How to Compress Video without Losing Quality

If you want to compress videos with ease, you are in the right place. In this post, you are going to find out the best free video compressor that supports compressing videos without quality loss and no watermark.

Monday November 1, 2021 10:02 AM PDT by Karen Greene

Videos take up a lot of space, especially as the resolution has progressed over the years. We went from a modest 360p to 4K in a short period. The video quality comes with a bigger file size.

Uploading and downloading a video of enormous size is a headache, to begin with. Copying it to a flash drive/external HDD is also time-consuming. Storing it in your already full partitions is another story altogether.

Reducing video size can help in various ways. When doing that without prior knowledge, you would compromise the video quality. That’s not on the table, as the quality is of umpteen importance.

Even a video editor can sabotage the quality by rendering and exporting it with an underwhelming set of codecs. This is why you need a dedicated video converter that can reduce video size without losing quality.

The Best Free Video Compressor for You

Duo Video Converter is one of the best videos compressors on Windows 10 and Windows 11. That is just the tip of the iceberg when talking about its features. This free video converter is like finding a Mustang in the parking lot full of Prius. Some great features you may be interested in about Duo Video Converter.

  • Compress Videos – Compressing video without losing quality is at the click of a button. Head to the compression section, drop a video, select compression percentage, and you are done.
  • Preferred Output Size and Format – This is where Duo shines, providing the vital information in question. When compressing a video, you can find out the output video file size, along with parameters to calibrate it. Head to the settings for changing the file size, format, bit rate, and resolution(set to auto by default).
  • Extensive Format Support – Be it the commonplace MP4 or TS, Duo has you covered with its broad compatibility. You wouldn’t need another application for converting into a familiar format before turning your video in.
  • Batch Video Compression – Have many videos to reduce their size without losing their quality? Add them all together and compress them in batches. Configure the settings for all of them, or you can calibrate the perimeters for some of the videos as well.


  • Free and no watermarks
  • Supports a wide variety of formats
  • Ability to set video output size
  • Compress multiple videos together


  • No option for codecs
  • Cannot preview the output video before compression
  • Lack of audio format option

Step-by-Step Guide to Compress Videos

Now let’s take a look at the steps to compress videos with Duo Video Converter.

Step 1. Run Video Compressor

Launch Duo and head straight to the video compressor section. Drag and drop to import a video. You can also take advantage of either of the Add File buttons to locate the video(s) manually.

Upload Video Clips to Compress

Upload Video Clips to Compress

Step 2. Pre-set the Output and Compress

Once the video is imported, select the compression rate located at the window’s top-right corner. You can set it between 10% to 70% from the dropdown menu.

Set Video Compress Rate

Set Video Compress Rate

When you are unsure of the suitable compression rate, head to the settings by clicking on the gear icon. Once the settings wizard has opened up, slide the output side button to calibrate the video size. Click on OK once you are satisfied with the configuration.

Set Video Compress Rate

Set Video Compress Rate

Now set the output location where the compressed video will be saved. Then click on the Compress button for the process to begin. Your video will be compressed within a couple of seconds or minutes, depending on the size.

Set Video Output Path

Set Video Output Path

Step 3. Compressed Videos Playback

Now you can tap the Finished button and you can see all the video you had compressed, converted. Hit the Open button to view it.

Playback Compressed Video

Playback Compressed Video

That’s all for video compression on Duo Video Converter. As one of the best free video converters you can find on Windows 10, Duo Video Converter not only can compress a video but also support video conversion and audio files for free.
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Some Video Compression FAQs

In this part, some frequently asked questions and their answers about the video compressors are listed. So are the issues and solutions you may encounter while compressing a video.

How do I compress a video and keep it better quality?

Compression is done by replacing similar-looking bits and storing less information—a rather complex task that can quickly be done using the Duo video converter.

How do I reduce the MB size of a video?

You can do that by using an easy application such as Duo video converter. It shows the output file size along with other options.

How can I compress a video without losing quality online?

Have a look at online tools such as VideoSmaller and FreeConvert.

Beginning with the former one, they offer uploads of up to 500 MB. You can scale the video(width) according to your choice. Many users rely on it to make the videos into mobile-friendly content. On top of that, there is an option to remove the audio as well.

The video size reduces by an average of 4 to 10% unless you tick the use low compression option. After that, you can share the videos directly to social media, emails without requiring you to download them.

VideoSmaller Overview

VideoSmaller Overview

Packed with a sleek user interface, FreeConvert does as advertised. Upload a video of up to 1 GB. Similar to the Duo Video Converter, you can predetermine the output size from the settings. Moreover, we get the option of 6 video formats as well.

That is not all; you can upload multiple videos and convert them into a batch. The uploading speed is comparatively faster than VideoSmaller.

FreeConvert Overview

FreeConvert Overview

Can you compress the 4K video without losing quality?

This is a double-edged sword. The 4K video’s prime USP is the quality, and compressing it can hamper that. You can shave off some size without a noticeable difference. A 10 percent reduction on the Duo video converter would be a safer side option.


If you are looking to compress a video by a significant size, you will need to experiment. Visually inspect the noticeable difference in quality by calibrating the compression settings each time. Fortunately, the Duo Video Converter allows configuration according to the user’s requirements.

When you are in a hurry and cannot access the computer, there are always the online tools discussed in the prior art.


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