How to Make Reaction Videos on Windows 10 and Windows 11

In this article, you can easily find out how to make a YouTube reaction video on Windows.

Thursday August 18, 2022 5:23 PM PDT by Karen Greene
How to Make Reaction Video

How to Make Reaction Video

The Internet is sprouting with social video-sharing platforms. YouTube has been ruling all over other social media platforms with over 2 billion monthly visits. Most of them preferably from mobile devices, from over 100 across the world. Google’s own video-sharing platform has given birth to many genres that did not exist before. One such genre is reaction videos, which is commonly seen in many video fields such as gaming video editing. On this page, you can learn how to make reaction videos easily, now please read on to learn more.

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What is a Reaction Video

Reaction videos are the videos where a person or a group of people record their reaction while watching another video. They generally watch movie trailers, TV shows, or funny videos, memes and react to them on the camera.

What Do You Need to Make a Reaction Video?

Choose a Video to React

Reactions have to exhibit your emotions. No one wants you to watch you enjoying a movie with a few changes in emotions. Viewers watch your reaction when you either HATE IT or LOVE IT. So, carefully choose a video that would invoke a great range of reactions. Emote your heart out because sometimes reactions don’t come up on the surface.

The thumb rule is to choose a trending video that is making rounds across the Internet. Another way is to appeal to a specific demographic. For instance, Buzzfeed does the “Foreigners try Indian food…” series, which does well amongst the Indian audience and help garner a lot of views.

Reaction Video Preparation

For creating a reaction video, you need a camera to record you, preferably a webcam, a desktop screen recorder, and a video editor with the picture-in-picture tool. Here we recommend FilmForth for editing YouTube reaction videos.

How to Make Reaction Video With FilmForth on Windows 10 (Step by Step)

Prerequisites to Making a Reaction Video

  • Download and install FilmForth from the Microsoft store. It is available for various versions of Windows 10. We do not recommend the installation of it from anywhere as it may contain malware, viruses.

  • Record yourself reacting to another video, and also keep the video to which you are reacting. Both will be required for making a reaction video.

The specific steps are as follows:

Step 1. Create a New Project

Launch FilmForth, and we head to create a new project for our reaction video editing. You do that by clicking on the New Project button.

Create a New Project

Create a New Project

Step 2. Import Your Media

Now, we add the video to the project. Here we add the recorded reaction. Drag and drop to add the video. The Add Videos/Photo Clips button also works like a charm.

Drag or Add Reaction Video

Drag or Add Reaction Video

You Must Know – The structure we are following is that the reaction footage takes a significant part of the screen. While the video to which we are reacting is placed as a tiny box on the screen. You can do the opposite if that’s the style that suits your audience or content style.

Step 3. Go to PIP Feature

Head to the Picture in Picture option from the home screen of the project. An alternative way is to click on a shortcut in the timeline feed.

Click the "Picture in Picture" Button or Shortcut Icon

Click the “Picture in Picture” Button or Shortcut Icon

Step 4. Add Pic-in-pic Effect

In the Picture in Picture menu, click on the “Add Pic in Pic” button, accompanied by a plus sign.

Add Picture in Picture

Add Picture in Picture

Browser the video to which you are reacting. It will appear as a small box on the screen.

Add the Reaction Video

Add the Reaction Video

You Must Know

  • The circular button on the right top edge of the video is for rotating the box.
  • Another circular button on the right side of the video is for resizing the video box.
  • Set the start of the picture-in-picture video by using the “Set Start” button.
Set Start

Set Start

Select the second video from the timeline feed. Then take the yellow seek bar to the point where you want to see the picture-in-picture video. After that, click on the Set Start button to begin the clip from that point onwards.

Step 5. Save and Export Video

Once everything feels in place, it’s time we save the video. Click on the Save Video button. Select the appropriate resolution, FPS, video quality(bitrate). Keeping the editor’s watermark is optional, and we leave that up to you.

Save the Video

Save the Video

Tips to Avoid Copyright Claim On YouTube

The video you are reacting to or the music in your YouTube video may have a copyright license owned by the respective creators and records labels. We can get the license to use by paying a fee or try some other methods that can help avoid copyright claims.

For Videos

  • Smaller durations of the Video

    It is not a fool-proof method, but many creators take small clips from the content and use them in their YouTube Videos.

  • Modify the Video

    While it falls under the ambit of unauthorized usage of another person’s intellectual property, you can go much farther than one can fathom. Several lo-fi music channels rely on edited clips from movies, TV shows for their YouTube videos.

  • Proper Attribution

    Credit the creator by providing their link in the description, pinned comments. Many artists, creators find it a way of exposure and often allow fair usage of your videos.

For Audio

  • Mute Certain parts

    Famous reaction channels such as Jaby Koay, BlastphamousHD TV2 mute certain parts of the audio of the video they are watching. It helps avoid automatic copyright claims. Manual copyrights filed by agencies company can still be a risk to watch out for.

  • Royalty-free Soundtrack Services

    Services such as Epidemic Sound provide copyright-free music that can be used on the majority of online platforms, including YouTube. Make use of the 30,000 soundtracks library and be stress-free about copyright claims.

  • Copyright-Free Music

    Head to Soundcloud and search from millions of tracks. The majority of them are free with credit to the uploader. Provided that the uploader owns the rights to the music.


Reaction videos are a genre that has caught on in the last couple of years. You can easily create one for your YouTube channel using FilmForth. Take advantage of its Picture in Picture feature that offers tons of customizations along with it. Make sure to match the video timings with the video on which you are reacting. Keep that in mind, along with the license of the content used in the video, and you are golden.


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