How to Record Your Screen on Android Easily

To help you easily accomplish the task of recording your screen on Android, this article shows you two easy ways to do it. One way is how to use a native screen recorder to capture your screen on Android, this method works for those who don’t want to download any three-party software to their device. The other way is how to use a three-party screen recorder to do screen recording on Android, customizing a personalized screen recording experience for you.

Sunday October 2, 2022 2:02 PM PDT by Karen Greene

Recording screens on your Android mobile device is very useful, especially if you want web courses, online meetings, or video tutorials. Recording screens can be used for professional purposes as well as for personal purposes. But the prerequisite is that you need a good screen recording assistant to help you simplify the recording screen on Android.

Unlike screenshots, recording screens can be a bit harsh. For Android users, we will show you two methods to record screens. Each method is paired with a tutorial image so that you can understand it visually. Let’s see the exact steps together!

How to Screen Recording on Android with Build-in Tool

Without any screen recording option on older versions of Android phones, recording the screen was therefore quite tricky. After the release of Android 9 OS, recording screens on Android phones has become a breeze. You don’t need to take the help of any three-party program, the built-in screen recording tool can help you capture whatever you want to capture. The steps to record screens on Android may have some slight differences due to different phone manufacturers.

Record Screen on Android Device

Record Screen on Android Device

Step 1. Swipe down from the top of your screen, then tap on the Screen Recorder.

Step 2. A notification will pop up to allow you to do sound settings, then choose one as your needs.

Step 3. When everything is ready, click the Start recording icon. The recording begins after the countdown, so you get time to prepare.

Step 4. To stop recording, swipe down from the top of the screen and tap on the stop button.

How to Screen Recording on Android with Third-party Software

If you are not satisfied with the screen recording function that comes with your Android phone, you can record your screen with the help of professional third-party software. The advantage of recording with third-party software is that you can freely adjust the recording parameters and personalize your screen recording. AZ screen recorder is a decent Android screen recorder that helps you record smooth and clear screen videos. It is the best option to record video calls, gameplay, and live stream on your Android device.

Record Android Screen with AZ Screen Recorder

Record Android Screen with AZ Screen Recorder

Step 1. Download AZ Screen Recorder from Google Play Store and launch the app.

Step 2. A variety of options will be available, including recording, taking screenshots, and live streaming.

Step 3. To begin recording, select “Record” and confirm.

Step 4. The recording can be stopped by swiping down to your notifications and tapping the stop button.

Step 5. The app keeps its logo overlaid on your screen when you are not recording. By dragging it to the bottom, you can remove it.

Bonus Tips: Some Popular Screen Recorders

Besides AZ Screen Recorder, there are some other screen recorders for Android available. For your convenience, we list here the three most popular Android screen recorders on the market. Check their review to get more details.

Google Play Games

A new feature introduced on the Google Play Games app lets you record and share your gaming moments with others. You can customize the 720p or 480p quality to capture gameplay, as well as add your own videos and monologues through the device’s front-facing camera and microphone. Once finish the screen recording, you can quickly edit and upload the video to YouTube.

Mobizen Screen Recorder

As one of the free and easy-to-use screen recording apps,Mobizen screen recorder provides smooth and clean screen recording on Android. This program lets users record audio and video in HD quality while recording their facial expressions and voice. The included video editor allows you to easily make any edits to the output recorded video and then upload it to social networking sites.


For capturing smooth and clear screens on Android, XRecorder gives you everything you want. Users always have access to the drawing and marking tools built into XRecorder to annotate and draw while recording video tutorials. In addition, the program has a one-click screenshot feature. After recording, you can apply background music, trim, split, and other edits to your recorded video.

The Bottom Line

The above are two ways to record screen on Android phone. If you don’t have any special needs for recording screen, the built-in screen recorder is good for you. To pursue a more flexible recording effect you can try the second method, AZ Screen Recorder gives you a wider range of possibilities and features.


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