How to Rotate YouTube Videos by Any Angle

Thursday March 11, 2021 10:55 PM PDT by Karen Greene

The videos on YouTube are watched on all devices. TVs, smartphones, tablets, and even smartwatches amongst other smart devices. Some videos feel cramped up on the screen and people physically rotate their device 90 degrees or 180 degrees. You get the perfect angle and the viewing experience is enhanced.

On the other hand, you can always rotate the video before uploading so that the users don’t have to. Earlier rotating a video even after uploading was a piece of cake. You head to the editor and use the rotate buttons to flip a YouTube video.

This is not the case anymore. Since the fall of 2017, YouTube removed the option to rotate YouTube videos after uploading them. An HTML trick was found that worked by bringing back the old buttons. Unfortunately, that has patched since YouTube changed the code.

But no worries! Here in this post, some recommended tools were introduced to help rotate the YouTube video before uploading.

How to Rotate Videos Using Windows Movie Maker

Window Movie Maker can easily rotate a YouTube video on Windows PC. Sure, Windows 10 won’t support using Movie Maker to edit the video. Using Windows Movie Maker to rotate the YouTube video is quite easy which can be done in 2 steps.

Step 1. Add Videos to Windows Movie Maker

Open Windows Movie Maker and import the YouTube video.

Add Videos to Windows Movie Maker

Add Videos to Windows Movie Maker

Step 2. Choose Rotate Left or Rotate Right

Now you will see Rotate left and Rotate right on the top of the toolbar. Simply move to where you want to rotate in the video and tap on the button to flip the video.

Rotate YouTube Videos via Windows Movie Maker

Rotate YouTube Videos via Windows Movie Maker

Step 3. Save the Video

Now tap on Ctrl and S buttons at the same time to save the changes. Then shut the Movie Maker. You will find the video is already rotated to the angle you want.

How to Rotate YouTube Video via Windows Movie Maker Alternative

For most Windows users, there is no more a Windows Movie Maker on Windows PC. But there are lots of video editors around who can rotate the video in just 2 clicks. FilmForth is one of the best movie makers that supports edit YouTube videos in very easy steps.

No matter you want to add transitions to the video or make the video look cooler with special effects. FilmForth would be the best choice of all. It’s totally free to use and no watermark at all.

Also, it can easily rotate the YouTube video to the angle you need. Let’s check how to rotate YouTube videos with this Windows Movie Maker alternative.

Step 1. Run FilmForth on the Computer

Go get FilmForth and install it on your computer. Once you completed the installation, click on the New Project to start the editing.
microsoft download

How to Rotate YouTube Video

How to Rotate YouTube Video

Fill in the name, set the location, and click on Create.

How to Rotate YouTube Video via FilmForth

How to Rotate YouTube Video via FilmForth

Then, add the video by clicking on Add Video/Photo clips button. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the video into the editor.

Step 2. Rotate the Video

Once the video has been loaded, click on the Rotate button, given at the bottom, in the features dashboard.

Rotate YouTube Video on FilmForth

Rotate YouTube Video on FilmForth

Every time you click on it, it will rotate the video by 90 degrees rightwards.
Flip YouTube Video with FilmForth

Flip YouTube Video with FilmForth

In addition to the rotation feature, you can also use FilmForth to split, trim, add effects for your video.

Step 3. Export the Video

Once you are done with rotation and other editings, it’s time to save and export the video. Click on the Save Video button, which is situated on the bottom right corner of the editor. Besides, You can select the video resolution, video quality, and frame-rate among other things. The Export with Watermark option is ticked by default. You can untick it if the watermark may hinder the viewer’s experience of your views.

Export YouTube Video

Export YouTube Video

On the other hand, if you wish you support a free editing app and its developer, you can always leave it ticked.

The Bottom Line

YouTube does not want videos to be rotated after being published, and they are patching any trick that does it. It would be wise to rotate it before uploading it to YouTube.

Use easy video editors such as FilmForth to do it quickly, in a matter of a few seconds.


Karen is a professional writer with a background in column writing who enjoys resolving complex topics and explaining them in interesting ways.

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