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The project files for your productions are created in a proprietary format and can not be distributed for use in presentations. This is why exporting your video is an important last step in the process of video creation. Once the video is created you can then distribute it and use it for presentation.

FilmForth has made the process of exporting extremely easy. You can use the Export feature to distribute your videos or to create components that you can reuse such as video intros and branding material. You will still be able to edit your projects after exporting using the original project files.

Exporting Your Video

  1. Open the project that you would like to export for distribution.
  2. Click on the red [Export] button in the upper right panel of the FilmForth project screen. This will open a Windows [Save As] navigation window.
  3. Navigate to the place where you want to store the video file.
  4. [Optional] Select the video file type you want to save as. MP4 will be the default file type. Please see Adding Pictures and Video for more information on file types.
  1. [Optional] Rename the file to something you will remember. By default, FilmForth will use the project name and the file type selected.
  2. Click [Save] and the video file will be generated and stored in the place you have indicated. Depending on how complex your creation is, saving may take some time. A progress screen will appear (see Figure 7.1)and then a screen confirming that the video has been successfully generated (see Figure 7.2).

Figure 7.1: Export Progress screen

Figure 7.2: Export Confirmation screen.

7. [Optional] Click [Show in Folder] to open Windows Explorer at the location of the file.

 8. [Optional] Double-click the file to check that the playback has generated successfully.

9. Click the [Close] button to close the Export Confirmation screen.

With the file generated you can now distribute it. As long as a proper file type has been selected the video should be compatible with a broad range of video viewing apps and browsers.

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