How to Fade out Video on Windows 10

Friday April 23, 2021 4:35 PM PDT by Karen Greene

Proper transitions between scenes in a video are the building blocks of the content. Some people prefer the subtle fade out in videos to take one scene from to another. Professional editors also use it to conclude a scene or suggest an end to the video. Few excellent Windows editors are capable of fade in and fade out. You can try a video editor such as FilmForth to apply the effects easily without waiting for anyone.

Where’s Fade Out/in Used?

  • Fade Outs are generally used to conclude a scene or the entire video itself. The screen goes at a slower pacer, depending on the effect that the director wants to convey. Fast-paced fade-outs are often seen in horror movies, followed by equally swift Fade Outs that set the undertone. They indicate the end to the scene, video, that the video editor has in store for the viewers.
  • We all have seen Fade In at the starting of a TV show, scenes in movies where the camera is panned on the main character, object. Generally at the starting of an episode or a scene. The shot is dark and gradually becomes brighter.
  • Combine Fade Out and In in a gradual way, and you have a great way to signify the passage of time.

Let’s talk about the colors of Fades. The whites are often used to weave a sense of ambiguity or draw a sense of hope. Blacks are generally reserved scene transitions and credits. Any other colors are dependent on the color grading and what the director-editor duo wants to convey to their audience.

You don’t have to be an expert for adding Fades in a video. FilmForth is sufficient to get you across the finish line without requiring any expertise in editing. All you need is the video divide into several parts according to the scenes and then take advantage of the transition menu.

Prerequisites to Adding Fade Out

  • Before moving forward, you need to download and install FilmForth from the Microsoft Store on Windows 10, and you should avoid installation from other sources.

microsoft download

  • Essentially, you need to divide the video into smaller parts if you want Fade Outs for different scenes.
  • According to your needs, take the help of the split option to divide the video into smaller parts. Without splitting the video, you will add Fade Out and other transitions to the start and end of the video.
Split the Video

Split the Video

  • Create a new project and add a video by drag and drop. The manual button works without fail as well.

Steps to Fade Out Videos

Step 1. Select the video from the timeline feed and click on the transition button, as denoted by the arrows. It is located between the split videos, as well as both ends.

Add Transition

Add Transition

Step 2. We are now in the Transition menu. Select the Fade to Black or Fade to White, depending on your choice.

Choose the Transition

Choose the Transition

Step 3. After that, select the duration of the transition, which can be set between 0.2s to 2 seconds. Click on the back button to save the Fade Out selection. You can always go back and change.

Fade in Video via FilmForth

Start of videos, scenes can use the Fade In to provide the jumpstart of the plot, story.

Step 1. Click on the transition button that is at the start of the video. It looks different from the ones located between each video part.

Fade in

Fade in

Step 2. Now you are in the Transitions. Select the Fade to Black option, and then set the transition time from the below option.

Step 3. Click on the back button to apply the Fade In.


Fading Out videos is no longer a problem. You can do that easily with FilmForth, a video editor which dons many feathers in its hats. Whether it’s taking out MP3 from videos or adding picture-in-picture, the free video editor has impressed us. The icing on the cake has always been the optional watermark that can be removed from the video.

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