How to Make a Smooth Velocity Edit on CapCut [Complete Tutorials]

Have you ever seen velocity edit in TikTok dancing videos? You can easily learn from this step-by-step guide on how to do smooth flashy velocity edit on Capcut video editing app.

Saturday September 3, 2022 12:40 PM PDT by Karen Greene
CapCut Velocity Edit

CapCut Velocity Edit

Velocity edit is a video editing technique used to make a particular type of video. You can use velocity edits to speed up and slow down videos at certain points in the video. With this skill, you can easily do the latest velocity trend on TikTok, which is simply the combination of speeding up and slowing down videos. Below is the step-by-step tutorials on how to make a smooth velocity edit on CapCut, the popular video editing app for TikTok.

We’ve also seen the application of CapCut velocity edit in gameplay clips on many YouTube channels, where key moments such as the attacking action of a character got slowed down, and the trivial moments got speeded up to skip through.

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What is CapCut

CapCut video editor is a famous video editing app that is used by TikTok, the video-focused social networking service owned by Chinese company ByteDance, by default. CapCut empowers you to edit videos in more creative manners. With CapCut, you can easily do smooth velocity editing on your mobile phones.

What is Velocity Edit

Velocity edit is a video editing term used on CapCut to describe the editing that speeds up and slows down certain moments and scenes of the videos to display a more interactive look. Velocity edit can be easily conducted with CapCut video editing app, if you have experience editing slow-mo videos with CapCut, you can easily get the hang of it.

How to Do Velocity Edit on CapCut: Step-by-step Guide

This tutorial is demonstrated on a mobile phone. If you intend to edit videos on PC, see our guide on how to use CapCut on PC.

Step 1. Launch CapCut App

To get started, first launch CapCut on your Android or iOS mobile phone. If you haven’t installed CapCut on your mobile, you can easily find it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Hit the New Project button to the left to create a new video editing project in CapCut.

Hit New Project

Hit New Project

Step 2. Add Video to CapCut

Then select a video from your camera roll to add to CapCut. Hit the lower-right add to confirm the adding.

Add Video to Capcut

Add Video to CapCut

Step 3. Hit Speed Button

Then you’ll be led to CapCut editing screen where you can do various video editing with CapCut. To make velocity Edit, select the video clip in the timeline, and hit the Speed button below.

Hit the Speed Button

Hit the Speed Button

Step 4. Hit Curve Button

To make a smooth velocity edit, we need to hit the Curve button, which gives you the option to edit velocity for your videos in a customizable way.

Hit the Curve Button

Hit the Curve Button

Step 5. Hit Custom Button

As you can see, CapCut offers presets for velocity editing, including Montage, Hero, Bullet, Jump Cut, Flash In, and Flash Out. Here we’ll go with Custom to make a customized smooth velocity edit. Hit the Custom button and then the Edit button on it.

Hit the Custom Button

Hit the Custom Button

Step 6. Edit Velocity by Dragging the Dots

Drag and drop the dots in the spectrogram to adjust the placement of the velocity edit (which is called beat on CapCut), and customize a speed change from a range of 0.1x to 10x. Additionally, you can add beats in the timeline by hitting the Add beat button, to create a more frequent velocity altering.

Edit Velocity by Dagging the Dots

Edit Velocity by Dagging the Dots

Step 7. Save and Share the Velocity Edit

When you’ve done editing, hit the check button from the lower-right side, then hit the export button from the top-right side to save and export the velocity edit video to TikTok, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, your device, etc.

Velocity edit is smooth in CapCut, so don’t forget to give it a try!

Export CapCut

Export CapCut

How to Make Velocity Edit that Rhymes with Music

The awesome movements of velocity edit will definitely work great with music, and now you’ll learn how to make velocity edit on CapCut that rhymes with the background music.

  1. First, from CapCut main workplace, you can use the Match Cut feature in CapCut to automatically create beats for your videos, these beats will rhyme with the background music.
  2. Secondly, go to Speed > Curve > Custom, and you’ll see the music beat lined up in the timeline.
  3. Then you can drag to adjust the velocity of each beat, just remember not to change the horizontal position of the dots or your beats will no longer rhyme with the background music.

To Sum Up

That’ll be the best free method to make a smooth velocity edit on CapCut, I hope you’ve tried it on your CapCut and liked it. And please share with us your thoughts in the comment section below! Moreover, in our latest post, we’ve uncovered three methods of using CapCut on PC, which means you can edit videos with CapCut on PC, on a larger screen, and using a mouse. So don’t forget to take a look!


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