How to Cut Video in VLC on Windows & Mac – 3 Methods with Simple Steps

How to cut video in VLC on Windows? Often remains the hot topic. If you want to know the cut video easily with VLC, just read this article to find more.

Wednesday August 31, 2022 4:02 PM PDT by Karen Greene
How to Cut Video in VLC

How to Cut Video in VLC

Can I cut videos in VLC on Windows? The answer is definitely yes, VLC is not only a media player but also a video editor. However, Can I cut videos successfully without any problems? how to cut video in VLC on Windows easily? Many users are confused about these questions and look for the answers on Quora for a long time.

If you are dealing with this kind of question, you need detailed information to guide you to finish the whole process of cutting videos in VLC on Windows and Mac, just read this article, and it will tell you how to take advantage of the VLC media player as a video cutting editor, and how to cut videos in VLC on Windows/Mac in detailed steps and screenshots. Easy, fast and free.

Part 1. How to Cut Video in VLC on Windows

Cutting videos on Windows is common to see, The VLC considers this and gives pretty functions. Just follow these steps to know how to cut video in VLC on Windows.

Step 1. Visit VLC official website, click ‘Download VLC and then download VLC on your computer.

Go to VLC Website

Go to VLC Website

Step 2. Open the file, install and launch VLC media player.

Step 3. Click ‘Media’ on the top left to open the video file you want to edit. (You can also hit Ctrl + O to open the video file or just drag the video file into VLC media player).

Open Video File

Open Video File

Step 4. Click ‘View’, then you can see the dropdown menu, click ‘Advanced Controls’.

Step 5. Cut the video. Click the red button, or just hit Shift + R to record the video, then just let the video play, hit Shift + R again to stop the recording.

Step 6. Go to the C:\Users\Username\Video to find your video you cut on VLC.

Cut Video in VLC

Cut Video in VLC

Part 2. How to Cut Video in VLC on Mac

Actually, VLC medial player is available on many different devices including Mac. So how do I cut a video in VLC on Mac?

Step 1. Visit VLC official website, download and install VLC medial player on Mac.

Step 2. Launch VLC media player, then click ‘VLC’ and then click ‘Preference’ from the dropdown menu.

Click Preference in VLC

Click Preference in VLC

Step 3. Click ‘Input/Codecs ‘to set where you want to save your edited video.

Step 4. Drag the video you want to edit to VLC media player.

Step 5. Cutting video by clicking ‘Record’. Stop the recording by clicking the ‘Record’ to select the portion you want.

Step 6. Go to the recorder folder (You have set in step 1) to find your edited video.

Cut Video in VLC on Mac

Cut Video in VLC on Mac

Part 3. How to Cut Video Using Best VLC Alternative

From VLC, you can see it is a professional media player that can play videos in all formats, also you can use it to cut videos. However, as you can see, the video cutting is its additional function. For cutting videos, you can find another one that can provide you with professional services and powerful video cutting experience.

Filmforth is the best free alternative that can provide users with video cutting and more functions. Launched for many years, Filmforth has gained lot of popularities and high reviews. With Filmforth, you can cut your videos and then edit it conveniently. No payment needed, totally free and safe.

What you’ll get with Filmforth?

  1. Unlimited Free to Use. Filmforth is free to use, the only thing you need to do is to download and then use it directly.
  2. Easy to Cut Videos. Filmforth has clear operating signals, which will make you cut videos easily and fast even you are a beginner.
  3. More Video Quality Options. After cutting videos, you can select the video quality according to your needs.
  4. No Virus, No Malware. There is no virus or malware while downloading and installing, it is 100% clear.

Except for cutting videos, there are more functions of Filmforth listed, such as:

Change the video speed and volume as you want.

Picture-in-picture function that allows users to replace the video background.

Edit video title, subtitle to the video.

Add music, effects, text with different choices to videos.

How to cut videos with Filmforth step by step?

Step 1. Free Download & Install Filmforth

Download and install Filmforth on Microsoft Store, or you can download it on its official website (Available on Windows 10, Windows 11)

Step 2. Open Filmforth

There are many functions listed here. You can set a new project according to your need. If you just want to cut videos, click ‘Trim Video’.

Open FilmForth Video Editor

Open FilmForth Video Editor

Step 3. Open a File

Click ‘Select a Video File’ to choose the video you want to cut.

Select a Video to Cut

Select a Video to Cut

Step 4. Start Cutting

Drag the start or the end clip to choose the segment you want. You can drag the yellow slide to set the start and end.

Cut VIdeos in FilmForth

Cut VIdeos in FilmForth

Step 5. Save the Video Edited

After finishing the setting, you can click the play key of the video to preview. If you think it is ok, click ‘Save Video’ to save the edited video.

Save the Edited Video

Save the Edited Video

Step 6. Choose the Video Quality

Select the video quality and frame rate that you want, and then click ‘Save’.

Step 7. Set Where the Video Can Be Stored

Choose where you want to save the edited video, and then click ‘Save’.

Custmize the Output Quality

Custmize the Output Quality

Part 3. How to Cut Video in VLC:FAQs

Is Cutting Video in VLC Free?

Of course, VLC is not only a free media player, but also it is a free video editor. You can use it to cut video without payments needed.

If I Want to Cut and Edit Videos, Can VLC Meet My Needs?

Actually, VLC is one media player with some video editing functions. If you just need to skimpily cut and edit video, VLC can meet your needs, but if you want to add more features or have more effects choices while editing video, you can download Filmforth – the free and professional video editor.

Can I Crop Videos in VLC?

VLC doesn’t support cropping videos. In fact the main feature is a media player. If you want to crop videos, you can use Filmforth.

Can I Use VLC to Cut Videos on Android Devices?

No, VLC for Android devices does not support cutting videos.

What Are the Differences Between VLC and VLC Media Player? If I Cut Video, Which One Should I Choose?

VLC is VideoLAN Client that is a name of products developed by VideoLAN Organization. In fact, the product is called VLC media player (its abbreviation is VLC), this product has the function of cutting videos, so you should choose VLC media player to cut videos.

Part 4. Conclusion

All in all, this article talks about how to cut videos in VLC on Windows and Mac including the detailed steps, and some FAQs about VLC media player. Besides, this article also introduces one effective video editor Filmforth to help you trim and cut videos easily. You can download Filmforth and use it to cut videos more effectively.


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