How to Disable YouTube Shorts Permanently [6 Proven Methods]

Learn about 5 proven methods to disable YouTube shorts permanently on PC and mobile, they are all easy to get started.

Monday October 31, 2022 2:30 PM PDT by Karen Greene
How to Disable YouTube Shorts

How to Disable YouTube Shorts

YouTube short is a short-form video that you can watch and create on YouTube. It is usually vertical and within one minute. It has a common form as TikTok and Instagram videos. Users get more video content by sliding their fingers. But watching this kind of video is sometimes time-consuming. You may find that time flies by without making you acquire anything. This post will target how to disable YouTube shorts permanently using 6 effective methods. Check and follow the step-by-step tutorials below.

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1. Use the YouTube Web Version

To disable YouTube shorts, you can use the YouTube webpage version. The YouTube shorts features are now available on mobile apps. Therefore, you can keep yourself away from YouTube shorts videos by using YouTube online on your PC or on your mobile phone. This method is easy to access and allows you not to make any changes to the app. What you need to do is only to go to the YouTube online page:, log in to your account and watch videos on it.

2. Change YouTube Settings

This method is only available for some old versions of the YouTube App. If there is no settings button on your version, please turn to other methods. If the app on your device maintains the feature to turn off the YouTube shorts, things will be easier. With a few clicks, you can permanently disable YouTube shorts. On the contrary, you can remove the restrictions by turning on it whenever you want. What’s more, this is a way to permanently turn off YouTube shorts. If you are in the old YouTube version and unwilling to update it, please remember to turn off the auto-update option on your device.

Check how to disable YouTube shorts by changing YouTube settings:

Step 1. Click the Profile button on your YouTube homepage.

Step 2. Press Settings> General and find the Shorts option. Then turn off the Shorts button.

Turn off YouTube Shorts in Settings

Turn off YouTube Shorts in Settings

3. Set YouTube Shorts as Not Interested

One effective way to make YouTube shorts disabled is to set it to not interested in YouTube shorts on YouTube App. Since these videos are recommended to refer to the AI algorithm, you can use the algorithm to reduce the related recommendations. But this method is a little bit tricky. You have to dislike the video manually one by one. It may take some time but is an effective method. But in this way, it is still possible that YouTube shorts to pop up.

Check how to disable YouTube shorts by disliking them in YouTube App:

Step 1. Go to the YouTube shorts interface and click the more button on the top right corner.

Step 2. Hit the Not interested option.

Step 3. Repeat the operations to dislike every YouTube short video in the section.

Dislike YouTube Shorts

Dislike YouTube Shorts

4. Downgrade YouTube App to Older Versions

Another way to disable YouTube shorts is to downgrade the YouTube app to the older version, which does not have short video features. It is helpful but it also lets you not access other latest features in YouTube App. This short video feature starts on YouTube 14.13.54. So, you can downgrade to the versions earlier. To do so, you need to find the apk of the earlier versions. Distinguish whether it will bring viruses and other malicious programs when downloading and installing it. By the way, remember to turn off the auto-update button after you install it on your device.

Check how to disable YouTube shorts by downgrading YouTube App:

Step 1. Uninstall the current version of the YouTube App. Then download and install the apk before YouTube 14.13.54.

Step 2. Log into your account. Go to Profile> Settings to turn off the auto-update function.

Downgrade YouTube App and Turn off the Auto-update Feature

Downgrade YouTube App and Turn off the Auto-update Feature

5. Uninstall YouTube Updates

If installing a YouTube APK of older versions is sometimes a hassle for you, you can also choose to uninstall YouTube updates directly in the application. Compared with the solution above, it is safer and easier to operate. It is especially suitable for those who want to disable YouTube shorts permanently with the most minimal effort. However, as mentioned before, this way may also make you not able to avail other newest features in YouTube App.

To do so, you can go to Settings on your phone, then choose Apps or Manage Apps. Then select the YouTube app. Then select Uninstall Updates to recover the app to the old version. After setting, don’t forget to turn off the auto-update button in YouTube App.

6. Use a YouTube Alternative: Vanced Extended

YouTube Vanced is a YouTube client that allows you to watch videos without ads and enjoy other features of YouTube without restrictions. It also permits users to download YouTube videos and music in HD. Also, it can help you watch YouTube videos without being annoyed by YouTube shorts. Unfortunately, YouTube Vanced has been discontinued from March 13, 2022, so you cannot download it to your device anymore. But it still works if you have ever installed it before. Just launch the app and enjoy the video contents on it.

FAQs on How to Disable YouTube Shorts

  • How can I turn off YouTube Shorts

The newest version of the YouTube App fails to turn off YouTube Shorts in the settings. To do so, you can choose to uninstall YouTube updates first and then go to Settings> General> shorts to turn it off.

  • Is there a way to permanently disable YouTube shorts

Disliking YouTube shorts cannot permanently remove them from your YouTube homepage. To succeed in disabling them, you need to use other versions without YouTube shorts, like the older versions, web version, YouTube Vance, etc.

  • How to dislike the YouTube Shorts

The latest YouTube App allows you to dislike YouTube shorts to reduce their appearance. Just click the more button (three dops) on the top right corner and click Not interested.

  • Can I install YouTube Vanced right now?

The YouTube Vance is discontinued since March 2022. You cannot download and install it from the official sites. But on the Internet, there are still several apks of YouTube Vance. Be careful if you want to download it from unofficial channels.

The Final Words

Short videos are loved by many people, especially during the Covid-19 period, for it is concise and contains funny content. Therefore, various platforms begin to explore video shorts features, and YouTube is no exception. However, there are still numerous users who are reluctant to waste time on those aimless videos. They prefer to watch what they are interested in. Unfortunately, in the latest version of the YouTube App, there is no way to turn off YouTube shorts directly. To disable YouTube shorts when watching, you can use the indirect methods mentioned above.


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