Why Facebook Logged Me Out and How to Fix That

Don’t know why Facebook keeps logging you out of your account? You always wonder how to solve this problem with some trickys. You’ve come to the right place, here’s everything you want to know about it.

Sunday October 2, 2022 2:56 PM PDT by Karen Greene

As one of the world’s largest social media platforms, Facebook has a huge number of billions of users. We keep in touch with friends from all over the world on it, as well as see updates and posts from others. But you must have encountered a situation where Facebook logs you out, which can cause you a lot of inconvenience.

Many users have reported the error “Facebook keeps logging me out”. It can be annoying to find that you are logged out of your Facebook account every time you open Facebook from a mobile app or web browser.

Why Facebook Logging Everyone Out

Why Facebook Logging Everyone Out

Why Facebook Logged You out Randomly

There are a number of reasons why Facebook logged you out, here is a list of some common reasons.

  • Your account may have been hacked, and they take over your account to steal private information
  • You may have shared your account and password with other people, and your Facebook account has been logged in on multiple different devices.
  • Your Facebook account is associated with certain third-party applications or services that for some reason do not now allow you to log in.
  • If you are accessing Facebook from a web browser, some faulty Chrome extensions may be causing the problem.
  • The Facebook application’s cache is full of temporary junk data that causes errors, which may be caused by you running an older version of Facebook.
  • Facebook detects that you are using a VPN and therefore forcibly logs you out.

5 Tips to Fix Facebook Keep Logging me out Issue

To help you solve those issues, we list some feasible methods in the following.

No 1. Clear FaceBook App and Chrome browser cache

In case you access the social media app from it and face logout failure, you can try clearing the cache of the Facebook app on your phone as well as clearing the cache on the Chrome browser.

To clear the Facebook app cache on your Android device, follow the steps below.

Long press on Facebook Android app > then, tap on the app info button > tap on storage and cache > tap on clear cache > check if Facebook is still logging you out from your profile.

If you want to delete your browser cache or cookies on Chrome, here are the detailed steps.

Clear Browsing Data on Chrome

Clear Browsing Data on Chrome

After opening your browser, press the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Del> Set Time Range to All Time in the Advanced tab> Make sure to select Cookies and other site data as well as cached images and files> Click on the Clear data button> Restart Chrome and sign in to Facebook> Check if you are still facing logout issues.

No 2. Update Facebook Application

Whether you are using Facebook on your Android device or iOS, you need to make sure that you install the app updates in time. This will help you avoid bugs and other issues related to app security.

Android users should open the Google Play Store > click on Profile Picture > then click Manage Apps and Device from the menu > select Available Updates > if Facebook is listed among the apps waiting to be updated, click on the Update button.

On the App Store, click on your Apple ID profile picture in the upper right corner > check if Facebook is waiting to install a new available update > click on the option to update to start the installation.

No 3. Reset your Facebook Account Password

Hackers are always snooping on other Facebook profiles. If you use an easy-to-guess password, then someone may have unethically taken over your account. To keep your Facebook account safe, my advice is to use a strong password. If you have access from a web browser, change your Facebook account password immediately.

Reset the Facebook Account Password

Reset the Facebook Account Password

Login to Facebook> Go to Settings & Privacy> Click Settings> Click Security & Login on the left panel> Click Change Password> Choose to have Chrome suggest a strong password and save your password to the browser.

No 4. Remove Third-party Websites From Your Facebook

Usually, when you try to play a game on Facebook or use any other service in a social media application, the system will ask you to allow the application to connect using your profile. Most people do this to give the application control over certain parts of your account. Always avoid this to protect your privacy and data. If you already have some third-party apps connected to your Facebook account, delete them.

Sign in to Facebook from your web browser > go to Settings > Settings and Privacy > on the left panel, click Apps & Websites > click Delete for apps and services that are linked to your profile.

In my opinion, remove all of these to improve the security of your Facebook account.

No 5. Remove Chrome Extensions

Broken and outdated Chrome extensions can also prevent specific applications from working when accessing Facebook through your browser. Also, there are some extensions that can be incompatible with Facebook.

Remove the Extension

Remove the Extension

Launch Chrome > click the three dots in the upper right corner to select Extensions from the Settings page > or enter chrome://extensions/ in the URL bar to access the extensions management page > remove those infrequently used and corrupted extensions.

The Conclusion

Anyway, these are the various common troubleshooting techniques you can follow to resolve the issue of Facebook logging you out of your account. I hope this article has helped you out and if you find it useful please share it with your other friends!


Karen is a professional writer with a background in column writing who enjoys resolving complex topics and explaining them in interesting ways.

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