Duo Video Converter Online Guide

With Duo Video Converter, you can do video, audio conversion, and video compression for free.

The ways to convert or compress the media files are introduced in brief to help you have a better understanding of the software.

Part 1.

Get Started

Get an overview of Duo Video Converter in this guide. You'll also be shown how to download and install the software with ease. Following this video tutorial, you will learn how to use a free and powerful converter - Duo Video Converter.

Part 2.

Video Converter

How to Convert Video with Duo Video Converter

Follow the steps here to convert video to various formats as quickly as possible on your computer.

You can upload files of any size and easily convert them to all supported formats, qualities, and codecs.

Video Conversion Settings

With this guide, you can easily change conversion settings in video conversions, such as bit rate, resolution, encoder, and frame rate, etc.

Part 3.

Audio Converter

How to Convert Audio with Duo Video Converter

The steps in this guide will show you how to easily convert audio to your preferred format. Also, the way to configure the quality, bit rate, sample rate, and the number of channels are introduced.

Audio Conversion Settings

If you want to change the audio parameters, follow this guide and it will be easy. This guide details the button settings used for audio conversion.

Part 4.

Video Compressor

How to Compress Video with Duo Video Converter

To compress large video files into smaller ones in a short amount of time without compromising quality, this guide will give you detailed steps. Plus, it's effortless to adjust the output file size, format, and resolution to the value you like.

Video Compression Settings

In this tutorial, you will learn how to set format for video compression,such as file size, resolution, format, and more.

Part 5.

Extra Tips

It would be better if you check out the following tips. These extra tips about the privacy policy and contact support will help you use Duo Video Converter.

Part 6.

Conversion Settings

This guide will show you the range of settings for customizing video and audio parameters. The options may vary depending on the format you choose.

Part 7.

Export Formats

In this guide, you'll find out what video and audio formats are supported at disparate resolutions and bite rates.

Part 8.


Part 9.