How to Make YouTube Ads for Free With YouTube Video Builder

Monday June 21, 2021 10:51 AM PDT by Karen Greene

Pandemic has hit many businesses in the gut. However, some are doing better than before. Regardless of that, a business needs to keep moving to stay relevant. You need to put yourself out there and increase your brand awareness.

Video advertising is comparatively budget friendly, but marketing managers look at the bigger picture. The cost of production and editing can alone run in thousands before adding it reaches mediums of advertising.

With the slashed advertising budgets during these difficult times, it has become increasingly important to find ways to cut corners. With YouTube’s Video builder for ads, that doesn’t have to be a reality anymore. Video ads are a powerful medium, and on YouTube, they convert big time.

You can use YouTube’s new builder to take care of the production end without costing a dime. So save your budget for ad spending instead.

What Should Be Prepared Before Making a Video Ad via YouTube Video Builder?

First and foremost, we must get YouTube Video Builder. As we write this post, the YouTube Video builder is in the beta phase. What it means for general users is they can take it for a spin by requesting access from here.  If you see an error message, then the beta window has been closed. You will have to ask people who have access to it.

Then, you will need to prepare a checklist of the following things for making your video ad via YouTube Video builder.

  • Logo: Putting your brand out there is vital to the marketing campaign. It helps create an identity for your product, brand that consumers can remember.
  • High Definition Images: When you showcase the product, service in the ads, it needs to be crisp in quality. Ads are watched on a variety of displays, ranging from barely HD to 4K.
    Get the highest resolution images for adding to the ad video.
  • Google Chrome: YouTube video builder is a browser-based tool. Therefore we need a modern browser for using it to its full potential. Sure there are Edge and Safari, but nothing like Google’s own browser for running their tool on it.
  • YouTube Channel: This is important for getting started. Your video ad is linked to your brand, company YouTube channel. The created video ad will appear as an unlisted video in your library. If you haven’t created one for your brand, you can create one right away with the help of this guide from Google. Easier than you expect, and with a Google account, it takes under a minute.
  • Availability of the tool: As the YouTube video builder is in beta, it is crucial to access it. Make sure to fill the permission form for using the tool.

It offers numerous features to the user without costing a dime:

  • Library of free and royalty media assets – images, fonts, music, and more.
  • Premade layouts for putting your information. It will create an ad within a minute, and you publish it right away.
  • Several call-to-action areas have been optimized based on ads data of YouTube.
  • Storyboard panel for creating a cohesive story. Add all your elements and visualize them using the storyboard.

How to Make Video Ads for Free With YouTube Video Builder

Let’s create captivating YouTube ads with the help of a YouTube Video Builder. But, first, make sure to be logged in to your YouTube account. That way, we can get straight to business.

Step 1. Select a Layout and Choose Your Template

Select a Layout/Template

Select a Layout/Template

Advertisers can choose from a catalog of layouts tailored for a different kind, depending on your ad campaign goal.

Scroll through the page to see options for product catalogs, promos, branding videos, promote apps, and a phone interaction template, amongst many more.

Ad length ranges from super short 6 seconds to 15 seconds, with an additional second on top of it. So do you want to be super quick or take its time and be engaging? That’s your call to make.

Choose the layout which feels close to what you have in mind for an ad.

Step 2. Set Color and Add a Logo

Select Color/Add Logo

Select Color/Add Logo

Now we will add the logo and choose the accompanying colors that match with it.

You do that by clicking on the Primary and Text color button. Then, select the colors individually for both of them. Make sure that they match the logo of your brand.

When color scheming is done, drag and drop to upload your logo.

Checklist for logo

  • Ensure that the background is transparent. The visibility is better on all backgrounds.
  • The recommended size of the logo is 1000×500 pixels.
  • Orientation in landscape works great.

Step 3. Add Image and Text

Add Images/Text

Add Image

Each layout has certain spots for images and text. First, we add three images as permitted in this specific layout.

Click on the Choose image option or use the easier drag and drop option. The recommended resolution for the images is 1920×1080.

Scrolling down to the text, we have three text boxes and one call to action, which can contain your logo.

Add Text

Add Text

Fill the three boxes with the text that you want to appear in different slides. Then, refer to the storyboard for visualizing the text in a better manner.

The call to action will consist of a short text accompanied by your logo. It is a clickable button that directs to the landing page of your choice.

Here you will add the direct URL of the website, landing page where the user must visit.

Step 4. Add Font and Music

Add Font and Video

Add Font and Video

Good fonts are a great way to deliver the right emotions and set the undertone for the readers. Therefore, the recommended fonts are generally suited and are good to go.
On the other hand, you have the entire Google Fonts catalog at your disposal.

Steering to the music department, you get a few music tracks that come with the layout. Preview and select one from the dropdown menu, and you are set.

5. Save Video and Start Promoting

Save Video

Save Video

Time to save the video and start your advertising campaign. First, you select the brand’s YouTube channel, as denoted by A.

Immediately after that, you give your ad video a title, as denoted by B. When everything looks tidied up, hit the save video button, denoted by C.

Create Campaign

Create Campaign

If you have your Google Ads account connected, start creating a campaign right away with your newly created YouTube ad.

Tips in Making Good Video Ads by YouTube Video Builder

  • Good Landing Page

You can have the best ad for YouTube, but if the landing page is not up to the mark, you may lose valuable sales, conversions.

  • Inspire Viewers to Take Action

Your call-to-action games need to be on point. We can’t beat around the bush and not stimulate a response from the ad viewer.
For instance, lay out the problem in front of the viewer and how your product, service can help solve it.

  • Chuckle it Up

Everybody likes a chuckle. Add an irresistible pun or a limerick that is related to your brand. Viewers will remember the ad and may help brand recognition in the long run.

  • High-Quality Images

It cannot be stressed enough how the quality of images is perceived. YouTube video builder’s layout builds the base from you. You take it from there with your content. High-quality media elements exude a sense of class and reliability. Have a look at any of Apple’s ads; every element is high quality, including the product mockups.

The Bottom Line

Worrying about creating video ads for social media may well become a thing of the past. YouTube video builder is a step in the right direction.

New features, layouts, and media are being added to the tool while it’s in beta. The big G seems to have exciting things in the store for small businesses and corporations that do not have lavish advertising budgets.

Even as a small business, you can create excellent ads by focussing on high-quality images, the right music, and the on-point call to action.


Karen is a professional writer with a background in column writing who enjoys resolving complex topics and explaining them in interesting ways.

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