How to Record Computer Screen with Audio on Windows 10

This article introduces how to use Windows 10 built-in Xbox game bar program to record screen with audio, followed the detailed steps to use an alternative of Xbox Game Bar for recording with audio.

Sunday April 24, 2022 11:31 AM PDT by Karen Greene

Do you need a screen recorder that can capture the computer screen and sound when recording a tutorial or game tutorial? Many screen recorders can do this, but only a few are free, easy, and high-quality.

The following article lists two free and easy ways to record your computer screen with audio on Windows 10. Both of the recording methods listed here are completely free, and the detailed steps will make the recording screen with audio no longer tedious.

How to Capture the Screen With Audio on Windows

Windows10 provides users with a built-in screen recording program called Xbox game bar, which can be opened with one button for screen recording. From the performance and compatibility aspects, this program is suitable for game recording.

Step 1: Activate Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10

First select the project you want to record, except for Windows Desktop and File Manager, and press Win+G at the same time. A small box like the one below pops up, select “Yes, this is a game” and click. As you can see, this app is even more ideal for recording games.

Activate Xbox Game Bar

Activate Xbox Game Bar

Step 2: Complete the Audio Settings

When the Xbox is activated, widgets pop up and you can set the sound. Click on the audio icon to customize the volume of the speaker and system, and you can also test the microphone (your microphone fluctuates in an audio environment).

Customize Audio Setting

Customize Audio Setting

Step 3: Start to Capture Screen with Audio

After completing the above settings, you are ready to record. First click on the Capture icon and the following interface will appear. Before recording, click on the microphone and then click on the start recording button. The Xbox Game Bar will help you record your screen with audio.

Recording With Xbox Game Bar

Recording With Xbox Game Bar

Step 4: View the screencast

You can turn off the microphone at any time during the recording. If you want to stop recording, press the Stop button. Stop recording and the file will be saved in the captured folder. Click Show All Captures to preview all of your recorded files.

Show All Captures

Show All Captures

This Program has great limitations, it can’t record Windows 10 Desktops and File Explorer, and it can’t pause during recording. There is no support for opening a webcam for recording, this program is more suitable for recording games.

How to Use RecForth to Record Screen with Audio

Given the limitations of the Xbox Game Bar recording process, I recommend a full-featured free screen recorder. RecForth supports recording screens with audio in any scenario. The following is how to record the screen with audio.

Step 1: Run RecForth on Computer

Hitting the button will access Microsoft Store, then click the Get to install RecForth on your computer. Then launch it from the start menu. RecForth is free, secure, and ad-free.
microso download

Step 2: Customize the Audio Setting

RecForth provides users with three recording modes to meet different requirements. The Screen mode allows you to open the full screen and webcam synchronously. The Area Mode allows you to customize the capture area or record a single window. Before recording, click the microphone icon in the bottom toolbar to turn on it to capture the clearest system sound and voiceover.

RecForth Audio Setting

RecForth Audio Setting

Step 3: Start Recording with One Click

After completing the sound setting, you can click the red Record key to start recording. In the recording process to pause, continue, stop recording, you can click the corresponding key inside the action box.

Screen Mode Action Box

Screen Mode Action Box

Step 4: Export the Captured Video

After you stop recording, the recording file is automatically saved. If you want to export the file to the specified location, please preset the output file location before recording. Click the Settings icon at the bottom of the interface to go to the homepage of the Settings:
Click Recording to do output file setting>Click Browse to customize the storage location of the captured video> Go to the specified location to find your recorded file.

RecForth Output File Setting

RecForth Output File Setting

Screen Recorder with Audio FAQs

How to Record Professional-quality Voice Over at Home?

Make sure that the room is absolutely quiet when recording the sound. It is recommended to choose a small room with sound insulation.
It is also important to use professional recording software to test your microphone before recording. If you want to add quality voiceover to on-screen recording, you can try RecForth.

How to make your recorded video stand out from the crowd?

As for how to make your recorded video more prominent, I recommend using a professional screen recorder. RecForth can help you record and export HD video. Video editing is also important. I recommend FilmForth, a free video editor, to make your video stand out.

How to solve the problem that screen recording software can not record sound on windows 10

When we do screen recording, we often encounter some technical problems that cause our recorded files to have no sound. First check whether the screen recording software has opened the microphone, and then see if the computer is set to mute.
If none of the above is the reason, go to Settings to check microphone privacy and click Settings to allow apps to access your microphone. After setting, start recording again. At this time, the recorded file should have sound.


We often need to record computer screens with audio during our study and work. If you just want to record your computer screen on Windows10 and don’t want to download other software, the Xbox game bar is for you. However, it should be noted that this program has some limitations.

If you are looking for a full-featured screen recorder, RecForth is for you. It allows you to open a Webcam to capture your actions and record video in any situation. These two advantages are missing from the Xbox game bar, so download RecForth and have a try.


Karen is a professional writer with a background in column writing who enjoys resolving complex topics and explaining them in interesting ways.

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