How to Post a YouTube Video on Instagram

This article teaches you how to download videos from YouTube and post them to Instagram.

Wednesday January 19, 2022 2:19 PM PDT by Karen Greene

Video-based content has surpassed all other mediums of entertainment. They are engaging, easily consumable, and far greater reach than any other kind of content. With over a billion active users, Instagram is fitting for artists, businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals to share their video content.

Producing well-crafted videos is a hectic task. YouTube is a great source for all kinds of videos catering to different types of audiences. You can download YouTube videos and post them on your Instagram account within a few minutes.

Step.1 Download Videos from YouTube

How to Download Videos on PC/Desktop

Step 1. Download and install Free Download Manager on your computer.

Step 2. Launch FDM and click on the Plus button.

how-to-post-a youtube-video-on-instagram-1

How to Post a YouTube Video on Instagram

Step 3. Now, enter the URL of the YouTube video which you wish to download. Press OK to load the video.

Step 4. After that, select the quality of video you want to download and then click on Download.

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How to Download YouTube Video with Free Download Manager

If you want to know more download methods, please read this article.

How to Download Videos on Mobile

You can use an online YouTube download service for downloading videos to the phone.

Step 1. Head to Y1ts’s website and paste the YouTube URL.

Step 2. Tap on convert and wait for the video to load.


Y1ts Downloader

Step 3. Select the quality and tap on the Get Link button. Your video will be downloaded on the phone.

Step 2. Edit YouTube Video to Post on Instagram

Instagram mainly has four types of videos that a user can post.

  • Vertical Videos

Minimum Video resolution: 600 x 1067

Maximum video resolution: 1080 x 1080

Video Length Limit: 60 seconds

  • Video Stories

Minimum Video resolution: 600 x 1067

Maximum video resolution: 1080 x 1080

Video Length Limit: 15 seconds

  • Square Videos

Minimum Video resolution: 600 x 750

Maximum video resolution: 1080 x 1350

  • Landscape Videos

Minimum Video resolution: 600 x 315

Maximum video resolution: 1080 x 608

Video Length Limit: 60 seconds

Edit Video to Meet Instagram Requirements

We want to post a video story, and you know the requirements, as we discussed earlier. First, let’s crop the video to make it a vertical video and then reduce the length to the limit of 15 seconds.

Before moving forward, make sure to create a new project in the FilmForth Editor.


Edit Video to Meet Instagram Requirements

After that, add a video by clicking on the Add Video/Photo Clips button.

Cropping the video

Step 1. Select the video from the timeline feed. Click on the Crop & Motion option from the dashboard.


Crop Your Video

Step 2. Now change the ratio to CUSTOMs


Change Your Video Ratio

Step 3. Set the diagonals to your requirement, within the limit as stipulated by Instagram. You can always start over in cropping through the reset button.

Step 4. Click on the OK button and then save the video by using the Save button.

Reducing the Length of the Video

Step 1. Select the video from the timeline feed.

Step 2. Head to the Trim option from the dashboard.


Trim Your YouTube Video

Step 3. Now, press-hold the video feed’s borders and reduce the length according to your needs.


Check Your Duration

Make sure to include the parts that you want in the video story. Or make the video longer and post it, as Instagram will divide into several stories of 15 seconds each.

Step.3 Share the video to Instagram Story

Video has been downloaded and then edited according to the Instagram video requirements. Send it to your phone by uploading it to Google photos. It is time to share the video on Instagram story.

Step 1. Launch the app on the phone.

Step 2. Tap on your profile picture, accompanied by a plus sign, and says Your Story.


How to Post Video Story

Step 3. Now, head to the gallery by tapping on the icon, as shown in the screenshot.


Hear to Your Gallery

Step 4. Select the video by tapping on it. Then tap on the next option.

Step 5. After that, tap on the share button, given next to Your Story.


Share Instagram Story

You have successfully posted a YouTube video to the Instagram story after editing it according to the requirements.


Posting quality content on Instagram helps garner followers, increase reach, and grow your social media clout. Follow the latest trends, use the right hashtags and good content to stay ahead of the curve. Make sure to polish your video with an editor before posting it on any social media platform.


Karen is a professional writer with a background in column writing who enjoys resolving complex topics and explaining them in interesting ways.

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