How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos [2023 Updated]

There are 6 methods to find the deleted YouTube videos online even without link. You can directly break down how to view unavailable youtube videos through now.

Tuesday May 16, 2023 4:38 PM PDT by Karen Greene

Every minute over 300 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube. It helps keep libraries full as almost 5 billion videos are watched daily on the social video-sharing giant.

Consequently, a large number of videos are taken off the platform for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the uploader decides to take it done, and on other occasions, it’s YouTube regulating in line with the content policies.

For whatever reason it may be, losing your favorite videos is always a bummer.

Table of Contents

  1. Can You Watch Deleted YouTube Video with/without Link?
  2. Method 1. Access Deleted YouTube Videos Using Wayback Machine
  3. Method 2. Find Deleted Video via Google Search
  4. Method 3. YouTube Video Finder Online
  5. Other Methods
  6. FAQ: How to Find The Link of Deleted YouTube Video
  7. FAQ: YouTube Video Finder – Chrome Extension
  8. FAQ: Prevent YouTube Videos from Accidental Deletion

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Can You Watch Deleted YouTube Videos?

Yes, you can watch deleted YouTube videos! While YouTube provides no official way to watch deleted videos, we have a few tricks to watch removed videos even without links.

Before moving forward, let us get behind the technicality of how it is possible. As we know, once it’s on the Internet, it says here for eternity. Nothing truly ever leaves.

There are copies of content in different places on the Internet. Some are classic cases of direct plagiarism, while a few others are about archiving the Internet. The latter is backed by thousands of BOT crawlers whose primary purpose is to index and archive the entire Internet for different reasons.

How to find deleted youtube videos? Here is a video tutorial containing the methods you can learn to find out the video you are searching for.

Since we know that we can watch deleted YouTube videos online, we must figure out how to watch them online. In the following part, we have given some ways that support watching deleted YouTube videos in detail.

Method 1. Using Wayback Machine –

One of the easiest ways to watch deleted YouTube videos would be to access the Wayback Machine. It is a digital archive of the Internet containing over 500 billion pages and continues to expand every single day. But you must have the video URL before you use the Wayback Machine.

Step 1. Find the URL/link of the deleted YouTube video

The deleted video’s link can be found in your browsing history or YouTube viewing history, your favorite video list, or any YouTube playlists created or followed by you.

Related FAQ: How to Find Deleted YouTube Video Links?

After you tap on the deleted video listing, it will take you to a video that won’t play, but you will find the link.

How to Watch Deleted YouTube Video Online

How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos Online

Step 2. Paste the URL and search

Now, head to the Wayback machine and paste the URL in the search bar. It will display the years and dates on which the page was crawled

Check the Link and Find the YouTube Videos

Check the Link and Find the YouTube Videos

Step 3. Watch the deleted video now

Click on any one of them to view an archived page. The YouTube page with the video will most likely appear and may even play.

Watch the Deleted Video

Watch the Deleted Video

There are some things you should keep in mind:

  • The video might not be archived so it won’t play
  • URL/link may not have been crawled yet by the Wayback machine
  • The page is not popular enough yet to be crawled.

Google, as a comprehensive search engine that indexes a vast amount of internet content, provides an alternative approach for finding deleted YouTube videos. Even if the videos cannot be retrieved from the Wayback Machine archives, Google search operators offer a way to refine your search and locate relevant information about the deleted videos.

By leveraging these search operators, you can enhance your search queries and increase the chances of finding traces or references to the deleted YouTube videos on various websites and platforms indexed by Google. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Locate the URL of the deleted video.

For example, let’s consider the URL:

Step 2: Extract the watch ID from the URL, which in this case is “5NVT1VkBDWE”.

Step 3: Open Google and search for “v=5NVT1VkBDWE”.

How to View Deleted Videos on YouTube

How to View Deleted Videos on YouTube

The search results will display related keywords on different websites. If luck is on your side, you might come across the video uploaded on other platforms. Please note that the effectiveness of Google search operators depends on whether the video’s URL or related information has been mentioned elsewhere alongside the video.

Method 3: Using YouTube Video Finder (Online Tool)

In the past, we talked about a Chrome extension called “YouTube Video Finder” that provided a way to retrieve deleted YouTube videos. However, it is currently not accessible.

Thankfully, there is an alternative online tool also known as YouTube Video Finder that offers a similar functionality. This tool serves as a convenient shortcut, allowing users to enter the URL of a deleted video and directly search for it in the Wayback Machine and popular search engines.

Here’s how to use the YouTube Video Finder online tool:

Step 1: Copy the URL of the deleted video.

Step 2: Visit the YouTube Video Finder online too, paste the copied video URL, and then click “Search” to find the deleted video.

Deleted Youtube Video Finder Online

Deleted Youtube Video Finder Online

Step 3: The online tool will then give you the shortcut to take you directly to the Wayback Machine and help you quickly search the video using search engines like Google.

Find Deleted Video from Youtube Playlist

Find Deleted Video from Youtube Playlist

Other Potential Methods to Find Deleted YouTube Videos

In addition to WayBack Machine, Google Search, and YouTube Finder, there are 3 additional methods available to help you access deleted YouTube videos.

  1. Utilize Internet Archive Websites: Apart from WayBack Machine, there are other internet archive websites such as These platforms regularly crawl and save web content, including YouTube videos. It’s possible that the deleted video you are looking for might be archived on these websites.
  2. Explore Other Video Platforms: Sometimes, video creators may re-upload their deleted videos on platforms other than YouTube. Check alternative video hosting platforms like Vimeo, Dailymotion, and others. Search for relevant video information on these platforms to see if there are any copies of the deleted video available.
  3. Contact the Uploader or Engage with Users: If you know the uploader of the video or other users who may have interacted with it, try reaching out to them directly. Inquire about the video link or ask if there are alternative ways to access the deleted video.

Please note that these methods do not guarantee the retrieval of deleted video links, as the videos may have been permanently removed or lost. However, by trying these additional approaches, you increase your chances of finding deleted video content.


If you want to view deleted YouTube videos, you will have to find the link of their original link. So there we provide you with some potential methods you can try to find the link: (Please note that finding the link of a deleted YouTube video is not guaranteed. However, by employing these methods, you increase your chances of accessing and watching those deleted YouTube videos without the link)

  • Check Browsing History and Liked Videos: Start by reviewing your browser’s history or your YouTube account’s liked videos section. If you recently watched or liked the video before it was deleted, there’s a chance that the link is still accessible in your browsing history or liked videos list.
  • Utilize Search Engines: Use search engines like Google or Bing to search for the video based on relevant keywords or details you remember. Try entering the video’s title, specific keywords related to the content, or any unique information that can help narrow down the search results and potentially lead you to the video’s link.
  • Explore Social Media Platforms: Search for the video’s title or related keywords on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Reddit. Users often share or discuss videos on these platforms, and you may find the deleted video or additional information, including the link.

2. About “YouTube Video Finder” Chrome extension

The “YouTube Video Finder” Chrome extension used to work by capturing the URL of a deleted YouTube video. Users could right-click on the deleted video and select the “Find Video” option from the extension’s context menu.

Youtube Video Finder - Chrome Extension

Youtube Video Finder – Chrome Extension

The extension would then search for the video in the Wayback Machine, opening a new tab with the archived version if found. Additionally, it would open another tab with a Google search of the video’s URL to explore other possible sources or mentions of the deleted video.

Please note that the “YouTube Video Finder” Chrome extension is no longer available.

3. Preventing YouTube Video from Accidental Deletion

To protect YouTube videos from accidental deletion, there are several steps you can take.

Firstly, enable the appropriate privacy settings for your videos, choosing between public, private, or unlisted options based on your needs. Secondly, utilize YouTube’s Backup and Restore feature to create backups of your channel’s videos and data, storing them securely.

Additionally, be cautious with account access by using strong passwords and enabling two-factor authentication. Review video changes carefully before making any modifications, and maintain local backups of your videos on external storage devices. Lastly, educate and train your team on responsible practices to minimize the risk of accidental deletion.


There has been less success in watching deleted YouTube videos. Recovery and watching depend entirely on whether it has been crawled, cached or re-uploaded.

Your best bet to avoid losing the videos is to download and save them. Uploading it to the cloud does not harm either.


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