MAGIX Movie Edit Pro: A Professional Level Video Editing Suite

If you’re looking for a professional-level video editing suite that is easy to use, Magix Movie Edit Pro may be the perfect choice for you. This software offers a wide range of features and options that can help you create videos that are both creative and polished. Additionally, its easy-to-learn interface makes it accessible to users of all levels of experience. So, if you’re searching for top-quality video editing software, Magix Movie Edit Pro is definitely worth considering.

Wednesday January 26, 2022 11:20 AM PDT by Karen Greene
Magix Movie Edit Pro Review

Magix Movie Edit Pro Review

Even if you’re not particularly tech-savvy, this software works so simply that anyone can use it. With the simplified interface and comprehensive features, your creative ideas will flow effortlessly onto the screen. If you’ve got a blockbuster movie hidden inside of you waiting to come out, Magix Movie Edit Pro is definitely for you!

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Pros and Cons


  • The interface is clean and easy to use
  • Most functions are easy to execute
  • Automatic Editing templates make it easy to add spices to your videos
  • Can import, edit, and export 8K resolution videos
  • Uploads videos directly to popular social media platforms


  • Product is Windows only
  • Slow rendering on project files
  • Lack of UI help or guidance
  • Few helpful video tutorials


Magix Movie Edit Pro Pricing

Magix Movie Edit Pro Pricing

Magix Movie Edit Pro is available in a few different versions, including a pro version for $69.99, a plus version for $69.99, and a premium version that costs $79.99.


Magix Movie Edit Pro Interface

Magix Movie Edit Pro Interface

The interface of MAGIX Movie Edit Pro has an extremely neat design that’s virtually clutter-free of buttons and texts that would obstruct the flow between your media files and effects. The clean, modern design provides all the necessary tools in an easy-to-use fashion without being too complicated for beginners. One of the most striking features of this software is that it provides both Storyboard mode and frame-by-frame editing modes to cater to different users’ styles of editing. It also includes a timeline feature that allows you to easily organize your files according to the type of media, length of the content, or the order in which you want them to appear on the screen.

Video Editing Experience

Magix Movie Edit Pro Storyboard And Timeline

Magix Movie Edit Pro Storyboard And Timeline

The editing tools in Magix Movie Edit Pro are very intuitive and easy to use. Its helpful wizards guide you through the steps of creating different types of projects, while its simple menu options allow you to add, delete, or rearrange clips with ease. Even new users will be able to create polished videos without any problem after taking a quick tutorial.

If you want more control over your videos, you can press on Storyboard Mode for more options, in Storyboard Mode, you can easily rearrange your clips in a visual layout, much like a screenplay. But for more detailed editing, you need to switch to a traditional timeline view, in Timeline Mode, you need to do a bit more work to move the clips around. Another great feature in Magix Movie Edit Pro is the ability to split, join, or delete video tracks on the timeline when working with large projects. The thoughtfully laid out user interface shows which tracks are being used at all times, so you never end up deleting a clip you actually want.

The real-time preview feature lets you see edits immediately as you make them, which saves time and makes editing fun instead of tedious. You can also skip around through any frame in your project with ease by using the arrow keys on your keyboard or by dragging the marker across the timeline.

You have so many options when editing videos with Magix Movie Edit Pro. You can add subtitles or voiceovers to accompany your videos easily by importing videos from YouTube or other video sites or recording directly into the software. You can also take any movie that’s already been imported and optimize it for sharing on the Internet.

Video Optimizing Experience

Magix Movie Edit Pro Color Grading

Magix Movie Edit Pro Color Grading

In general, most functions are easy to execute. Once you get a feel for the basic features, it becomes fairly easy to navigate through the software and edit your videos quickly.

Professional Video Stabilization: This is an amazing tool! When you shoot those beautiful memories with your phone, things can be shaky and it can make for some less-than-stellar footage. However, with the professional-grade stabilization feature in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro, you can easily compensate for any movement or shakiness from hand-holding or moving shots – one click is all it takes! You can also save any setting as a preset to use again later on.

Color Grading: This is a wonderful feature that can help you to take those ‘okay’ videos and quickly turn them into something incredible. It may seem like this would be advanced software, but it’s actually incredibly easy to use and certainly doesn’t require an expert-level knowledge of video editing. The professional coloring feature in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro offers deep color grading to the tune of 16 bits! That means more color than ever before so your edited videos look natural and vibrant.

With capabilities such as these, even if you’re new to video editing, getting started with MAGIX Movie Edit Pro is definitely a good idea – it won’t let you down!

Video Creating Experience

Magix Movie Edit Pro Transition

Magix Movie Edit Pro Transition

No matter what project you’re working on or how many people you need to be involved in its creation, Magix Movie Edit Pro ensures that it will be a success. With 1,500 effects, titles and transitions at your disposal, this software makes sure that there’ll always be something suited to your needs within reach. Whether it’s traditional styles, exciting new templates or modern transitions – you’ll find everything you need to give your video that certain something.

The new dynamic title templates allow you to effortlessly add a creative touch to your videos. They’re high quality, detailed and scalable – making them fit for any dimension or style that you might want to use.

Whether it’s slow-motion or time-lapse effects that you need: the software will provide these as well as modify speed to create intermediate frames between images. Plus, those of us without expert knowledge of video editing can rest easy because the software comes with an automatic setting – but also allows for precise manual adjustment if required. All things considered: whether you’ve got tons of experience under your belt or none at all – Magix Movie Edit Pro is perfect for everyone!

Audio Editing Experience

Magix Movie Edit Pro Audio Editing

Magix Movie Edit Pro Audio Editing

Sound in the video is very important. Whether you are reviewing a wedding video with crystal clear audio of the vows or adding commentary to sports footage, making sure your audio is up to par is imperative. This is why you will love the audio editing suite that comes with MAGIX Movie Edit Pro. Whether you need to edit audio in your existing video or mix it together with your existing footage, this software can do it all.

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro allows users to use common audio formats including MP3 and WMA files. This means no more expensive file conversions or complicated importing processes. Simply open up the audio track you want to edit and place the cursor where you would like to cut. From there, hit delete and watch as the sound seamlessly fades out for a smooth transition into the next scene of your movie. You are also able to adjust volume levels for different sounds by using the track curves feature or even create unique effects through one of Magix Movie Edit Pro’s many audio plug-in instruments.

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro comes with a complete sound mixer to adjust the volume of each individual audio track in your movie. This means you can cut out background noise from an interview shot on location without making the person who is speaking difficult to hear. In addition, this software also comes with dedicated dialog tracks, which allow users to automate dialogue and narration for multiple languages.

Sharing & Export Features

Magix Movie Edit Pro comes with many sharing options for consumers to enjoy their video footage. Once you are happy with your work, burn it onto a DVD, AVCHD or Blu-ray disc, convert it into an MP4 file or MOV format, or transfer it to your smartphone.

Regardless of which sharing option you choose, not only will it be in your hands when you are done editing, but you can also rest easy knowing that the software took care of optimization so your video looks its best.

And what’s more? For power users who need even more options, Magix Movie Edit Pro provides an online portal for uploading to popular video-sharing sites like Vimeo and YouTube.


Magix Movie Edit Pro 8K

Magix Movie Edit Pro 8K

One of the best features of this software is how it deals with slow load times and juddery playback. No longer will you endure the frustration of delays or irritating pauses, with Magix Movie Edit Pro’s new INFUSION Engine 3, your creativity is unleashed without any hindrances. The engine is a crucial part of the software and has been designed specifically to address all of your most pressing needs. With this new release, Magix Movie Edit Pro offers unprecedented speed – accelerated with up to 5x more power from modern graphics cards!

In addition, you can now preview even large projects packed full of effects and smoothly without needing to wait for rendering. No lag, no delay – just full speed ahead!

The software also supports 8K footage – so whether you need to cut together an action film or make a touching family portrait, this software is perfect for whatever might be on your agenda. With INFUSION Engine 3, you can work in real-time with projects and previews of 8K content! Then when it comes to exporting your finished projects, the software is fast and efficient in delivering high-quality video that’s suited for any platform.



Processor: 2.4 GHz

RAM: 4 GB or higher

Graphics card: Onboard, min. resolution 1280 x 1024, 512 MB VRAM and DirectX 11 support (recommended: Intel Graphics HD 520 or better for MPEG2/AVC/HEVC) INFUSION Engine 3 supports video acceleration for AVC and HEVC on Intel, NVIDIA or AMD GPUs with 1 GB VRAM or higher

Example: Intel Graphics HD 630, NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050, AMD Radeon RX470

Available drive space: 2 GB for software installation

Support languages: English, Deutsch, Français, Español, Italiano, Nederlands


Processor: Quad-core processor with 2.8 GHz or better


Graphics card: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1060 4GB VRAM

Final Verdict

Overall, Magix Movie Edit Pro is a great choice for both amateur and professional movie editors. It offers just about everything beginners need in a video editing suite, while also giving power users plenty of options to work with. Whether you want to edit your next short film or make the jump into VFX, this software provides all the tools necessary to get started. With intuitive functions and an easy-to-use interface, it’s not only great for individuals who are new to these types of software but also suitable for more experienced users looking for a reliable and capable video editing solution.

Magix Movie Edit Pro is one I’ve used before without any issues and recommend it wholeheartedly! From the impressive INFUSION Engine 3 for hardware acceleration to the wide range of audio tools, this software does it all. Plus, with 8K support and easy export options for sharing online, your videos are always at their best!


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