Video Conversion Settings

Advanced video settings are also available, such as bit rate, resolution, encoder, and frame rate.
This article will explain the function of buttons on the interface so that you can better set up your desired videos.

Duo Video Converter
Duo Video Converter

Duo Video Converter is completely free to use and the converted videos have no watermarks. There are no limits on the size of input or output files, or any other restrictions. You can upload files of any size and easily convert them to all supported formats and qualities.


Originals: The detailed information of the original video format, including format, resolution, file size, and time length.

Convert to: The format, size, resolution, and time length of the converted video will be indicated. You can customize the desired parameters by clicking any one of the four buttons.

Setting button (Save as): Click on the settings button or the drop-down arrow to choose the target format and quality.

Cross button: Click on the cross button removes the video from the list. 

Output Path: Clicking the file icon button will bring up the auto-save folder. To change the default save location, click the three dots icon button and select where you’d like your files to be saved.

Video Format Settings

Video Format Settings


Cross button: Clicking on the cross button will remove the video from the list. If you want to delete multiple converted videos at the same time, you can click the Clear All button. 

Play button: Click on the play button to start playing the video clip.

Open: Tap the open button to find the converted video on your computer.

Edit: Click on the Edit button to enter the video editing software FilmForth. For a more specific introduction, you can refer to Video Editor.

Video Format Settings

Video Format Settings