How to Reverse a Video on Windows, Mac, and Android (Free and Easily)

This page is a step-by-step instruction on how to reverse a video on Windows 10, Windows 11, Mac, and Android.

Wednesday December 15, 2021 5:28 PM PDT by Karen Greene

To reverse a video is primarily to rewind the video clip and play it backward, in so doing, you get to create some cool and magical scenes which are not normally seen in real life. And that’s undoubtedly a great trick to impress your viewers on social media like YouTube and TikTok. Thus in this post, we’ll talk about how to reverse a video, and no matter if you’re on a Windows PC, Mac PC, or Android, you’ll find the best solutions here.

1. How to Reverse a Video on Windows

In the following guide to reverse videos on Windows, we’ll be using a completely free video reverser for Windows, FilmForth, to reverse any video on your Windows computer. And FilmForth actually does more than reversing videos, such as trimming videos, cropping videos, splitting videos, merging videos, adding transitions to videos, etc.

FilmForth is perfectly compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11, and it’s available from Microsoft store, hit the button below to get it now.

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Step 1. Launch FilmForth and Go to Reverse Video

To reverse a clip in FilmForth, please make sure that you’ve fully installed FilmForth on your Windows PC, and launch it from Windows start menu. Click the Reverse Video shortcut offered from the FilmForth home screen.

Go to Reverse Video

Go to Reverse Video

Step 2. Import a Video to FilmForth

After you click on the Reverse Video button, a small dialog will pop up for you to import the videos you intend to reverse into the program. Hit Select a Video File.

Import a Video to Reverse

Import a Video to Reverse

Step 3. Reverse, Save, and Export the Video

After your video is imported to the program, a small dialog will pop up for you to customize the output file name, file format, and destination path. Then hit the Save button to reverse, save and export the video.

Reverse and Export Video

Reverse and Export Video

Step 4. Wait for the Video to be Reversed

Please wait patiently for the video to be reversed. When it’s done, hit the Show in Folder button to open up the destination path that you customized, so you can locate and play the reversed video clip.

Show Output Folder

Show Output Folder

2. How to Reverse a Video on Mac

If you’re on a Mac PC, you may need to learn from this guide on how to put a video in reverse on Mac. To reverse a video on Mac or play a video in reverse, we need iMovie video editing app which is preinstalled on your Mac computer. iMovie enables you to reverse videos, flip videos, and add text to videos with ease.

  1. To reverse a video with iMovie, first drag and drop the video you intend to reverse into the iMovie timeline.
  2. Select your video clip in the timeline, you’ll know that you have selected it when it shows a yellow border.
  3. Click on the Speed icon which looks like a motormeter from the upper-right side of the iMovie video editing workplace,
  4. Tick on the Reverse option to reverse your imported video clip on Mac.
  5. Now that your video is reversed on Mac, it’s time to export the reversed video from iMovie. Click on File in the menu bar, then hover over Share, and click the File option. After you customized video parameters and file location, you can export the reversed video on Mac.

Additionally, if you are an iOS system, you can find iMovie app on your device and use it to reverse your videos as well.

Reverse a Video on Mac

Reverse a Video on Mac

3. How to Reverse a Video on Android

To reverse a video or reverse play a video on Android, you need a free video editing app Inshot on your Android device. Inshot is a free video editing application that offers many handy video editing options including reversing videos. In the following, you’ll learn how to reverse your videos from the camera roll on your Android device.

  1. To reverse a video on Android, first, download and install Inshot from Google Play and launch it on your Android device.
  2. When Inshot is launched, hit the video button to import the video you intend to reverse from your album.
  3. Tap to select the video clip you intend to reverse. Scroll right on the video editing options and tap on Reverse.
  4. Wait for Inshot to reverse the video, and you can export the reversed video by tapping the Save menu at the top right corner.
Reverse a Video with Inshot

Reverse a Video with Inshot

At last

How did these three methods turn out for you? I really hope you like the outcome! If you still have any questions or further issues reversing your videos, please drop a line below and let us know.

By the way, I’d like to remind you that, in some cases, the audio will sound distinctly weird in a video played in reverse, so you may need to remove audio from your video before reverse, and FilmForth can help with that as well.


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