8 Suggestions for Online Teaching

Online education is a relatively popular teaching mode at present. This article mentions some suggestions on online teaching.

Tuesday January 25, 2022 4:39 PM PDT by Karen Greene

Online education or distance education, online learning, the current concept generally refers to a web-based learning behavior, similar to the concept of network training. Online education, as its name implies, is a teaching model with the network as the medium. Through the Internet, students and teachers can carry out teaching activities even if they are thousands of miles apart. In addition, with the help of network courseware, students can study anytime and anywhere, really breaking the time and space restrictions.

With the rapid spread of the pandemic around the world, online education has become a common means of education in universities. However, the emergence of distance education has also caused some problems for students and teachers. How to improve the quality of teaching is also worth exploring. This article will delve into suggestions for online education from many aspects.

Suggestions for Online Teaching

Suggestions for Online Teaching

#1. Select the teaching platform

Before network teaching, teachers need to choose a suitable teaching platform. Platform interface design should be friendly, to ensure a clear picture and no network lag. In this way, it is not only convenient for teachers to operate, but also does not affect students’ learning experience. In terms of color collocation, we should not only ensure color coordination but also use color contrast to highlight key teaching content. Navigation and link design should conform to browsing rules and be clear and stable to facilitate access to various modules of the course. A good teaching platform is a premise to ensure the teaching effect, but also the fuel to promote network teaching.

#2. Create a comfortable teaching atmosphere

Close relationships between teachers and students, students and students through discussion bars and community Settings. The platform becomes a good place for students to study independently and communicate harmoniously by means of communication, discussion, answering questions, and collaborative learning. Teachers constantly improve their teaching methods and simplify knowledge so that students can easily understand and make the classroom teaching atmosphere positive.

#3. Make study contracts

A contract is a constraint and a guide for students to know what to do and what not to do. What should be argued against and what kind of agreement should be reached. The study contract should clarify the duties and obligations of both teacher and student (e.g., completion and submission of assignments on time). Respect the work of others and evaluate their work fairly. Actively participate in online discussions and contribute to group cooperative learning. In the process of learning, we should not copy or plagiarize the learning results of others. Making students sign learning contracts is not only conducive to creating an equal and just learning atmosphere, but also can regulate students’ learning behavior. Cultivating students’ good learning habits can lay a certain foundation for the subsequent network teaching.

#4. Make excellent interesting teaching courseware

Teaching courseware is one of the main carriers of students’ online learning, so teachers need to have outstanding teaching and research ability on courseware. Online teaching is boring. It takes fun teaching to hold students’ attention across the screen. When making teaching courseware, we can insert some pictures and videos without affecting the teaching progress. The whole teaching courseware needs to ensure that the key content is prominent, logical expression is clear, but also needs to have a certain interest. 

#5. Record an instructional video

The teacher needs to record the class so that the students can playback the video to make up for the missing. For students at different stages, the class duration will also change accordingly, so the screen recording software needs to adapt to recording different lengths of video. Choosing a good screen recorder is important, and both teachers and students can use RecForth to record the entire lesson. This video recording tool will help you save your video files in high definition without watermarks, and will not limit the time you can record online courses. After recording, you can use Duo Video Converter to convert captured files to AVI, MP4, and other formats for easy transfer and normal playback. In this way, a clear knowledge point and a complete teaching video can be presented.

#6. Engage students

In order to allow students to gradually adapt, the design of teaching activities should be colorful, from easy to difficult. There are two main ways to interact in class: by microphone and by speaking in discussion sections. Direct interaction with students is more beneficial for students to grasp the learning effect in time. For the other part of introverted or did not grab the microphone students can be asked to text, pictures, and other forms in the discussion area to express their opinions. After students post answers to questions, teachers should comment on them in time. In online classes, teachers’ timely feedback is also a way to focus on students’ participation and experience to enhance the sense of substitution. Class activities should be a series, not a single repetition. We should devote ourselves to cultivating students’ abilities in many aspects and promoting the improvement of comprehensive accomplishment.

#7. Focus on timely feedback

Note that timely feedback is another way to enhance teacher-student interaction, especially in online classrooms. In online teaching, we should pay more attention to the communication between teachers and students, which is helpful to enhance students’ sense of existence and trust in the virtual classroom. Teachers should update teaching content release learning guidance in time and pay more attention to the feedback of teaching information to maintain good interaction with students. Flexible use of the above methods can break the limitation of lack of interactive communication in network teaching to a certain extent. 

#8. Implement multiple evaluations

In order to mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of different students, teachers should carry out multiple evaluations. Therefore, the subject, content, and form of evaluation should be taken into account in the teaching process. This way of paying attention to students’ multiple intelligence can promote the improvement of students’ comprehensive ability to a certain extent, thus improving the efficiency of online teaching.


Online education has realized the maximum utilization of resources and broken through the limitation of manpower and material resources on the basis of crossing time and space. This kind of educational method, which makes use of the characteristics of the Internet to realize the automation of online education management, is a great change produced by learning.


Karen is a professional writer with a background in column writing who enjoys resolving complex topics and explaining them in interesting ways.