8 Suggestions to Improve Online Teaching & Learning Process

This are 8 ways to improve online courses (teaching & learning) for both students and teachers.

Sunday August 6, 2023 11:48 AM PDT by Karen Greene

Distance learning, commonly termed online or network education, bridges traditional educational methods with modern technological tools. By harnessing multimedia and internet capabilities, it integrates classical teaching models with a digital platform, enabling educators and students to connect seamlessly.

This paradigm shift to online platforms means education is no longer confined to physical spaces; it’s accessible anytime, anywhere, given an internet connection. The recent global epidemic has only accelerated this shift, highlighting its convenience and adaptability.

Though the world is gradually adjusting to post-epidemic norms, the appeal of online education remains undiminished for many institutions. In the following sections, we’ll offer some insights and suggestions for both educators and learners to improve the online teaching and learning process.

Improve the Efficiency of Online Courses

Improve the Efficiency of Online Courses

4 Suggestions To Improve Online Teaching for Teachers

Ensuring that the network is unobstructed and the equipment is operating normally is the key to improving the efficiency of online courses. If you choose live teaching, you must choose a live broadcast platform with a stable and powerful system to ensure high-definition and smooth live broadcast. If there is a network failure or equipment problem during the live class, it will delay a lot of class time.

If you choose to record and broadcast classes, then be sure to choose a full-featured high-definition screen recorder. Only good screen recording software can help you record high-definition videos of online courses without lag, so as not to affect students’ learning experience. 

1. Optimizing Teaching Through the Right Platforms

Teachers should choose a practical online teaching platform like Zoom and Google Classroom so that the teaching effect of teachers can be multiplied by half the effort. The selected teaching platform needs to support multiple teaching modes such as voice, video, and PPT. Teachers can use a variety of teaching tools such as electronic whiteboards, screen sharing, and online question banks.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom

A good teaching platform can greatly save teachers time and energy, thereby improving teaching efficiency. Teachers should also be familiar with teaching platforms and teaching tools, so as to be able to entertain and entertain. 

2. Professionalism: The Key to Trust in Online Teaching

Different from offline classrooms, online teaching requires more professionalism and rigor of teachers. In the process of live broadcasting or recording, teachers need to be more professional. It should be that if there is a slip of the tongue or other mistakes, it will make students and parents feel distrustful. Teachers’ mentality is prone to problems in online teaching, and facing the camera may make teachers more nervous.

Makeup before online teaching

Makeup before online teaching

Therefore, in order to improve the quality of teaching, teachers should maintain a good attitude. In addition to complying with the normal requirements of teaching, teachers should also pay attention to their own makeup and behavior when shooting online class videos. In particular, some slips of the tongue must be reviewed and edited in post-production. 

3. Effective Lesson Planning with Knowledge Maps

Online teaching has higher requirements for lesson plans, and courseware is one of the keys to online teaching. In designing teaching strategies, teachers should start from the knowledge structure and context of the course content and the reality of students’ cognitive laws.

Knowledge Map Tools

Knowledge Map Tools

In order to make the knowledge points clear at a glance, teachers can use the mind map or knowledge map to decompose the target into subsections of knowledge according to a certain logic. Teaching methods designed in accordance with the teaching rules can effectively capture students’ attention and achieve the best teaching effect. 

4. Building a Positive and Engaging Learning Environment

Creating a comfortable teaching atmosphere is also an important means to improve teaching efficiency. Teachers can take many measures to achieve this. For example, use the online platform to build a community, communicate with students online regularly every day to answer learning problems, etc. In addition, in the arrangement of the course time, the teacher should also arrange the teaching time reasonably.

Course Community - Coursera

Course Community – Coursera

You can appropriately reduce some unnecessary links and continuously improve your teaching methods. In order to make it easier for students to understand, it is necessary to simplify the knowledge as much as possible, so as to make the teaching atmosphere of the classroom positive.

4 Suggestions To Improve Online Learning for Students

1. Crafting the Ideal Online Study Space

Traditional education takes place in physical classrooms, while online education does not have a fixed learning place, but for most students, online classes are taken at home. When taking online classes at home, under various temptations, it is difficult for students to concentrate. Scientific research shows that a fixed, quiet, independent study place is very important for learning.

Well-Organized Study Desk

Well-Organized Study Desk

So it’s better to find a relatively quiet room, leaving only the necessary electronics and textbooks on the table. Creating a good learning environment can help you improve your learning efficiency to a great extent. 

2. The Power of Note-Taking in Digital Learning

Taking notes is a very important factor in improving online education, so students must take notes during lectures. Because the students are writing, at least during this period of time there is no distraction. Students can memorize the content explained by the teacher in combination with their own understanding, so as to realize the reprocessing of knowledge.

Note taking


According to the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve, we can know that the brain will forget unimportant information, and the way of reviewing notes can help us slow down the forgetting process. If there are notes for quick review, and the overall knowledge can be recalled from point to point through the main points on the notes, the efficiency will be greatly improved. This also ensures that you can keep up with your teacher’s thinking and stay focused on the learning process. 

3. Importance of Breaks: Refresh and Recharge

Generally, there will be a rest period in the middle of the course, and students can take advantage of the gap to exercise their bodies. Facing the electronic screen for a long time is easy to cause visual fatigue and make the body in a state of fatigue, so students should put down the electronic products in their hands when the courseware is resting.

Indoor Exercise

Indoor Exercise

You can stand up to empty your brain, exercise your muscles and bones, and have plenty of physical strength to ensure the efficiency of the next class.

4. Staying Engaged: Active Participation in Virtual Classrooms

Unlike traditional teaching models, online education reduces the frequency of face-to-face communication between students and teachers. In order not to hinder normal communication and learning, students should actively participate in classroom activities. Before starting the class, you need to ensure that the network is unblocked and log in to the learning terminal platform in advance.

During the class, it is necessary to maintain active interaction with the teacher. When the teacher asks a question, he will take the initiative to open the microphone and answer it. Students who are not invited to answer the question can also enter their own answers in the discussion area, and they must give feedback in time when they do not understand. 


As the saying goes: live to old, learn to old. Today’s society is a society that emphasizes lifelong learning, and online education provides people with opportunities. Online teaching breaks the boundaries of time and space, and anyone can learn online at any time and place.

It can be said that online teaching has many advantages and will become a development trend in the future. Both teachers and students need to make reasonable use of online education, which will make learning faster and more efficient.
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