Wondershare Filmora 11 Review – Great Video Editor with Cool Features

Wondershare Filmora is a treasure video editing software that almost completely matches the publicity effect with the actual presentation. This page makes a relatively complete comment from the aspects of price, unique functions, advantages, and disadvantages, etc.

Tuesday May 17, 2022 1:55 PM PDT by Karen Greene
Wondershare Filmora Review

Wondershare Filmora Review

Since so many users have downloaded the latest Wondershare Filmora 11, will they become its fans or will they recommend this software to people around them? We have collected some feedback from users, so we can get some information from it.

Some people indicate that they have learned a lot of video editing skills by using Wondershare Filmora 11 and compared with other more professional video editing software on the market, it only takes about two hours to have a full understanding of its functions. It’s very exciting to be able to make an amazing short video in a short time. Some professional video editors reckon that although many formulas in Wondershare Filmora can make people complete a short video quickly, it still can’t meet the higher standards they require. It may not meet all your requirements for making advanced animated videos. Filmora always has positive user feedback, in our earlier review of the 22 best free video editing software, we’ve included Filmora for its straightforward interface and resourceful abilities.

All the above shows that Wondershare Filmora is a piece of video editing software that is worth your time learning. Although it is not a special professional software, it can meet the needs of most novice and intermediate editors.

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Updated: Filmora 11 New Features

What’s the difference between Filmora 11 and Filmora X? Check out the Filmora 11 brand new features to find out now! See complete update information from Filmora.

  • FX Plugins: Boris FX & NewBlue FX & Filmstocks
  • Speed Ramping: Best adjust video speed as keyframes
  • Instant Mode: Easy editing mode with 115 video templates
  • Auto Synchronization: Automatically align audio and video
  • Auto Beat Sync: Create a video with rhymed music
  • Masking: Optimized interface to support masking keyframes.
  • Wondershare Drive: Uploading & sharing of project documents or templates, and exports.

A Quick Look into Our Verdict

…Wondershare Filmora 11 is a powerful computer-side video editing software that is suitable for beginners to transition from mobile editing to desktop editing. This software can record your life, and simply edit long videos into simplified Vlogs…

Pros and Cons

As the Wondershare Filmora publicizes, it is a piece of relatively simple and easy-to-learn video editing software, but it is relatively complete. In order to enhance the customer experience and attract more new users, it has been listening to customer feedback and constantly updating and improving.

It’s worth mentioning that Filmora has annoying watermarks in exports, learn from our guide on how to remove Filmora watermarks.


  • Intuitive and concise
  • Rich resource library
  • Pay attention to many details of the operation
  • Many different formats can be exported
  • Color Matching


  • Some functions need to jump to other web pages, and this process will be slow
  • The big watermark affects the video perception (for Wondershare Filmora free plan)
  • Some options are hidden


After you have tried Wondershare Filmora, if you want to use this editing software for a long time, you will find it necessary to buy this software. Because the watermark of the free plan is very conspicuous and lies about 1/3 below your entire video. This will make video editors who spend their time making videos feel very frustrated or even angry. So Wondershare Filmora offers users two purchase plans – An annual plan of 61.99$ and a PERPETUAL PLAN of 89.99$.

Find Filmora pricing over your budget? There’s a great free video editor as good as Filmora that you should totally try.

Two very important points need to be noted before deciding to purchase:

  1. The license you buy will not be available to both PC (Windows) and Mac. the PC (Windows) license can only work on PC, and the Mac license can only take effect on Mac. If you want to change the device from PC to Mac or from Mac to PC, the license will not be transferred and activated on your new computer. So, please first know which device you use more time on and then ensure that you have purchased the right version executive system.
  2. If you purchase a Perpetual License, which contains lifetime access to the Wondershare Filmora software version covering updates. But the future versions of the software are not included. If a new version is published, you need to purchase a new plan to access it.

How to get Wondershare Filmora

You can download it directly by visiting the official website of Wondershare Filmora (https://filmora.wondershare.com/) to avoid being forced to bundle and download some software that may be viruses.

Main interface

When you open Wondershare Filmora, you need to select the screen ratio through the drop-down box (16:9 is the choice of most people) and click “New Project” with the left mouse button to directly import the edited content. If you want to import something in the middle of the operation, there are two ways. The first way is to move the vertical axis with scissors below to the left of the content you want to add and click the “+” in the lower right corner of the material, or you can directly hold down the left mouse button and drag the material to the timeline below. This means that you can add content anywhere, without any restrictions.

Filmora Main Interface

Filmora Main Interface

After entering the main interface, you can see that all functions are presented in front of you. The main interface is mainly divided into three parts-material libraries, preview, and operation area. But some function keys will be folded, so you need to explore all her functions yourself. Of course, this is also a very interesting and fulfilling thing. On your way to exploration, the Help key in the upper right corner will be your best “teacher”. Meanwhile, there is another way to get help. Click the icon that looks like an earphone in the upper right corner, and a real-time dialog box will pop up in the lower right corner. You can consult online. This function is very user-friendly.

Filmora Main Interface Help

Filmora Main Interface Help

Material Library

Wondershare Filmora material library is mainly divided into video material, picture material, and audio material. All materials can be previewed. Just double-click this material with the left mouse button, and you can preview it on the right side. It should be noted that the diamond logo in the upper left corner needs to be paid. Of course, you can get the material for yourself alone ($15.99/Month $39.99/Quarter $119.99/Year). When you’ve purchased the Filmstock Standard Assets plan subscription, you can then drag the assets tagged with a diamond icon into the timeline and there will be no limitations. At the same time, this software supports you to import your materials, and all your imported materials will be stored in the drop-down box of Shared Media.

Filmora Material Library

Filmora Material Library


Wondershare Filmora leaves a box at the top right for video editors to preview their production effect in real-time. And you can preview the transition effects, sound effects, and sticker effects of the resource library here, too.

Operation Area

Importing the material, you will find that there is a timeline above it. You only need to move the mouse to the timeline area. When the cursor turns into a two-way arrow, you can drag the whole timeline. To the right, you can make the time interval longer, and to the left, you can make the time interval finer. The shortest time interval can be accurate to 00:00:00:05. This makes you pay more attention to the details in your video. At the same time, this effect can also be achieved by pulling the zoom bar on the right in the middle.

Color Filter

If you want to enhance the quality of the video, you need to adjust the chroma of the screen. Double-click the screen you want to adjust, and the location of the original resource library will jump to a specific operation interface. This interface mainly includes Image, Color, and Animation. On the Image page, you can adjust the transform, compositing, drop shadow, and auto-enhance of the picture slightly to achieve the desired effect you expect. On the Color page, you can make appropriate adjustments to color enhancement, white balance, tone and, 3D LUT. If you don’t know to what extent, you can directly check Auto. Then the software will automatically adapt for you.

The main difference between this page and the other two pages is that it has an ADVANCED option, in which you can set the color of this picture in more detail. This is enough to show the importance of color to a picture or even to the whole video. Then come to the Animation page. Here you can add animation settings for each frame of your picture According to different formulas, which is somewhat similar to PowerPoint’s animation special effects function. This setting can enhance the vividness and interest of your video. Choose an animation dynamic that you like here in Preset, and then Customize the animation here is customized to meet your aesthetics.

Filmora Color Filters

Filmora Color Filters


A special transition effect that attracts the audience’s attention can upgrade your video to a higher level and make people feel bright at the moment. It is quite simple to add transitions in Wondershare Filmora. There are more than 800 transition effects built into the software. They are divided into different types, and each type is marked with a corresponding number. You can choose according to your own needs.
Therefore, you don’t have to go to various websites to find effective materials by yourself. You can get the effects by double-clicking after the preview. After downloading, just move the mouse to the corresponding picture frame to add it to this picture. You can drag the special effect directly to decide whether it is used at the beginning or end of the picture. A good transition can add the finishing touch.

Adding transitions can be a well-used video editing skill, and you can learn more from our guide to adding smooth transitions to videos for free.

Filmora Transitions

Filmora Transitions

Effects and Elements

To make your video more personalized, Wondershare Filmora provides users with hundreds of different types of special effects. It’s a bit like the barrage function or the gift bombing effect in the live broadcast.

Want to add special effects to your videos, this is our guide that introduced a free and easy method to add cool special effects to videos like Glitch special effect.

Filmora Effects

Filmora Effects

Split Screen

The split-screen effect is a distinctive feature of Wondershare Filmora. It can divide the picture into several segments, ranging from two to six screens. You can not only use this split-screen as a transition or gap, but also move the mouse to the added split-screen frame, and right-click to add your pictures to fill in. At the same time, you can adjust the filters and add custom animation, text as well as images to enhance the final display effect.

Learn about 15 best split-screen video editors

Filmora Split Screen

Filmora Split Screen

The effect of picture-in-picture which is very popular in the whole network is realized through this function. Three common picture-in-picture effects are listed below:

  1. Realize some very popular videos of keeping repeating and emphasizing, and complete dolls, which is dazzling and can’t help but laugh.
  2. For comparison, for example, the fitness video can show the correct demonstration on the left and the wrong demonstration on the right. Or in the weight loss videos, the photo before weight loss is placed on the left, and the photo after weight loss is shown on the right.
  3. To make an electronic photo album Vlog. Put the photo frame effect outside and place the photo album content inside.
Filmora Split Screen Comparison

Filmora Split Screen Comparison

Color Matching

In daily life, we cannot guarantee that the equipment used to record the material will be the same every time. Some of the materials we use often come from our mobile phones or cameras, or some of them come from friends’ sharing. If you upload these materials to Wondershare Filmora for editing operations, you will find that pictures or videos from different devices may not match in color. So in this case, the Color Matching function in Wondershare Filmora is particularly significant but it is a little bit complicated to use this function.

It is a little bit complicated to use this function. First, you need to move the vertical axis with scissors to the picture you want to match. Then, use the mouse to select a frame arbitrarily and right-click to select a color-color match. Then you will see two small boxes in the upper right corner of the operation interface. The left side shows the current view, while the right side box requires you to select a frame here to match by pulling the progress bar.

Filmora Color Matching

Filmora Color Matching

Progress Bar Setting of Key Framing

Living in the fast-paced moment, especially in the era when short videos are popular. When people watch a video, they pay more attention to the duration of it. Although the downloaded video will automatically display the video duration, if everyone is the same, there is nothing new. Wondershare Filmora allows you to make some different effects on the progress bar of keyframes by yourself. First, add the background of your favorite color and place it on a separate timeline. Secondly, set the duration of the same length and flatten it at the bottom of the picture. Then import the progress bar cursor pointer picture with a transparent channel, and set the same time length. Then add key-frames, drag the right pointer to the far left, and then drag it to the far right to achieve a period. Finally, click on the text to add the default title. It can make your video have a function equivalent to subtitles making it differently.

Filmora Key Framing

Filmora Key Framing

Export Settings

Wondershare Filmora supports export in multiple formats. It also allows you to export directly to the corresponding social platform or device. Such as YouTube and Vimeo, and you only need to log in to your account when uploading.

Are you a YouTube creator? Export settings can be picky if you want your videos to have great performance on YouTube, learn from our guide to know the Best Frame Rate for YouTube.

Filmora Editing Video Export

Filmora Editing Video Export


Screen recording: you can record the screen of a computer or mobile device, which can help you with network tutorials or video presentations.

Noise removal: it can remove all unnecessary background noise, and make your video background sound clean and clear.

Variable speed video: up to 10 times the video acceleration and deceleration, allowing you to play with the delay effect and slow motion.

Language: you can set your familiar language. Just click Files-preference.

Filmora Project Settings

Filmora Project Settings

Device Support

Wondershare Filmora is very compatible. You can use it not only on Windows and Mac but also on mobile phones (both IOS and Android).

At present, according to Wondershare Filmora’s official website, the software has spread all over the world in 150 countries and regions, and 77 million+ users have downloaded and enjoyed this video editing software and obtained 600 K+social followers and counting.


Wondershare Filmora 11 is a powerful computer-side video editing software that is suitable for beginners to transition from mobile editing to desktop editing. This software can record your life, and simply edit long videos into simplified Vlogs. Of course, if you are a fan of some idols, you can also make some stepping videos for your idol, or edit his/her films, interviews, and recorded programs into a small collection.

The free version of Wondershare Filmora is very suitable for newcomers to practice and get familiar with editing routines, it can serve as a great Windows Movie Maker alternative for Windows users. But if you are not a subscriber, it is not very suitable for exporting videos to enjoy. (Of course, if you don’t mind the huge watermark in the middle, it is worth a try). When you get familiar with it and have the idea of using the video editing software for a long time, you can buy a subscription. The subscription to Wondershare Filmora is also relatively cost-effective.

Additional Reading: Best Free Filmora Alternative You Should Totally Try

FilmForth is on the top of our list of best free video editing software and it can serve as a perfect Filmora alternative for Windows 10 and Windows 11 PCs. FilmForth is completely-free, intuitive, incredibly easy to use, and it doesn’t export videos with watermarks, making it a perfect option for video editing beginners.

What’s more, FilmForth can be versatile as well, it offers a variety of video editing options including trimming videos, cropping videos, resizing videos, adding customizable text to videos, splitting videos, adding gifs/stickers/special effects to videos, detaching/changing/adjusting audio, adding transitions, reversing video, changing video playback speed, even creating YouTube intro with templates, and a lot more.

FilmForth is available from Microsoft store, hit the download button below to get it for free, and it will install on your computer in less than 2 minutes!

microsoft download

How to Edit Videos with FilmForth Free and Effortlessly

Step 1. Import Video into FilmForth

Editing video with FilmForth is super duper easy, first launch FilmForth from Windows start menu, hit the New Project button in the middle, and click ADD VIDEO/PHOTO CLIPS button to import your videos/photos.

Import the Video

Import the Video

Step 2. Edit Videos with FilmForth

After videos are added to FilmForth, you can click to select a video clip in the timeline to edit it. There are clickable buttons in the timeline and the operation panel below for you to quick edit the video.

Edit Your Videos

Edit Your Videos

Step 3. Export Videos from FilmForth

When you’re done editing, hit the Save video button from the lower right side to customize video parameters and export the video, simple as that! So don’t hesitate to give FilmForth a try!

Save and Export Video

Save and Export Video


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FilmForth - Free Video Editor

  • Easy to use and no skill required at all.
  • Export video to MP3 with one click.
  • Add transitions, effects, filter, text to the video as you want.
  • Remove, replace, record and edit the background audio easily.
  • Change the speed, volume, and subtitle on video with ease.
  • Stabilize, trim, rotate, and convert video in seconds.