All the things of NFTs you should know

NFT, the latest cryptocurrency phenomenon which has become mainstream, is still a mysterious new thing to people who just got to it.

So there are a few things you need to know , like what NFT is, how to set up and fund a crypto wallet, and how to make an NFT artwork, upload and turn your content to NFT marketplaces, etc..


What's NFT
How to make an NFT
And how to sell NFTs
What if you want to buy an NFT?
Too much to afford?

What’s NFT?

NFTs are non-fungible tokens that are unique and non-interchangeable units of data stored on a digital ledger (blockchain).

NFTs are not fungible or can’t be mutually interchangeable. Once you own an NFT, it means you have a unique digital artwork that won’t be replaced or exchanged with another identical one of the same value.

How to make an NFT

You can simply treat NFTs as digital files. Any of us can make an NFT easily as count 1.2.3. It’s no different to making an NFT from editing a video, music or photo.

So how to make digital work?

Step 1. Get the right work making tool - FilmForth, which is totally free to use.

Get FilmForth from Microsoft Store

You can go to FilmForth official website and learn more features FilmForth can do for NFT work creation.

Step 2. Import your artwork and start your creativity.

Import Media Clips to FilmForth

FilmForth supports quite a lot of media clips editing. You can easily edit your work in simple clicks as it has no complicated timelines and tracks.

Step 3. Preview your work and save the video

Preview and Save the Artwork

Hitting the Save Video button will allow you to export the work without watermarks. Now an NFT artwork is done. What’s the next thing you need to do? You can keep it on your computer just for yourself, or upload this digital work to the marketplace and wait for someone’s price call.

Now what do you need before selling the work?

All you need is to get the right digital wallet connected to an NFT marketplace where you'll be able to upload an NFT or crypto art.

And how to sell NFTs

Step 1. Find the marketplace.

There are some common NFT marketplaces including OpenSea, Mintable, Nifty Gateway and Rarible. Here we recommend Rarible which connects NFT creation, selling and buying for everyone.

Step 2. Sign into Rarible with your wallet.

Most NFTs are sold on the Ethereum blockchain, so you need to be wary of the Gas fee which is charged for the transaction on the blockchain.

Sign in Rarible with Yout Wallet

Step 3. Follow its on-screen instructions to upload and price your digital NFT artwork.

Create Single Item

Then, wait for the price call.

What if you want to buy an NFT?

Like the selling of NFT, to buy an NFT will need your digital wallet that can store cryptocurrency and NFT. That also means you have to store some cryptocurrency already in your digital wallet which will be used to change for the NFT.

Step 1. Buy some cryptocurrency, ETH would be the best.

Step 2. Go to the marketplaces and get the NFT.

Different marketplace has different platform fees. Rarible’s service fee is usually for 2.5% of your bid. Also you can use VISA if you don’t have ETH to pay. But you have to store the NFT in the digital wallet.

Step 3. Place your bid

Too much to afford?

Never a concern!

FilmForth recently launched its original 2 years anniversary NFT work on Opensea. Any chance you like, get them by placing a bid.