bar at the top and then tap Stop to confirm that you want to end the recording. Or, you can click the Screen Recording button in the Control Center again.

Stop Recording on iPhone

Stop Recording on iPhone

When you stop recording, a notification will pop up to remind you that the screen recording has been saved to your Photos app. Voila! It’s that simple.

Record Screen on iPhone with Third-party Software

The recording software that comes with your iPhone can only record external sounds, but not the sounds from its internal. So let’s check out DU Recorder, which is ideal for recording system sounds and microphone monologues on the iPhone. There are some key features of DU Recorder that you might want to know.

  • Record HD video up to 1080p
  • Allow to record and Livestream your screen
  • On-screen video recorder with a video editor
  • Perform screen recording from the front-facing camera

Step 1. Download and Install DU Recorder

Search for DU Recorder on the Apple Store, and download and install the software on your iPhone. Start screen recording on iPhone with DU Recorder before enabling the screen recording feature in Control Center.

Step 2. Capturing the Screen with DU Recorder

Open the Control Center and long press the “Record” icon, then select the “DU Recorder Live” option. Enable your microphone if needed and start screen recording.

Record iPhone Screen with DU Recorder

Record iPhone Screen with DU Recorder

Step 3. End the Screen Casting

After you finish recording, you can tap the same “Record” icon again from the Control Center. Click the red bar at the top to stop recording. The recorded video is saved and you can find it in “Photos”.

Stop Recording with Du Recorder on iPhone

Stop Recording with Du Recorder on iPhone

DU Recorder always provides extra bonuses like editing tools, you can trim the recording file to set the start and end position for it.

The Conclusion

Although the built-in screen recording tool that comes with iOS works well, you need to upgrade your iPhone to iOS 11 or above to experience the feature. If you want to try a third-party screen recording app that offers additional features, then you can try DU Recorder. which uses the same steps as the built-in tool and DU Recorder for screen recording on iPhone. You can follow the above guide to complete the screen recording job.


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