8 Best Hidden Screen Recorders without Icon

When you want to recording the screen secretly, you will need a hidden screen recorder. For both mobile and computer users, we have listed 8 of the best secrect screen recorders in this post.

Monday October 24, 2022 10:05 AM PDT by Karen Greene

The secret screen recorder or hidden screen recorder is one of the unique concepts and has been quite the latest origin. The secret screen recorder can be helpful for a wide range of reasons. Let us check out the best-hidden screen recorder options for your devices.

Why do we need a hidden screen recorder?

A secret screen recorder can be handy for a variety of reasons. Some of them can be –

  • Taking care of your kids’ internet behavior

A secret screen recorder is a good option for parenting. It helps you keep track of call logs, messages, and browsing history

  • Check the List of Websites that Have Been Visited

The hidden screen recorder can help you keep track of the websites being visited by the kids. Browsing history can help take care of the kids and the sites that they visit

  • GPS tracking

A secret screen recorder can also come equipped with GPS tracking and thereby help you find the whereabouts of the kids and their daily routine.

Here in this post, you are going to get the best hidden screen recorders on mobile and PC. You can directly head to the part by hitting the hyperlinks below.

#1. Top 4 Hidden Screen Recorders Android/iPhone

Let us check out the best Hidden Screen Recorder Android/iPhone that we can get access to.

No. 1 – BlurSPY

BluSPY is one of the most popular and widely used secret screen recorders. It has been known to be a good tool for tracking activities of any nature on your Android device. The easy-to-install screen recorder should indeed prove to be quite intuitive and exciting.

BlurSPY Hidden Screen Recorder

BlurSPY Hidden Screen Recorder

The best part of the tool is that the app remains hidden on the target device and no one will be able to find anything about it. The tool works seamlessly across multiple devices and handles several messaging services such as WhatsApp, Twitter, and other installed Android apps.

Key features – 

  • Time tracking functionality
  • Recording any screen activity
  • Remote access option
  • Monitoring the browser activity

No. 2 – Hidden Screen Recorder

The Hidden Screen recorder is one of the top-end options for hidden screen recorders on Android devices. The app does not hog your battery or resources and that should make the tool stand apart from the rest. The background recording capability of the device can further make it stand apart from the rest.

Hidden Screen Recorder

Hidden Screen Recorder

The Hidden Screen recorder provides you access to practically everything that goes on in your target device. The recorder keeps running even when your target device is locked. It lets you have an unlimited number of videos recorded.

Key features – 

  • Easy to navigate and work with
  • Despite the ad-supported functioning, the ads are not intrusive
  • Rename option for the file within the app

No. 3 – TheOneSpy

The OneSpy is one of the excellent options for enjoying one of the most unique options for the best-hidden screen recorder ever. The tool is best suited for mac and Android users. The screen recorder also works effectively in terms of inbound and outbound activities.

TheOneSpy Hidden Screen Recorder

TheOneSpy Hidden Screen Recorder

The tool can record a conversation or even record outgoing and incoming messages. It can also be helpful in letting you block a few numbers. The tool also supports GPS tracking capabilities. The hidden screen recorder also assists you in tracking the voice notes as well.

Key features – 

  • Remote monitoring and management
  • Risk alerts
  • Screen activity recording
  • Live surround recording
  • Live camera streaming

No. 4 – SP Camera

SP Camera provides you with a full-fledged experience as a perfect screen recorder for iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad. The tool can capture videos and other content from any app or content on your screen.

SP Camera Hidden Screen Recorder

SP Camera Hidden Screen Recorder

The motion detector sensor is yet another added advantage that you can witness on the app.  The photo times that form part of the package should further provide you with an enhanced unique spy screen recording performance.

Key features – 

  • Wireless Apple Watch Remote supported for recording control
  • Built-in gallery viewer
  • Advances passcode system
  • Automatic photo capture option

#2. The Best 4 Hidden Screen Recorder for PC

Next in line, we will check out the top-end hidden screen recorders for PC

No 1. – RecForth

RecForth is your one-stop solution for an effective and efficient screen recorder solution for your needs. It was completely free, but it has recently been made a Pro version for the design with no watermark. The user-friendly design coupled with an advanced set of features would make it a formidable choice for the best hidden screen recorders.

RecForth  Hidden Screen Recorder

RecForth  Hidden Screen Recorder

It provides you with both full-screen recording and selected region recording. The tools also provide you access to gaming recording and webcam recording. The high-quality recording offered by the screen recorder should make it stand apart from the rest of the secret screen recorders for PC.

Key features –

  • Scheduled recording
  • Audio narration option included
  • Can take screenshots with ease
  • Webcam overlay option

No 2. – Secret Screen Recorder for PC/Mac

Screen Recorder is one of the excellent choices for one of the real hidden screen recorders that you can go with. The recorder hides the entire recording process in the toolbar. The timer recording feature should be yet another excellent option that you would find much impressive.

Bluray Hidden  Screen Recorder

Bluray Hidden  Screen Recorder

It can read any activity on the device in the background. Real-time editing of the recording would further be a compelling choice. It can record audio from the microphone and computer system. The software is compatible with Windows 11/10/8/7 and macOS Ventura and before. Multiple recording modes should prove to be exciting in every way.

Key features –

  • Support for recording multiple scenarios such as gameplay, conference, and training
  • Real-time editing options
  • Record music, VoIP calls, and radio with ease
  • capture anything on your screen

No 3. – Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

The Aiseesoft Screen Recorder should be one of the excellent options for a hidden screen recorder that you can use for a wide range of applications. It can record your screen and also help you take snapshots easily. It is the best tool to capture any activity on your screen.

Aiseesoft Hidden Screen Recorder

Aiseesoft Hidden Screen Recorder

The software is available both for Windows and Mac alike. You can use it to record the entire screen or a part of your screen. You can also edit or draw text or elements on the recording. It is useful for recording the games, the active screens for customer care or support, explainer videos, and many other similar options.

Key features –

  • Easiest and professional screen recording quality
  • It can be a good video game recorder, video call capture, and more to capture any area of your screen
  • Options to edit video or screenshot
  • capture any screen activity

No 4. – Xbox Game bar

The default option for screen recording on Windows, the Xbox Game bar is a good choice to help you in terms of an effectively hidden screen recorder. It can be a good choice to help you record the game activities.

Xbox Game bar Hidden Screen Recorder

Xbox Game bar Hidden Screen Recorder

The screen recorder does not only the gameplay, but it also helps you in recording the complete action on the desktop. You can record the activities on screen using the hotkeys. The lack of complicated controls can indeed be a great option in more ways than one. The settings offer you access to a whole lot of experience with quality, hotkeys, frame rate, etc.

Key features –

  • Easy to access with keyboard shortcuts
  • A good choice to capture screen clips
  • Monitor and manage the performance

The Closing Thoughts

Hidden screen recorders or secret screen recorders should be one of the excellent options for enjoying a great degree of experience in getting access to a full-fledged performance in checking out the activities on your screen without being noticed. The tools and software options outlined in this compilation should prove to be quite impressive in providing you with a great degree of experience.


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