How to Record A Partial Area on Your Computer

RecForth’s support for freely picking a recording region will assist you if you’re wondering how to record a part of your computer screen. The basic methods will allow you to easily record the partial area.

Tuesday April 19, 2022 10:10 AM PDT by Karen Greene

If you’re looking for a screen recorder suitable for recording a partial area on your computer, you’ve come to the right place today. This article shows you an easy way to record parts of your screen on Windows 10.  Whether you’re a streamer or a YouTuber, there are plenty of scenarios where you’ll need to record a part of your computer’s screen.

RecForth is an all-in-one screen recorder that supports recording the full screen as well as a portion of the screen on Windows. You can easily customize the recording area by clicking the “Area” button on the home screen.  

A Step-by-step Tutorial About Partial-screen Recording 

RecForth partial screen recorder is a simple tool that helps you customize recording areas and capture your selected areas. If you utilize this intuitive area screen recorder here on your Windows 10, then you need to follow the following steps to perform in an optimal and efficient manner.  
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Step 1: Choose the Recording Mode 

Find RecForth on your computer and run it.  There are two different screen recording options, namely “Screen” and “Area”.  If you select ” Screen”, you will capture the entire screen.  

RecForth Main Interface

RecForth Main Interface

Step 2: Select the Area Mode 

If you select the “Area” option, there are two different options.  Window mode allows you to record only a single window, and Rectangle mode allows you to customize the recording area.  After choosing the Rectangle option, select the area you want to record, making sure that everything you want to capture is within the selection box. 

RecForth Select Area Mode

RecForth Select Area Mode


You can choose to customize the size of the recording area by dragging the border or define the size of the recording area by filling in the value box at the bottom.  

RecForth Customize Recording Area

RecForth Customize Recording Area

Step 3: Turn on the Microphone 

Click on the button in the toolbar at the bottom of the home screen. There are many different advanced Settings. Click to open Microphone so that you can capture system sound and voiceover synchronously while recording part of the screen.  

RecForth Microphone Icon

RecForth Microphone Icon

Step 4: Use the Pointer Effect 

If you want to use bold colors to highlight your content while recording the screen, you can set the capture pointer to advanced settings.  After clicking the icon to open the pointer, you can customize the cursor color and left-right click effects.  

RecForth Pointer Icon

RecForth Pointer Icon

Step 5: Click to Start Recording 

Once you have completed the advanced Settings and selected the recording area, you can start recording by clicking the red Rec button in the lower right corner.  The floating toolbar provides buttons to pause or stop recording during recording.  In addition, the camera icon can be used for screenshots, which are saved in recorded files.  

Start Partial Recording

Start Partial Recording

Step 6: View the Video Clips 

After recording, the captured video clip will be automatically saved and a pop-up will jump up to show the recorded video. You can preview, delete, and rename recorded files.  If you want a perfect video clip, click on the last two icons to edit and convert your video.  

Check the Recorder Videos

Check the Recorder Videos

Frequently Asked Questions About Partial Screen Recording

If you want to learn more info about screen recording, read on.  You may have a deeper understanding of screen recorders after reading these FAQs about screen recording.  

Q1. What is the best free screen recorder?

There are a lot of screen recorders on the market, but only a few are good and free.  The best screen recorder should not only have good performance but also be fully functional. RecForth is one of the best free screen recorders, it allows you to record with one click and export HD video without watermarks.  The powerful feature allows you to record both a computer screen and a webcam at the same time, taking screenshots during recording.  Unlimited recording times and multiple recording modes make RecForth stand out. 

Q2. Does Windows 10 have a screen recorder?

Windows 10 has a screen recording program called Xbox Game Bar that lets users capture screens on their computers. The software has some limitations. It can’t record desktops and file managers, but it does a great job of recording games.  Pressing Win+ G while playing the game brings up the game bar UI with all the performance measurement tools.  You can view FPS as well as CPU, GPU, and RAM usage.

Q3. Is there a screen recorder that records internal audio?

In our daily life, we need to record the internal sound when we need to record the screen in many scenes.  Streamers, YouTubers, and Telecasters all demand screen recorders that can record internal audio. RecForth is a full-featured HD screen recording software that helps you clearly capture internal audio and voiceover during recording.  Download and install RecForth on your computer, select the recording options you need and turn on the microphone, then one-click to start the recording screen with internal audio.  

To Sum Up

Hence, this article enlightened you on how to record a certain part of your screen solution. RecForth serves as the selected area screen recorder for live streaming, online courses, or recording of teaching exercises.

As well as other excellent features such as setting the bit rate and FPS can’t be overlooked.  This toolkit makes it easier for beginners and professional editors to use its feature-rich platform. 


  • Free and secure to all
  • Exported HD video without watermark
  • Support the webcam overlay
  • Allow recording system audio and voice-over synchronically
  • Take a screenshot during screen recording


  • It only works on Windows 10 so far
  • No editing function during recording

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RecForth - Free full-featured screen recorder for all

  • Free and easy-to-use
  • One-click to exported videos without watermark
  • Customized the size and color of the pointer to highlight important content
  • Allowing webcam overlay to capture the action
  • Record system sound and voiceover
  • Free set up automatic stop recording