MOV VS MP4: Who Is the One

his article introduces the difference between MOV and MP4.

Friday January 21, 2022 11:55 AM PDT by Karen Greene

MOV vs. MP4 is a never-ending debate. Learn the nuances along with the cosmic difference between MOV and MP4, who is the one?

There are several dozen leading video file formats that cater to different videos across different platforms and devices. MP4 paved the way for high-definition video, combined with audio while keeping in mind the size. On the other hand, MOV was part of Apple’s plan to create a format that was exclusive to their ecosystem. MOV was developed exclusively to run on QuickTime.

What is MOV/MP4 Format?

Apple’s very own MOV is a multimedia file container under the QuickTime framework(QTFF). They can contain a trio of video, audio, and subtitles. One thing that makes them stand out is the unfettered quality of videos and the accompanying sound. Apple didn’t want to compromise on the quality front for saving the megabytes. As a result, you get massive video files that take up lots of storage while providing flabbergasting quality.

MP4 is a video file container that is a widely used format worldwide, owing to its development for the standard video container purpose. It is a multimedia container capable of holding video and audio, along with subtitles. Similar to MOV, you can use MP4 social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, as it is their preferred format.

Let us look at the differences and decide if MOV better than MP4 or it is the other way around.

Supported Players ●    macOS: QuickTime, VLC player

●    Windows: VLC player, Windows Media Player

●    Android: VLC Player

●    macOS: QuickTime(few codecs), VLC player

●    Windows: VLC Player, Pot Player, Windows Media Player

●    Android: VLC Player

Designed for For Apple Devices; Ecosystem For everywhere usage, not specific to any device.
Developed by Apple International Organization for Standardization
File Sizes Larger in size – Focus on quality Smaller in size – Focus on quality and bandwidth mobility.
Video Compression Virtually none Special Emphasis on Compression
Supported Device Only for Apple Support for the majority of platforms and devices.
Data Streams Relies on “track system” to deliver videos Relies on MPEG-4 presentations, which are merged using the MPEG-4 BIF indexes.
Metadata information MOV contains tags, annotations along with album art, artists, lyrics, amongst other things. MP4 contains titles, subtitles, synopsis, ratings, actors, directors, producers, amongst other things.
Advantages ●    Uncompromised video quality.

●    Suitable for professional-grade video editing

●    Easier and faster to edit MOV files

●    Better video compression

●    Ideal for Internet streaming

●    Can handle advanced technologies like h.264

Disadvantages ●    A degree of incompatibility on non-Apple devices

●    MOV moved to lossy video compression, which means the quality can not be paralleled with the original video.

●    Difficult to edit

●    Compromises on quality at times

How to crop MOV/MP4 with FilmForth?

What is FilmForth?

Many video editors show promise on paper but fail in practice. FilmForth stands tall on both ends with its effortless editing prowess. The train does not stop there; further, it is aided by the philosophy of simplicity and adaptability that augments editing workflow.


  • Wide Video Format Support

Edit a wide variety of formats, including MOV, MP4, MTS, WebM, amongst a dozen more.

  • No Watermarks

No watermark on any video. It is optional while saving your video to whether allow a FilmForth watermark on video or not. You can show your support for the editor by sporting a watermark.

  • Customize FPS

Set the frames of your video while saving the video. Along with it, you can also configure the resolution, which provides support up to 4K.

  • Handy Tools Placement

All the editing tools are right there in the dashboard, located at the bottom of the screen. Nothing is hidden, and everything is arranged in a chronological manner, which makes them easy to access.

Crop a Video with FilmForth on Windows 10

Step 1. Install FilmForth from the Microsoft Store. It is available for Windows 10, and all you need to is click on the install button.

The editor will be downloaded and installed, with the time depending on your Internet connection’s speed.

Step 2. Launch FilmForth and create a new project by clicking on the New Project button.


MOV VS MP4: Who Is the One

Step 3. Add a video that you want to crop. Do it by using the Add Video/Photo Clips button.

Don’t want to waste time manually uploading videos? Then drag and drop to load the video. It works without a flaw.


FilmForth New Project

Step 4. After your video has been uploaded, time to get cropping. Click on the Crop & Motion button, located in the dashboard at the bottom.


FilmForth Crop MP4

Step 5. The Crop & Motion wizard will open up. There are two ways to crop your video.


Crop Video wIth FilmForth

Dimension Box – Conventional Method

When you are going for accuracy and precision in cropping, manually entering dimensions, work the best.

Step 1. Enter the resolution by filling the width and height boxes which are representing pixels.

Step 2. After you are done cropping the display area, you can move around the crop window to get the right video area.

Step 3. Good to know – The reset button is available and will reset all the cropping performed on the video. You can start fresh with it.

Step 4. Press OK once the cropping is done—time to save the video by clicking on the Save Video button.


Apart from some minor differences, MOV and MP4 may come off as run-out-of-the-mill video formats. The fundamental distinction comes out when you explore the possibility of different usages for the videos in the respective formats.

MOV has the editing advantage, while MP4 saves on the bandwidth and space. FilmForth supports editing in both and can convert any MOV file to MP4 within a few moments.


Karen is a professional writer with a background in column writing who enjoys resolving complex topics and explaining them in interesting ways.

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