How to Replace Audio in a Video on Windows 10

In this post, you can easily find several effective ways to change the audio track.

Wednesday January 19, 2022 11:31 AM PDT by Karen Greene

You have a video, but the audio on it is underwhelming. You want to clear it and replace it with your narration, or perhaps add background music. On the other hand, you have shot a tutorial video that requires narration. The in-built camera mic didn’t quite catch your voice. You can add audio to such videos using editors like FilmForth.

Learn to do it without requiring any skill or help from a professional. Replace audio in a video with Filmforth on Windows 10

Audio in a video can be replaced in three easy steps with Filmforth. First, download Filmforth and launch it, then add the video and proceed to detach the audio. After that, you delete the audio and replace it with the music, audio of your choice.

Step 1. Launch Audio Editor

Launch FilmForth and create a new project by clicking on the New Project button. Add a video through the Add Video/Photo Clips button.

Filmforth Overview

Filmforth Overview

Step 2. Detach and Delete the Audio

After the video is loaded, it’s time to detach the default audio of the video. Find and click on the Detach Audio button, located in the tool dashboard at the bottom.

Click "Detach Audio"

Click “Detach Audio”

Then, select the red bar of detached audio from the timeline feed. Press Delete on your keyboard or use the button given in the dashboard, as denoted by the arrow.

Click "Delete"

Click “Delete”

Once done, your video will no longer have any kind of audio accompanying it.

Step 3. Add Audio to the Video

We deleted the audio in the last step. Let us go ahead and add audio of your choice to the video.

First, use the audio button that is present in the timeline feed. Click on the button, and the audio menu will open up.

Click the "Audio" Icon

Click the “Audio” Icon

Second, select the Add Audio button located in the tool’s dashboard.

Select the "Add Audio" Button

Select the “Add Audio” Button

The audio-adding window will open up. Here there are two ways to add audio. On the left side of the menu is Suggested Music, which offers music pieces that can be added to your video without requiring any permission. The other option is to add your audio file stored locally, which we will take advantage of for adding audio.

Lastly, select the Add Local audio file button, which is accompanied by a giant plus button. Supported Audio formats include .mp3, .wmv, .m4a, .wav, .wma. In any case, when your audio file is not in supported formats, you can rely on free audio converters online.

Add Local or Suggested Music

Add Local or Suggested Music

Audio is finally replaced in your video. Using the FilmForth video editor, you can add multiple audio tracks to the video. After that, you are able to trim, speed, or adjust the volume of the added audio to suit your video.

Video Tutorial: How to Replace Audio in a Video

Don’t miss the detailed steps in this video tutorial to replace an audio file from a video. Also, some tricks of adding audio, removing music, and changing music are included.

Online Tools for Removing Audio

Go online, and you have tools for literally everything. Online audio-removing tools work pretty well. Combine them with the Photos editor on Windows 10 for adding audio, and you have a magnificent combo at hand.

Remove Audio Using AudioRemover

Step 1. Head to AudioRemover’s website.

Step 2. Click on the browse button to upload your locally stored video. Then hit the upload button.

Audio Remover

Audio Remover

Step 3. After the video has been uploaded; it will remove the audio within a few seconds. You will get the download link for the video without the audio.

Audio Remover

Audio Remover

The downloaded video can be shared on several social media platforms, including WhatsApp. Emailing it to someone or yourself is also an option.

Add Audio Using Photos on Windows 10

We removed the audio in the last part, now let’s replace it with another audio, using the Photos. Windows movie maker was great while it last but after it was discontinued, Photos App is here to take forward the legacy.

Step 1. Open the Photos from the start menu search.

Launch Photos

Launch Photos

Step 2. Find the three dots menu on the right side of the window. Select New Video > New Video Project

Select New Video

Select New Video

Step 3. On the next screen, you will be greeted by a popup for naming your video project.

Name the Video

Name the Video

Step 4. Drag and drop to add your video to the project. Then drag the video from the video library to the timeline feed.

Drag Video

Drag the Video

Step 5. It is time to add the audio. Refer to the three horizontal dots menu and head to the custom audio menu.

Add Audio

Add Audio

Step 6. The custom audio menu will open up. Click on the Add Audio File button, which is accompanied by a plus sign. Drag and drop work swiftly as well for audio files.

Add Audio

Add Audio

Step 7. The audio file is in. Now set the volume of the audio using the volume button, as denoted by the arrow A. Move on to trim the duration of the music in the video by adjusting the buttons on either side, as denoted by the arrow B. When the audio feels in place, press the Done button, denoted by the arrow C.

Add Audio

Add Audio

The Final Thought

Replacing audio in a video is a hectic task when you are unfamiliar with computers and don’t have the right video editor. FilmForth does exceedingly well in that area. Detach the audio using the one-click option. Proceed it by adding audio tracks with ease, with the option to add more than one. Don’t’ forget to calibrate the fade-ins and outs of audio to mix the audio. We are in the middle of an extraordinary instance when using online tools seems like too much of a task in front of an offline app.


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