FilmForth Project Settings

Project settings include how to add transitions to a video, how to edit images, and what’s the best aspect ratio for the video.

Back to the last page from the video basic editing window, you can see the Project Settings, Edit, Audio, Text, Picture in Picture, and Effect are in line. Easily learn the editing tips from the Basic Editing Tips part; Audio editing is also included.

By Project setting, you can set the default transition effects directly between any video clips. Besides, you can set the video default Aspect Ratio and Image duration.

Add Transition

Transitions are often between two video clips. We must all have seen videos that obscurely joined together without any sense of beauty. Adding transition will avoid the issue at all, making a video goes smoothly and spontaneously. The following are the steps to add a transition for a video:

  1. First, determine where to add a transition in a video clip and split the video at the position.
  2. Click the Fade in/out icon at the start or end of the video clip, and then click the Back icon.
  3. Then, a Transition icon will be shown at the split position. Click the icon to enter the transition page.
  4. Choose the transition effect you like and set the transition duration.
  5. Click the Back button to save the transition.
Choose Transitions to Video/Photo Clips

Choose Transitions to Video/Photo Clips

You need to know that the transition effects can only be added between clips. So the project should contain 2 clips at least or you just can’t apply the effects to your work.

Image Duration

There is an Image option under the Transition function. You can set the duration to adjust the slideshow duration.

Photo Duration

Photo Duration

Aspect Ratio

There are 10 different aspect ratio options to choose from. You can apply the aspect ratio to fit different social media needs.

YouTube is 16:9, Instagram is 1:1 & 4:5 (1:1 for square, 4:5 for portrait), TikTok/IGTV is 9:16, Ultra Wide is 21:9, Classic TV is 4:3, etc.

Choose the perfect aspect ratio to meet your need and tap the Close button to back to video editing.

Aspect Ratio

Aspect Ratio