Record the Computer Screen With High FPS[No Lag]

If you wish to boost the video frame rate to 60FPS or 120FPS, use the following technique.

Friday April 22, 2022 6:13 PM PDT by Karen Greene

FPS is the abbreviation of the Frame Rate per second. FPS is generally used to describe how many frames per second video, electronic graphics, or games play. FPS is defined in the graphics field as the number of frames per second an image transmits, which is generally referred to as the number of frames per second of animation or video.

We often need to do computer screen recordings in daily work and life, such as recording gameplay, meeting, course, and living stream. The vast majority of people who use a screen recorder, most want high-definition video without losing frames.  
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The Best Screen Recorder With High FPS

RecForth is a full-featured recording tool that allows you to record your screen at a high FPS. There are 25fps, 30fps, 60fps, and 120fps options to suit your screen recording needs. Generally, we need a very high number of frames to record gameplay, so you can choose the appropriate number of frames to record the game.

In my opinion, it is better to record the number of frames according to the number of frames of the game. For example, it seems meaningless to record the game of 30 fps with 60 fps, while the game of 60 fps with 30 fps will lag off.

How to Record Your Screen With High FPS

List the steps for you to record captured objects while customizing the FPS.

Step 1. Download RecForth for Free

RecForth can be downloaded from the official website or the Microsoft Store and installed on your computer. It is secure, ad-free, and free. Then you can find the program on your computer and click the icon to go to the home screen.

RecForth Main Interface

RecForth Main Interface

Step 2. Preset the FPS

After entering the home screen, you can start to customize the FPS. Click the parameter icon under the Record button, and the widget will pop up and let you choose the desired FPS parameter. You can see that you have four options for you to choose from, they are 25fps, 30fps, 60fps, and 120fps.

Do FPS Setting

Do FPS Setting

Higher frame rates result in smoother, more realistic animations. Generally, 30fps is acceptable, but increasing the performance to 60fps can significantly improve the sense of interaction and dimension. But generally speaking, it is not easy to detect a significant improvement in fluency beyond 75fps.

Step 3. Start Screen Recording at the Set Frame Rate

Once you’ve set up your FPS, you can click on the red Record button to start recording. RecForth starts capturing the target object on the computer with the set FPS parameters. 

Start Recording With The Set FPS

Start Recording With The Set FPS

If you want to pause or resume recording, please click Pause and Resume in the action box, or directly press F2 on the keyboard. If you want to stop recording, click the Stop button or press F1 on your keyboard.

Step 4. View the Recorded Video Clips

When you finish the screen capturing, the “my videos” will pop up automatically. 

Check the Recorder Videos

Check the Recorder Videos

Now you can view the recorded video with your custom FPS. If you are not satisfied with recording the video, you can click delete. Or the last two icons on the panel will help you edit and convert the recorded video to get fabulous video clips.

Frequently Asked Questions About FPS

Why Do Screen Recorders Lag?

A lag usually occurs when your computer’s RAM storage is overconsumed. Lag usually occurs when you have multiple programs and applications running at the same time and consuming a lot of RAM. For most computers, the lag is mostly due to the above.

How to Increase the Frame Rate of Your Videos

Since FPS is closely related to system performance, you can upgrade your hardware to get better FPS. Or you can try updating your graphics card driver. It’s much easier to get an FPS on a desktop than on a laptop, and you can reduce the resolution of your captured objects while recording.

There Are Some Best No Lag Screen Recorders?

If you’re looking for a screen recorder with no lag and need a very high FPS, try Bandicam, which allows users to capture games up to 480 FPS using hardware acceleration. However, normal screen recording does not require such a high FPS, so you can download the free RecForth software to try it out. 120FPS is sufficient for most situations and can be used to professionally capture many gameplay recordings.

Final Words

With the help of a free HD video recorder, users can capture exactly what’s happening on their desktop and save it as a video file or live streaming. For screen recorders, FPS is an important term. 

RecForth, mentioned above, is excellent. And the user can record it at up to 120 frames per second. If you want to record gameplay on your computer without dropping frames and lag off, you can try RecForth.


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