How to Auto Stop Screen Recording

Do you want to know how to stop screen recording automatically when recording a meeting or a demo? This article contains different remedies for Windows and Mac to this problem.

Tuesday April 19, 2022 9:43 AM PDT by Karen Greene

Maybe you need to record an excellent game tutorial or funny clip on your computer to post on social media like YouTube or TikTok. Or maybe you need to record an important meeting or a demo of the project for archiving. At such moments, a screen recorder that automatically stops recording is crucial.
Many people are wondering how to auto stop recording on their computer, so you are in the right place. This article will help you solve this problem. Read on to find out how to auto-stop the recording screen on Windows and Macs.

Stop Recording Automatically using RecForth on Windows

RecForth is a versatile, free screen recorder. Help you record games, video tutorials, lectures, webinars, live streams, and Skype calls with ease. This straightforward tool allows you to perform many advanced settings before recording, such as recording the webcam to achieve a picture-in-picture effect, pre-scheduling recordings, and adding audio narration.
After recording, you export video clips without watermarks in HD quality. The steps below give you how to automatically stop recording on Windows 10.
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Step 1. Download and Install RecForth

To ensure a good user experience, make sure your system is running Windows 10. Click the button above to download RecForth and install it on your computer. Launch it and you will see the main screen shown below. Please feel free to download this safe, ad-free, and completely free software.

RecForth Home Interface

RecForth Home Interface

Step 2. Configure Time Duration for Auto Stop Recording

Click the Setting icon on the home screen, and then the Setting window will pop up, and then you can automatically stop recording operation.

RecForth Setting Icon

RecForth Setting Icon

First, click the Recording icon on the left side of the panel, and then fill in the number in the Auto Stop space in the lower right corner. The number filled in represents the recording time duration. Please enter a valid number between 0 and 60. After setting, return to the main interface and click the red Record key to start the recording screen.

Auto Stop Recording

Auto Stop Recording

Step 3. Check the Scheduled Video Clips

When the screen recording time reaches the period you set, the screen recording will automatically stop and save the recorded video. The “My Videos” screen automatically pops up when you stop recording, and you can play, rename, and delete videos. If you want a perfect video clip, the last two buttons on the interface can help you edit and convert the recorded video.

Check the Recorder Videos

Check the Recorder Videos

Stop Recording Automatically using RecExperts on Mac

EaseUS RecExperts is also an app that allows you to auto-stop screen recording. Its full-screen and area mode allows you to turn on the webcam to capture your face and place it in the corner of the screen while recording, thus creating a picture in picture effect.
It has a very simple interface that is not too difficult for beginners to use. At the same time, the software provides an edit function, you can edit the recorded files to get new video clips. Let’s take a look at how to use it to auto-stop screen recording.

Step 1. Download and Run RecExperts on Your Mac

Download, install and launch RecExperts on your computer. When you enter the following screen, click on the “Auto Stop” option.

RecExperts Interface

RecExperts Interface

Step 2. Do the Auto Stop Settings

Now, you need to set the automatic stop recording Settings. Then set the recording duration on the “Recording time arrives (minutes)” option. Then click OK.

RecExperts Do Auto Stop Setting

RecExperts Do Auto Stop Setting

Step 3. View the Scheduled Screen Recordings

After setting up, the program will automatically stop recording and save the video file recorded on the screen. Click the “Recordings” option of the software to check the recording file.

FAQ About Auto Stop Screen Recording

Q 1. How do I schedule a screen recording?

If you run Windows 10, you can try RecForth for auto-stop screen recording. Download and install RecForth on your computer, open the software to enter the Settings interface. Enter a valid number on the blank space, and then click the red Record button to start the screen recording. When you set the specified time, the program will automatically stop the current recording, and capture files automatically saved to the folder.

Q 2. How to start and stop screen recording on Windows 10?

Windows 10 provides users with a screen-recording program called Xbox Game Bar. To activate the program, press Win+G and select “This is a Game” from the window to enter the home screen. Select Capture in the widget, then click the white button to start recording, or press the keyboard shortcut Win+Alt+R to start capturing. To stop recording, click the blue Stop button, or press the shortcut keys Win+Alt+R.

Q 3. How to start and stop screen recording on Mac?

To record a screen with QuickTime Player, a built-in program on the Mac, follow the steps. Open the app, then choose File > New Screen Record from the menu bar. Once everything is set up, just click the Record button to start recording. To stop screen recording on the Mac, click the Stop icon in the upper right corner of the macOS menu bar.

Final Words

All in all, there are different ways to automatically stop screen recording on Windows and Mac, which are both intuitive and easy. Screen recording has helped many people both personally and professionally. So automatic stop recording is also an important term in this era of intelligence.

For Mac users, you can try RecExperts. If you’re running Windows, you can download RecForth to give it a try. The feature-rich platform will give you a more professional screen recording experience.


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