Free Slideshow Maker with Music and Effects

Sunday March 7, 2021 12:00 PM PDT by Karen Greene

Videos are a great way to capture moments. Cameras on every phone now have made it effortless to record videos in a point-and-shoot manner. Whip out the phone, press record, and you are golden.

On the other hand, photos have their charm that is difficult to fathom. There is a famous saying about photos freezing the moment for eternity to cherish. Some moments may be captured on videos while others on photos. Slideshows are a great way to combine them and present them in a coherent manner.

Have a presentation coming in the office? Or a family reunion where old memories are being relished. Slideshows can be the answer for you.

FilmForth as a Slideshow maker

A free video editor, which started as an app with essential functions. Now FilmForth offers a variety of features that makes it a complete package.


  • Add videos, photos to a slideshow in batch. No need to individually select each of them.
  • Dozens of effects to apply to the slideshow. Make it a standout amongst the crowd.
  • Variety of transition effects for each slide so that the slide transition doesn’t feel abrupt or out of place.


  • Free of cost; there are no hidden charges.
  • Easy-to-use, without the fancy shenanigans.
  • Combine videos and photos.


  • Saves only in MP4 format.

How to Make a Slideshow with Music and Effects via FilmForth

Gather the pictures that you wish to add to the slideshow that we are going to create. As long as you go on editing your slideshow, you can add effects, text, music, and transitions. Then you may wonder how to add music to a slideshow and how to make your slideshow stunning? No worries!! With FilmForth, you can find out some nice effects, great tips, and inspirations to make your slideshow outstanding.

Follow the next part, you will find an easy way to make a stunning slideshow with FilmForth.

Step 1. Download and install FilmForth on the computer.

microsoft download

Once you installed FilmForth on the computer, you can go on to create a new project button from the home screen by clicking on New Project. Give your project a name and set the destination for the project.


Free Slideshow Maker with Music and Effects

Step 2. Add Photos to FilmForth.

Add photos by clicking on the Add Video/Photo clips. You can select multiple photos at once as well.


Click on the Add Video/Photo Clips

Note: You should know that videos can be added to the slideshow as well, precisely the way you did with the photos.

Step 3. Set Duration of Each Slide.

First of all, you should select a photo and then click on the Duration button given at the bottom.


Video Duration

Then, go to set the duration according to your needs. Either use the decimal version or use the slider. It can be set between 0.17 to 10 seconds.


Set the Duration

Step 4. Add Effects to the Slideshow.

Choose from over two dozen effects for each photo in your slideshow. Go on selecting a photo from the editor feed. Click on the Effects button. Then you will reach the effects panel where you can try different filters on the photo.


Choose Effects for Your Photo or Video

Now you can click and hold the compare button to see the default photo without effects. Also, you can click on the blue back button to go back and repeat the process for each photo.

Step 5. Add Music to the Slideshow.

Adding some unique and proper background music/narration to the slideshow will finally make the slideshow different and outstanding from others. Add the entertainment quotient—a melody, perhaps symphony to go with the slideshow.

Anecdotal narration accompanying family photos does add a cherry on top of the slideshow. Head to the main screen of the project and click on the audio button.


Click on the Audio Button

After that, click on the Add Audio button, denoted by a plus sign.


Add Your Audio via Free Slideshow Maker

There you will find a couple of suggested music tracks from the editor’s end. Look on the right and click on Add a Local Audio File.


Add a Local Audio File

Once you’re done adding music, you can adjust the music’s timing to go with the slideshow. Click and hold the white bars that turn yellow when adjusting the duration of the music.


Adjust the Duration of the Music

On any other day, you can also use the trim option to resize the music’s duration.

Step 6. Saving the Slideshow.

After you are satisfied with the slideshow and the edits, it’s time to wrap up. Click on the Save Video button. Choose between different resolutions, FPS, amongst other things. The slideshow will be saved in MP4 video format.

Some Other Recommended Slideshow Makers

Not everyone has access to computers at all times. Smartphones have enough juice for editing videos, photos on the go.

Music Video Maker: Slideshow  – Android

One of the highest-rated slideshow makers on the Google Play store. On the home screen, there is the option to create slideshow, 30s videos with effect.

There is also a shortcut plus button given at the bottom for getting you started.


Music Video Maker Slideshow


  • Free music clips are included that can be added to slideshows.
  • Share directly to YouTube, TikTok, Instagram story, and more.
  • Individual slide transitions available as well.


  • Fairly straightforward interface.
  • Post directly to social media sites.
  • Online music library.


  • Disruptive ads appear at times

InShot – Video Editor – iOS

A feature-rich slideshow maker which is available on Apple devices(iOS). Pick your favorite videos, photos and start creating them instantly.


Video for Effect Filter and Adjust


  • Filters based on mood, occasion, and event.
  • Extensive library of sounds effects.
  • VFX slide transitions for videos and photos.


  • A large collection of effects and filters.
  • Unique video filters.
  • Add voiceover on the slideshows.


  • Lacks some features in the free version.

The Bottom Line

Above are the slideshow makers for videos that we think it’s worth a try on desktop/iOS/Android and we have made a recommendation of those best slideshow makers. If you want to have a better way to make your photo or video slideshow, please try to download FilmForth, you will not regret it.
microsoft download

Download for Free download for free


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  • Stabilize, trim, rotate, and convert video in seconds.