How to Screen Record on Laptop Windows 10 [Free/Efficient] 

If you want to do screen recording on laptop Windows 10, then you must not miss this article. Here are two solutions for you to help you screen recording on Windows 10 laptop at zero cost.

Wednesday May 11, 2022 11:08 AM PDT by Karen Greene

Screen recording is a significant feature for all computer users, and it is always helpful to meet a number of demands. By screen recording, people can capture videos that can not be saved directly, teach courses, share video gameplay, and so on. Indeed, Many popular tutorials are made through easy recording and editing. And usually, they are all finished on PC. How to screen record on laptop windows 10? The following will provide 2 free and efficient ways. Stay tuned!

How to Screen Record on Dell Laptop

Screen capture has become the must-know for every computer user, especially for those who have a large need for it. Whenever you want to save something on your desktop screen for later use, screen recording would be the not-bad choice.

How to screen record in laptop windows 10? According to a survey recently, there are two efficient and popular ways to conduct screen capture: a built-in program and RecForth, an easy-to-use free screen recorder. Now the following will introduce how to operate each method with detailed instructions.

According to a new research data recently released by Strategy Analytics, Dell, Lenovo, and Apple are included in the Top 5. If you are searching for how to screen record on Dell laptop, or how to screen record on Lenovo laptop, then you have come to the right place. Those two PC giants share the same operating system—Windows 10, so the following instruction is suitable for both.

Step 1. Open the Start Menu and then Select Settings

Click the Setting button in Windows, and you will see a popup interface.

Click on the Settings Button

Click on the Settings Button

Step 2. Click the Gaming from Setting Popup

After clicking on that, you will see the interface changed to the Gaming part, and then we will have a further operation.

Jump to the Windows Setting Interface

Jump to the Windows Setting Interface

Step 3. Turn on the Game Mode

Click the Game Mode option, and make sure it is “On”.

Turn on the Game Mode

Turn on the Game Mode

Tips: If you want to check the maximum duration of how long a screen recording can be, head over to Game Bar’s settings.

Step 4. Start Recording

After the above settings, press “Win + G” simultaneously to open the Game bar on the operating surface. And click the round/square icon to start/stop your recording.

Once you start recording, the desktop screen status comes with a timer, recording controls, and a microphone.

Recording with Xbox Game Bar

Recording with Xbox Game Bar

Indeed, the built-in program on Windows can meet a vast body of needs. “How to screen record on Lenovo laptop” is no longer a bothering question. But when it comes to tutorial making and high-quality gameplay recording, the editing comes significant.

In other words, you need an alternative screen recorder to support your idea and creation. Why not try RecForth? A truly safe and free video recorder.

The Best Alternative Screen Recorder on Windows 10 for Laptop

There are also a considerable number of third-party software in the Windows 10 Game Bar, which will allow you to record your PC screen without a penny. Of course, most of them are free to download, but the quality of these free recorders varies greatly. How to screen record in laptop windows 10? After testing so many tools, RecForth is the most effective one to try.

Step 1. Turn the Speaker on

After downloading RecForth (tested to be 100% safe) on your computer, remember to turn the Speaker on, otherwise, your video will be mute. And microphone could come in handy if you need to record voice messages on your own.

Turn on the Speaker icon

Turn on the Speaker icon

Step 2. Select the Mode That You Want

Without sign-in or creating a personal account, here are two modes provided in Recforth. People who want to record the full screen would choose Screen by default.

Select the Screen Mode

Select the Screen Mode

And those who want to record selected areas to protect privacy or make a better effect could choose Rectangle or Window from Windows.

Select the Area Recording Mode

Select the Area Recording Mode

Step 3. Get Your Recording Started

Open the RecForth menu on the video interface, and click “Record” to start recording. When the recording is finished, click the same button again and you will find the video saved in My Videos under Recforth.

Start Recording on the Laptop

Start Recording on the Laptop

FAQs on How to Screen Record on Laptop Windows 10

How Long Can Windows Screen Record?

It totally depends on how long your video is designed to cover and the storage of your hard drive capacity. Generally, it is available.

How Do I Record Video and Audio on My Laptop?

If you are a video-making amateur, try Windows built-in program. But if you further prefer a more convenient one-stop method, third-party applications like RecForth are highly recommended.

Why Should I Try a Free Screen Recorder on Windows 10?

To tell the truth, some premium products are not cost-effective as you thought. In this situation, why not try a free one in advance? The only you should be careful about is its safety (no privacy leakage and computer viruses).

Final words

How do you screen record? Frankly speaking, the built-in program within Windows could solve basic requirements on video recording. But when it is not just about how to screen record on laptop windows 10, but about how to make high-quality ones, maybe a third-party application is worthy to give a try.

If you want to further deep-dive into what is the most effective free video recorder of 2022, don’t miss RecForth.


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