Top 10 MP4 to MP3 Converters in 2022

10 MP4 to MP3 converters are listed in this post. You can easily learn their features, pros and cons. Keep on reading and reveal the best for you.

Monday February 21, 2022 4:30 PM PDT by Karen Greene

In these days, videos are ruling the Internet, but often you want the audio alone. It’s easy to listen while doing chores and does not drain your device’s battery, in most scenarios, which is a smartphone. On top of that, audio files save a tremendous amount of space on the device. A lot of the videos now are in the MP4 format, mainly on the Internet. WebM is making strides but a long way ahead in terms of acceptance.

MP3 is amongst the most commonly used audio container formats. Naturally, it would be ideal for converting all such videos to MP3. Take any decent MP4 to MP3 converter and get the audio at the bitrate of your choice. On this page, you’ll find MP4 to MP3 converter free downloads, First, we go with MP4 to MP3 converter software for desktops.

#1. Duo Video Converter – Free to Convert MP4

Duo Video Converter

Duo Video Converter

Access the Duo Video Converter from the home screen of FilmForth. Made by the same developers, the converter also emphasizes the philosophy of user-friendliness and time-saving, and is one of the 8 best video converters. There is a separate audio converter section where the magic happens. Import any video, select MP3, and let it do its thing. Download Duo video converter from Microsoft store and experience its bravo features.

  • Calibrate the bitrate according to your need, as you can extract MP3 audio from several video formats that the editor supports. You can set it between 128 to 320kbps.
  • Several audio formats are available, apart from the standard MP3. When you feel like experimenting, Duo welcomes you with both arms.
  • Batch Convert files to MP3 by adding each video file individually. Set the format and click on the Start All to begin.

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Here’s the tutorial video on using Duo Video Converter. You can watch and learn from it. Moreover, our text-based Duo Video Converter guide can also help.

#2. FilmForth – Video Editor to Extract MP3

Extract MP3 on FilmForth

Extract MP3 on FilmForth

You want audio from a particular part of a video. Regular converters may be futile here. Try FilmForth for converting your MP4 video to MP3 in no time. The free video editor can very well extract audio from not only an MP4 format video but from several other formats as well. Hit the download button below to install it directly from the Microsoft Store for free, and you can use it for free, without any hidden fees. It’s quite stable as well, making it a great MP4 to MP3 converter for big files.

Let’s take a look at its features:

  • Comprehensive formats Support as you can extract MP3 audio from several video formats that the editor entertains.
  • One-click conversion makes it a seamless experience. Click on the Extract MP3 button, import the video and then convert. There are no fancy settings to take your time.
  • Don’t worry about quality, as it matches the audio bitrate that was present in the video.

Don’t miss this FilmForth video tutorial.

#3. Fre:ac – Free MP3 Converter



With the wide variety of encoders included, convert literally any video format to MP3. Fre:ac is an open-source MP4 to MP3 converter for users who like to geek out the process with its customization and settings. Select the LAME MP3 encoder from the general setting and start converting video files to MP3. MP4 converting to MP3 will not loss quality. Here’re some Fre:ac converter features you may be interested in:

  • The converter upscales the bitrate by a margin of 20-30% in an attempt to enhance the audio quality.
  • Edit and fill metadata for the converted files.
  • Multi-core optimized for faster and efficient encoding of the audio files.
  • Convert HEVC files to MP3 fast and easily.

#4. VLC Media Player


VLC Media Player

This unexpected video converter needs no introduction at all. VLC is a world-renowned media player known for playing virtually any format on a large number of devices. Not many know of its MP3 conversion capabilities, it’s also an excellent MP4 to MP3 converter free. Head to the Convert menu and select the audio – MP3 profile for converting your MP4 to MP3 File. Additionally, it allows you to rotate MP4 videos and add text to videos with ease. Let’s take a look at its features:

  • No need to install any software. Most of us have VLC installed, which can convert to MP3.
  • Select a different number of audio channels and sample rate which will fit your MP3 file.
  • Apply a variety of audio filters, ranging from Ambisonics to Pitch shifter.

Top MP4 to MP3 converters online are introduced following.

#5. Video2Edit



After desktop MP4 to MP3 converters, here comes the first online converter: Video2Edit. Video2Edit is one of the best MP4 to MP3 converters online, it does the job without any hiccups. Upload an MP4 file and press the start button to begin. As a non-registered user, you can upload up to 75 MB per day. So, use your bandwidth wisely. Some highlighted features of this online MP4 to MP3 converter:

  • Import files directly from cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. Direct URL can be used as well.
  • Once the conversion is done, you can upload the file to the cloud instead of downloading it.
  • Download multiple MP3 audio files in the form of a zip.
  • Convert YouTube to MP3 with ease.

#6. File-conversion – Update: Currently Not Working



A free and no-nonsense online MP4 to MP3 converter. Click on the select file button for importing the video file and then select MP3 from the dropdown menu. You will be in the queue to convert when there is a rush on the website. It generally takes under a minute to convert while in the queue. The thing to remember is that only one conversion can take from one device at a time. Some features:

  • Novice-friendly user interface that can be used by users of all kinds.
  • Video upload speed is amongst the fastest in the segment.
  • Minimal and non-intrusive ads on the website, which is uncommon for a free tool.

#7. Convertio



Convertio is a premium feel online video converter that lets you convert MP4 to MP3. Drag and drop a video anywhere in the tab, and a plus sign, depicting uploading will appear. In the free plan, you can upload video files of 100 MB or less. Features:

  • Trim the audio before converting, and only the desired part will be converted into an MP3.
  • Set Variable Bitrate(VBR) for your audio files.
  • Cloud storage in the My Files section stores your converted files for 24 hours.

That’ll be two online MP4 to MP3 converter options. Lastly, let’s go with the top MP4 to MP3 converter mobile apps.

#8. Video to MP3 by Accountlab



Accountlab’s audio converter keeps it on the simpler side of things. Select the video to audio option on the home screen to start things. There is a single ad at the bottom of the screen in the app. It occupies the opposite location inside the tool. It features:

  • Mobile-friendly interface involving minimal steps for conversion.
  • Ringtone Creator that cuts up the audio and produces a shorter version of the audio file.
  • Supports bitrate between 48kbps to 320kbps on a Constant Bitrate (CBR) setting.
  • Supports to extract audio from voiceover videos.

#9. MP3 Video Converter by Springwalk



Powered by the mighty FFmpeg library, you can take a video of virtually any format and convert it to MP3. Provide necessary storage permissions for importing the video for conversion. Let’s take a look at its features:

  • Edit metadata information such as title, album, artist, and more.
  • Blazing fast conversion for files. Takes a second to convert a video file of 85 MB in size
  • Supports FFmpeg and MP3Lame library for conversion.

#10. MP3 Video Converter by Fundevs



MP3 Video Converter by Fundevs is an MP4 to MP3 converter for Android. A helpful tutorial screen greets us on launching the app for the first time. It is there with us on every step we take, making the app incredibly easy to use. The app asks for storage and location permission. You can deny the latter and go about your way. Nice features you may want to meet.

  • Displays recent videos so that you don’t have to go on a hunt, looking for the video.
  • Set ringtones directly from the app after converting into MP3.
  • Intuitive audio trimmer with a preview player to get the exact timestamps.


Converting MP4 videos into MP3 files shouldn’t be a big deal. When you search for online audio converters, you are greeted by paid services on the first page. Take our listed ones for a ride and convert with ease. Coming to mobile, there are phenomenal audio converter apps that do their job in a matter of few seconds. Converters by Fundev and Springwalk have set the bar high.

When you are down to conversion on a large scale, without any restrictions, then use the desktop-based applications. Duo Video Converter and FilmForth are made for users of all experience levels.


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