FilmForth Online Guide

Here you can find all detailed tutorials about how to use FilmForth. With FilmForth, you can add effects, filter, and text to a video and change volume, speed, background of a video easily. Also, the ways to trim, rotate, and flip the video with FilmForth are introduced in detail. Some advanced features FilmForth owns like adding Picture in Picture, color clips, and fade in/out the video are included.

Part 1. Download and Install FilmForth

Part 2. Video Tutorial

Part 3. The Basic Editing Tips

Video Editing

Check out the video editing tips from this guide and learn how to edit video with FilmForth. No matter to add Picture in Picture or add effect, change subtitle or speed, remove the background or color the video, FilmForth can do these with ease.

Audio Editing

To change a background music, remove audio from video, or just edit the music you are using for the video, this guide will show you the details.

Part 4. The Main Features

Project Settings

In this guide, you can easily learn how to set FilmForth with its Settings. Project settings include how to add transitions to a video, how to edit images, and what’s the best aspect ratio for the video.

Add Text

In this guide, you can learn how to add text to a video as you want. Also, the way to split, set start and end, duplicate, and deleted the text from a video are also introduced

Picture in Picture

It would become much easier to add a logo to the video if you can use the Picture in Picture feature. Besides the logo adding, Picture in Picture feature can also make a reaction video

Part 5. FAQ

Part 6. Need Further Help