How to Screen Record in Laptop with Audio [Best Solution]

Do you know how to screen record in laptop with audio? Without a penny, here is one safe tool to help make it in just 3 clicks!

Saturday May 7, 2022 3:44 PM PDT by Karen Greene

Many people in recent days start self-media on Youtube and Tik Tok to earn extra money. No matter whether you are a lawyer, teacher, writer, and so on, everyone can publish self-made videos to share ideas as well as daily lives.

It is easy to operate, but one trick is that your videos will have more clicks and thumb-ups if they are published with audio. Thus, knowing how to screen record in laptop with audio is important to make money-growing videos. Let’s see how easy it is!

How to Screen Record in Laptop with Audio by RecForth

RecForth is a free screen recorder for tutorial makers, video makers, and YouTubers. It plays a role in live-stream recording, video tutorial making, and so on. RecForth has been downloaded so many times. By RecForth, how to screen record on laptop with sound, and why is RecForth? Here are the reasons!

  • Safe & Free recorder. The research and development team always put the user experience first. And computer viruses or information leakage will not happen here. Besides, it is 100% free to download and use.
  • Personalized service. In RecForth, people often feel free to capture the recording area. You can record whatever areas you like, with/without sound.
  • Unlimited Recording. RecForth promises that recording video clips here will be free for unlimited times. It doesn’t like other tools that only provide users good experiences 3 or 5 times.

Except for the above, how to get started? Let’s check the following 3 easy steps!
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Step 1. Turn on the Speaker and Microphone

Download and open RecForth on your computer, and make sure the volume is on.

Turn on RecForth Microphone

Turn on RecForth Microphone

Step 2. Select the Recording Mode

Select the area that you want to record. Here are two modes available: Rectangle and Window.

Select the Area Recording Mode

Select the Area Recording Mode

Step 3. Start Recording Right Away

Just take Rectangle mode, for example, you can draw the green line wherever you want to as a valid recording area, and then click the “Rec” button on the right bottom to start recording.

Start to Record the Laptop Screen

Start to Record the Laptop Screen

How to Record Screen on Laptop with Audio FAQs

Here is one question on Quora: how to screen record in laptop with audio? High-quality videos are not merely about the picture, but also involve the sound. In other words, a video clip without the audio is like a soldier without a weapon: it’s far from eye-catching.

What’s more, because of the unexpected quarantine policy in certain regions, people from different walks of life are also required to make videos for their studies or business. Here are some relative questions on how to record laptop screen with audio.

How to Record Screen on Laptop with Audio?

Built-in programs on Windows 10 or professional third-party tools like RecForth are highly recommended. But if there are demands on editing afterward, tools would be good.

Other Tips on How to Record Best Videos Online

You don’t have to cover too many topics in your video. If clothing is the theme, then just focus on it, and avoid recording irrelevant contents.

How to Record Screen with Audio for Free

Try RecForth, then you will find how easy and free to record gameplay or make tutorial is.

Other Tips on How to Go Viral and Become Famous on Youtube

Pay attention to your timing! If the content is much about entertainment, then a long video will not be recommended. Try to record the best moments efficiently. Make a detailed script before recording. Many videos look like a mess and thus cannot catch people’s attention. The script will solve the problem and make your clips more logical.

Final words

No matter where you are and what job you are taking on, we-media is a new way to share lives online, especially when people cannot go out home easily. Try to record amazing moments in this routine life! RecForth will provide you with professional help on how to screen record in laptop with audio. Aren’t you going to give it a try?


Karen is a professional writer with a background in column writing who enjoys resolving complex topics and explaining them in interesting ways.

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