RecForth Online Guide

This guide is a detailed explanation of RecForth's main features, such as webcam overlay, preset recording end times, adding voice-overs, highlighting pointers, and more. It also teaches you how to record and export HD video without watermarks using Full-Screen and Partial-Screen recording modes.

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Part 4.

Full-Screen Record

Full-Screen Record Steps

This guide will show you how to record the entire operation on your computer screen in full-screen mode.

Full-Screen Record Features

It also teaches you how to perform advanced operations before recording, such as turning on the built-in webcam and setting the speaker and microphone.

Part 5.

Partial-Screen Record

Rectangle Recording Mode

This tutorial teaches you how to capture a rectangle screen on your computer to record, and also shows you how to set advanced Settings like auto-stop time and highlight the pointer before recording.

Window Recording Mode

If you want to learn how to record a specific window on your computer and not record anything outside that window, follow this guide. By the end of this guide, you will have a clear understanding of the window recording process.

Partial-Screen Record Features

This part of the content will give you more detailed information about how to feature the Partial-Screen recording.

Part 6.

Preset Parameters

This section is about RecForth's video framerate and resolution parameters. Knowing these parameters before recording can help you get a more satisfactory output file.

Part 7.

RecForth Settings

Learn details on how to perform advanced Settings before recording, such as hotkeys, webcam, video Settings, etc.

Part 8.


Part 9.