How to Edit MKV Videos with Free Editor

This article not only introduces the Windows MKV video editor but also explains how to edit MKV video.

Thursday January 20, 2022 4:38 PM PDT by Karen Greene

Many videos do not support the MKV format because it being a free format with no developer support. FilmForth have you covered if you want to edit MKV videos without any hassle. The free MKV editor can provide several editing features at your disposal apart from the generic editing options.

Before WebM announced their container based on the MKVs, the open-standard file container format raised few eyebrows. MP4, AVIs dominated the market. MKVs were primarily part of the video-sharing communities, exchanging different TV shows, movies, and more. They provided decent compression without compromising on the quality like other formats.

What is MKV Video

Matroska Multimedia Container, popularly known as MKV, is a free file format capable of holding an unlimited number of video, audio, picture, and subtitles in one file. MKV can also contain subtitles only using the sub-container format. mks, which can be edited using an MKV subtitle editor.

The open-standard format is used in scenarios where a lot of information needs to be packed and the videos. Editors generally use it to produce videos containing different chapters, extensive metadata, subtitles, amongst other things.

Although not many devices shoot in the MKV format, it picks up amongst the niche and independent professionals. They use it for their creative work for packing different things together as a portfolio. Many smaller video production companies rely on the format to distribute their files on a private channel. The low-size MKVs save space without compromising on quality.

There is an abundance of online tools that can edit MKV videos. They offer multiple options for editing MKVs but lack efficiency, speed, and overall reliability. On the other hand, we have several offline video editing options that serve the purpose well.

Best Free MKV Video Editor – FilmForth

Why Do We Choose FilmForth for Editing MKV Files?

FilmForth is your friendly neighborhood video editor that is absolutely free. It can edit any MKV video file with ease without reducing the quality. You can create 4K videos with the smooth 60FPS. Everything of this and more, without an incongruous watermark to ruin the edited video.

The main features of FilmForth

  • Edit any MKV Video

Apart from several other formats, FilmForth supports MKV videos which can be edited with ease.

  • No Watermark

There are no mandatory watermarks on the edited MKV video. Save it and untick the watermark option to save without one.

  • Set the Frames

Keep your video smooth with the 60FPS, along with the option of 4K resolution. You have the choice between 5 to 60FPS. Choose what suits your video production needs.


How to Edit MKV Videos with FilmForth

Add a secondary picture, video on the main video and remove its background using the Chroma key. It comes in handy for layered animations.

Steps to edit MKV video via Filmforth

Step 1. Install FilmForth from the Microsoft Store. The free MKV video editor is currently available for Windows 10.

Step 2. Launch the editor and create a new project by clicking on the new project button.


Open FilmForth with New Project

Step 3. In the next step, add your MKV video by clicking on the Add Video/Photo Clips button. Drag and drop work equally well.

Step 4. Now it’s time to edit MKV videos using different options provided in the editor.

  • Split the video into several parts for various scenes.

Step 1. Select the video from the timeline feed.

Step 2. Seek it to the part which you wish to split using the yellow seeker line, denoted by the arrow A.


Split the Video

Step 2. Once you have reached the part you want to split, click on the Split button, as denoted by arrow B.

The part before the yellow seeker line will be split, and the video will be divided into two parts. You can delete it or edit it individually according to your needs.

  • Trim either end of the video to remove unwanted parts or duration of the video.

Step 1. Head to the Trim option from the tool’s dashboard.


Trim MKV Video

Step 2. There, you will find the blue bar, which denotes the video with its duration.


Trim Your Video with FilmForth

Step 3. Pick either of the white handlebars as denoted by the arrows. Move them in left or right directions to trim the video from either side, start or end.

You can get more methods about Trim Videos on Windows 10 from this article.

  • Add audio, music, additional narration audio to the MKV video.

Step 1. Head to the audio options by clicking on the audio button from the video timeline feed.

Step 2. Select the Add Audio button, which is accompanied by a plus button.


Add Audio to Video

Step 3. After that, you will be in the audio menu. Click on the Add a Local audio File button—browser the audio and music of your choice to add them to the MKV video.


Add Audio File to MKV Video

How to convert MKV to MP4

Converting a video from MKV to MP4 is easier than you can imagine with the FilmForth editor.

Step 1. Add the MKV video, as we learn earlier in the post.

Step 2. Click on the Save button, as denoted by the arrow.


Convert MKV to MP4

Step 3. You will be greeted by the saving settings. Set it according to your needs and click on the Save button. It will prompt the location where you wish to save the video, and then your video will be converted into MP4.


Edit and Save MKV Videos


MKV is a format with its niche following amongst the independent artist and video file sharing community.

You can edit an infinite number of free video formats with an MKV editor like FilmForth. Make sure to keep in mind the default FPS and aspect ratios of the video before editing them. This helps in preserving the video quality over the course of editing and publishing.


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