Top 5 Recommended NFT Marketplaces in 2023

This post reveals 5 best NFT marketplaces for NFT artwork investors. All of them are available to sell, buy, or create an NFT. Their features, pros and cons are also introduced.

Friday February 17, 2023 4:18 PM PDT by Karen Greene

What makes NFT special is that it has irreplaceable characteristics, which means that it can be used to represent unique digital assets. People can buy it or sell it, and it can be used to represent some goods in the real world, but its way of existence is invisible.

These ideas sound complex, but their logic is simple. It is equivalent to Van Gogh drawing a picture on Photoshop, and NFT is equivalent to a digital certificate attached to prove the uniqueness of the picture. Van Gogh’s painting on the canvas does not need such a certificate, because, unlike digital assets, the real object of the painting itself is unique.

Previously, no encryption technology could achieve a function to prove “uniqueness”, and any encryption technology could be easily cracked. The emergence of blockchain makes this function possible.

Therefore, the purpose of NFT is to attach “unique” attributes to the digital artwork. So

What’s NFT Marketplace?

On March 11, the digital works created by American artist Mike Winkelman nicknamed Beeple was sold at Christie’s auction house for $69346250, which shocked the art circle. This also means that NFT has opened a new era in the field of digital collections.

In order to catch up with this upsurge, companies or individual creators in music, video, fashion, and other fields have begun to actively explore ways to interact with the NFT world. At this time, a large number of NFT marketplace also came out quickly.

So, what’s the NFT marketplace?

In short, the NFT marketplace is a platform that can store, display, trade, and even create NFT. Buying NFT in these markets is actually equivalent to buying a commodity in Amazon. Creators can sell their works of art here, and buyers can use cryptocurrency to buy them.

Standards of the Best Trading Platform

As mentioned above, with the rise of NFT, more and more NFT marketplace appear in people’s vision. Therefore, it is very important for buyers to choose the most suitable platform for NFT transactions.

We believe that to judge whether an NFT marketplace is good enough, we need to focus on the following points:

#1. Service Fee

Most financial transactions involve additional costs. For example, when you handle the transfer in or transfer out of funds in the bank, the bank may charge you a handling fee. Similarly, NFT also has such fees which are called service fees during NFT marketplace transactions or contract execution.

Different NFT Marketplaces charge different service fees. So, when you consider choosing a platform for NFT transactions, it is very important that the service fee you need is in line with your psychological expectations.

#2. Supported Artwork Type

Because all types of digital products can exist in the form of NFT, the types of NFT targeted by NFT marketplaces are also very different. You need to filter these markets according to the type of NFT you want to buy, whether it’s sports, pictures, music, or so on. However, you should note that there are some NFT types that may cross. For example, pictures NFT will also be included in the category of collections. Therefore, our suggestion to you is to try to choose a market with rich types of NFT Marketplace, so that you will have a rich trading vision.

#3. Currency Needed

NFT purchases in the market are generally paid in encrypted currency (like ETH), but they may limit the types of encrypted wallets.

The encrypted wallet is an application or hardware device that allows you to store and transfer digital assets, such as cryptocurrency and NFT. When you buy NFT in an NFT marketplace, you need to transfer the required fees from your encrypted wallet. In short, the role of the encrypted wallet in the NFT marketplace is like a “bank card” especially used to buy digital products.

The types of encrypted wallets required by different NFT Marketplace are different, just as some consumer places restrict you to use the bank card of a bank specified by it.

Therefore, before choosing an NFT Marketplace to buy a product, you need to make sure that your encrypted wallet and the encrypted currency in your wallet can be paid here. Of course, in a sense, supporting more kinds of encrypted wallets and encrypted currency payments also mean that this NFT Marketplace is more competitive.

#4. Market Size – Which is the users’ choice

For buyers, when choosing a market to buy art, they may consider whether there are enough items in the market for them to choose from. For sellers, they may tend to choose a market with enough stream of visitors to sell their works of art, which can make their efforts easier to be seen by buyers.

Large-scale markets often have these two points – rich goods and great website traffic. The larger market size of NFT Marketplace means more volume. Therefore, the size of the market can also determine whether an NFT Marketplace is excellent.

Recommendations for NFT Marketplace

To sum up, we will recommend the five best NFT marketplaces in 2023 from the five standards – gas fee, type, crypto wallet, and market size

NFT Marketplace Service Fee Type Currency Market Size Ratings
Crypto Wallet CryptoCurrency
Opensea 2.5% Art.  Music.  Domain Names.  Virtual Worlds.  Trading Cards.  Collectibles. Sports.  Utility MetaMask.  Coinbase.  TrustWallet.

Portis.  Fortmatic.  Arkane. Authereum and so on

Ethereum (ETH). WETH. USDC. DAI Balance: $117.41k

Users: 256.06k

Volume: $2.09B

(IN 30 DAYS)

Rarible 1.5% Art. Photography. Games. Metaverses. Music. Domains. Defi. Memes. Punks. NSFW Metamask.

Fortmatic. Coinbase. Rainbow

Ethereum. Flow. Tezos Balance: $2.54k

Users: 23.92k

Volume: $71.28M

(IN 30 DAYS)

SuperRare 15% Art Rainbow Wallet. MetaMask. Trust Wallet. ImToken. Coinbase Ethereum Balance: $117.55k

Users: 841

Volume: $8.8M

(IN 30 DAYS)

Niffy Gateway 5% Art MetaMask Ethereum

(Payment in US dollars is allowed)

Total Sales Of NFT:


(From 2020.5-2021.11)

Axie Marketplace 2.5% Only Axie NFT(Digital Pet) Ronin Ethereum Balance: $4.48B

Users: 831.25k

Volume: $1.3B

(IN 30 DAYS)


As OpenSea‘s own slogan says, it is the first established NFT market and has always dominated the NFT trading market since its establishment. People who are familiar with NFT will think of OpenSea as soon as they mention the NFT marketplace.

It not only has almost all kinds of NFT including art, music, and domain but also supports a variety of encrypted wallets and encrypted currencies. It maintains its reputation as the first in the industry with the characteristics of convenient registration, fast transaction, and rich content.

Opensea Overview

Opensea Overview


  • The largest market
  • More than $10 billion in sales so far


  • Rich NFT categories
  • Dazzling choice of encrypted wallet and cryptocurrency
  • Charge the lowest 2.5% in the market


  • Cannot be paid in US dollars at present

Similar to OpenSea, is also a competitive NFT marketplace, with a total of more than 1.6m users. It also has extremely rich NFT types, and even involves relatively rare NFT types such as metaverse and punks. It is a multi-chain NFT market, integrating ETH, Flow, and Tezos which faces diversified creators and brands and brings users a wonderful experience with excellent functions and simple pages.

Its most distinctive feature is its introduction of $RARI -Rarible Protocol. This agreement allows buyers or sellers to get a token after buying and selling to reward users.

Rarible Overview Overview


  • $RARI-Rarible Protocol


  • Rich NFT categories
  • Eth, Flow, Tezos, and multiple wallet types are supported
  • Charge the lowest 2.5% in the market


  • Founded in 2020, compared with other markets, it needs time to temper.


Since its establishment in 2018, SuperRare aims to buy and sell world-class art NFT. So far, it has become the top NFT art market. It has both brave creativity and romantic artistry. Because of that, it has introduced many characteristic artists who love art into the NFT world, which has also attracted more users.

Its most distinctive feature is that it launched $rate – the super rate cure token. SuperRare not only helps creators and users gain the sovereignty of the platform but also enables SuperRare to hear more different voices, so as to continuously improve its competitiveness of SuperRare. However, its high service charge of 15% may be the reason why it will lose some users.

SuperRare Overview

SuperRare Overview


  • Top art NFT Market
  • $ Rare


  • The page setup is very beautiful
  • There are many characteristic artists
  • Provide one-to-one artwork


  • Expensive 15% service charge
  • A single species, more targeted at art-loving groups.

Nifty Gateway

Nifty gateway aims to let everyone around the world know about NFT, cooperates with very excellent artists, and sells a limited number of high-quality works.

Although users can only use MetaMask and ETH to pay at Nifty Gateway, the most impressive thing about this market is that it supports users to pay in US dollars, which attracts a lot of traffic.

Its works must also be selected according to high standards before they can be put on the shelves for sale, which ensures a high standard of work.

Nifty Gateway Overview

Nifty Gateway Overview


  • It can be paid in US dollars.
  • Limited NFT works available


  • Working with top creators
  • Every three weeks, some artists will be invited to discuss their works to ensure the user experience
  • The page design is artistic and concise


  • 5% service charge
  • A single species, more targeted at art-loving groups.

Axie Marketplace

Axie Marketplace brings users a very interesting virtual world. Axie is actually a virtual digital pet that owners can use to fight other users and earn tokens.

These tokens can be used to generate new Axie through the breeding mechanism set in the game, which can be purchased and sold in the market. With its setting of “keeping pets while making money”, Axie has attracted more and more people to buy their own Axie. But Axie Marketplace is not friendly to new players.

Users must download a Ronin wallet to start the first step of registration, and they need to buy at least three Axies to officially start the game at the beginning. It is also the reason why many new users are discouraged by the high cost.

Axie Marketplace

Axie Marketplace


  • Unique gameplay
  • Can have your own electronic pet
  • Pets can be bought and sold, and users can make money while playing games


  • Charge the lowest 2.5% in the market


  • Registration is complicated.
  • High cost of starting the game


Because of the high heat of NFT, the discussion on the best NFT Marketplace is also very hot. According to our own standards, we recommend five NFT Marketplaces that we think are the best at present. For the new NFT noticer, I hope that after reading this article, you can find the most suitable market to trade NFT.

For readers who already pay much attention to the NFT marketplace, if you have any different opinions or want to express any thoughts after reading this article, you are very welcome to leave a message at the end of this article!

Also, you can watch this video to learn more related NFT content.


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