How to Loop a Video on iPhone without an App Using 2 Fast and Easy Methods

On this page, you’ll learn about the fastest and easiest methods to loop a video on iPhone or iPad, without installing any other third-party applications.

Friday October 28, 2022 11:35 AM PDT by Karen Greene
How to Loop a Video on iPhone

How to Loop a Video on iPhone

A looped video plays endlessly. If it’s a short YouTube video that quickly flashes through, the looping effect helps the audience get a clear clue about what the video is talking about.

One of the most charming features of the popular image format GIF is that it automatically loops, while the joyous goes over and over again. The looping effect is a unique type of expression in the world of media, it generates humorous feelings, for example, just as GIF images we’re talking about.

In this article, we’ll focus on how to loop a video on iPhone, which are able to be shared on other platforms also. The recommended methods we choose, are the ones that don’t require the installation of additional third-party apps. We prefer the methods to solve the problem using native and inbuilt features on your iPhone.

Now, let’s dive into the detailed tutorials to get started!

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How to Loop a Video on iPhone without an App

The looping of videos on your iPhone doesn’t require the installation of third-party apps, the inbuilt iPhone Photos app helps you do just that.

In this part, we’ll show you the practical methods to use the iPhone Photos app to loop videos in your camera roll.

With that being said, the Photos app on your iPhone doesn’t have the native option for looping a video in your gallery, yet there’s another practical feature called Slideshow that we can use to achieve a similar result.

Step 1. Go to Photos App

Go to the preinstalled Photos app on your iPhone, you should be able to find it from your iPhone’s home screen by default.

Go to Photos App on iPhone

Go to Photos App on iPhone

Step 2. Go to Albums in Photos

By default, you should be led to the Photos library of your recent images and videos. Go to the bottom panel and tap on Albums.

Go to the Albums in Photos

Go to the Albums in Photos

Step 3. Check Videos from Media Types

From the Albums window, scroll all the way down until you see the Media Types section. Tap on the Videos option within.

Go to Videos from Media Types

Go to Videos from Media Types

Step 4. Choose a Video for Looping

From your Videos library, browse for the video you intend to make a loop video with, and tap on it to open it. Then tap on the Share button from the lower-left side.

Choose the Video You Intend to Loop

Choose the Video You Intend to Loop

Step 5. Create a Slideshow with Selected Video

From the dropdown menu, scroll down and tap on the Slideshow button, to convert the selected video to a slideshow that has native support for looping.

Create Slideshow to Loop the Video

Create Slideshow to Loop the Video

Step 6. Loop Slideshow on iPhone

When your slideshow is fully generated, hit the Options from the bottom right corner and make sure the Repeat option from the Slideshow Options menu is turned on. Set the Music to none if you don’t want the music overlay.

Now you have it! A slideshow made from your video that has been looped and can be shared on other social media or video-sharing platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

Repeat Slideshow in Photos

Repeat Slideshow in Photos

How to Loop a Video on iPhone with Live Photos

For iPhone or iPad users using iPhone 6s/later or iPad 5th generation/later, there’s a live photo feature that allows you to make loop videos using live photos.

In our earlier guide on how to convert video to live photos, we’ve discussed what are live photos, and how to change live photos into videos that can be looped or bounced.

With the loop and bounce effects, your live photos on your iPhone will become nicely looping videos. The looping effect for your live photos automatically inserts a transition effect at the end of the video, which makes the playback much smoother.

Make a Looped Video from Live Photos

Make a Looped Video from Live Photos

The following steps show you how to make a loop video on iPhone and iPad using the iOS’s live photo feature.

Step 1. Open Photos on your iPhone.

Step 2. Go to your photos Library and browse for live photos from your camera roll, your live photos will appear with the duration from the lower-right side.

Step 3. Tap on the live photo to open it.

Step 4. Hit the LIVE button from the upper-left side, and tap on Loop from the drop-down.

That’s it! Now you’ve looped a video on your iPhone using the live photos feature!

How to Loop a Video on iPhone: FAQs

How to loop multiple videos on iPhone at once?

To batch loop videos on iPhone, the iPhone Photos and live photos methods no longer work. In that case, you need a video looper app or online video editor with batch looping support.

How to loop a video on iPhone using an app?

If you want an application to do the video looping for you, an video looping third-party app can be of help. And the recommended way is to choose a reliable video looper app like Boomerang.

How to loop a video on iPhone online?

Using an online video editor with a video looping feature is another handy approach, especially when you prefer not to specifically install a video looper app for the job.

The Conclusion

The looping effect helps make a clearer point of view for the videos you would like to share with others, especially the videos that have short periods. So if you haven’t gotten started already, I recommend you chose a preferred method, follow the tutorials above, and get started on your iPhone right away!

And when you encounter any issues, leave us a message and let us know.


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