Top 58 YouTube Video Ideas for Kids [2023 Updated]

Dive into our post that reveals 58 amazing kids’ YouTube channel ideas, perfect for beginners looking to make their mark. Whether you’re running out of ideas or just starting, these suggestions will provide you with a wealth of creative inspiration, to get more subscribers.

Thursday June 8, 2023 11:05 AM PDT by Karen Greene

Starting a YouTube channel for kids is easy, but consistently producing new, engaging content can be challenging. It’s almost inevitable that you’ll eventually run out of fresh ideas.

YouTube Ideas for Kids

YouTube Ideas for Kids

The content you create for your channel needs to be meaningful, unique, and provide individual value for your viewers. After all, on YouTube, content is king. Platforms like YouTube favor quality content, making it increasingly essential to prioritize not just quantity, but the value your content brings.

For beginners, launching your kid channel on YouTube is as simple as grabbing a camera, shooting a kid video, and posting it after a bit of editing. But when inspiration runs dry, where can you turn for a new kid vlogging idea?

Look no further. We’ve compiled a list of kid-friendly YouTube video ideas to help you keep those creative juices flowing, to boost your audience and subscribers.

Additionally, an eye-catching intro can take your video from ordinary to unforgettable. Check out our guide on how to make YouTube intro videos (with templates) to make your channel even more engaging.

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1. Pop Balloons with Oranges Challenge

Easy and cost almost nothing to do. All you need is an orange peel and a balloon that the kid can inflate.

You can make it a challenge to pop as many balloons as possible between two or more kids.

2. Homemade Acrylic Paint

Kids love colors and playing with them. Demonstrate to make it non-toxic, without food color paint. You will need refined flour, water, and basic kitchen spices.

3. Fun Math Games

Teach fun math games to play with kids. Parents are always searching for intuitive ways to make kids learn different subjects, especially mathematics.

Start with simple games such as the race to 1000, multiplying random numbers to reach the four-figure number.

4. Cooking for Kids

Cooking shows and videos are Evergreen on YouTube. Give it a twist by involving your kids and letting them help in preparing the dish.

Kids doing their things is always cute and may attract an audience of all demographics.

5. Gaming with Kids

Your kid’s first choice would be to play games on the computer, smartphone, and console.

Make the most of it by streaming your little one playing popular games for kids.

There is a particular niche of retro games, which are popular amongst kids. Easy to play, safe for children, and parents do not object to them.

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6. Review Toys

The richest YouTube channel reviews toys for kids. These videos are easy to make, and kids love watching them.

You can create videos of toys to buy for different budgets. That would help the parents as well.

7. Makeup Challenge

Set up a challenge where your kid will do your makeup while you sit through it. Give your child a free hand and film the entire process. Don’t forget to put the end result in the thumbnail of the video.

8. Dance Moves Challenge

Pick the trending dance video challenges from short video-sharing apps such as TikTok, Instagram Reels, etc., and recreate them.
Kids are dancing to the tunes of the trending challenges, and the Internet certainly loves it, as we have seen in the past.

9. Reaction with Kids

This one is a tried and tested theory. The reaction channel works, and lately, the kid’s reaction genre has picked up.

Choose a movie, trending video, or a unique dish, and let your kids try it on camera. Record the reaction and pick attention-piquing titles such as “Kids try XX and this happened”

10. Rhyme Videos

Remember Baby Shark dance, which is amongst the most-watched videos of all time. Backed by simple animation, it has a rhyme that appeals to kids both visually and audibly.

If you are good with animation or can hire a graphic artist, this can go a long way. Rhyme for kids with enticing animation, and you have got a killer combo.

11. Magic Tricks for Kids

Learn any of the simple magic tricks and demonstrate them on camera. You can show your hands alone and do it if you don’t feel comfortable coming in front of the camera.

There are many websites and YouTube where you can learn complex magic tricks to perform.

12. Karaoke with Kids

Sing along with your kid to a popular and trending song. Perform Karaoke for the world to see.

13. Dress as Superhero and Parade the Neighborhood

Join your kid in becoming a superhero and go out to see other’s reaction

14. Visit the Zoo

Make a vlog (video vlog) of the family’s visit to the city zoo. Show shots of different animals, going about their day.

16. Pranking Dad/Mom

Pranks are a great way to garner views from all age groups. Assist the child in harmless pranks such as mixing salt in tea.

Use multiple cameras for a setup-based prank. Handheld cameras would work as well.

17. Grocery Shopping with Kids

Make a vlog while teaching kids how to go about grocery shopping. It can be informative content for the kids to watch.

18. Interesting Science Experiments

Perform endless simple scientific experiments that are interesting for an average viewer. For instance, light up a bulb using lemons.

19. Try Not to Laugh Challenge

Everyone likes laughing, and it is infectious. Play funny videos and keep score of who laughs more.

20. Play Real-life Snake and Ladder

Get a life-size board and start playing with the kids. Set the camera at a height above the board while holding another camera while playing.

Don’t forget to explain the rules to the kids watching.

21. New Hairstyles for kids

Parents want their pupils to stand out from the crowd. Hairstyles for different occasions and moods are always a hot topic.

Demonstrate ways to do hairstyles in the video. Also, mention different products, coupled with your affiliate links for the extra buck.

22. Art and Craft

Let your son do crafts on camera. Create tutorials of easy art and craft for viewers to imitate.

23. Kids Donating Food to Homeless People

What is better than teaching kids a lesson on humility and empathy from an early age?
Philanthropy is well received on YouTube, as we have seen in the past. It has the potential to go viral.

24. Planting Flowers and Fruit Seeds

Head to the kitchen garden or the backyard and start planting away. Let the kids do the easy work, and you take charge of the heavy lifting.

25. Water Park at home

Get a bunch of inflatable water slides, and pools and create a water park. Let kids take it from there and enjoy it.

26. Kids Imitating Different Professions

Dress them as a doctor, or fireman and let them role-play as the professionals on camera

27. Life Hacks for Kids

A lot of the kids love to try new life hacks that help them do things differently. There is fun in doing things the new way.

Lifehacks is a niche that generally sees exponential growth.

28. Kids Playing Piano

Boast the years of piano lessons to the world and garner views along with it.

Play different famous symphonies, blending with other background music. Don’t forget to add animation along with it.

29. New Channel

Get a green screen and let the kid read the news on the camera. Watch along the daily news to get ahold of the way it is presented.

You can also do weather forecasts, which many users might get a kick out of.

30. How To fix Stuff

Kids could use an early tutorial on fixing things around the house. Be it the broken PVC pipe or assisting in redoing the carpet at home.

31. General Etiquettes for Kids

Not everyone’s parents are well-versed in the general etiquette in different settings—for instance, the dinner table etiquettes, social event practices, etc.

32. Discuss and Review Movies

Have you watched a kid’s movie recently with your kids? Discuss them on camera and review them for the audience.

33. Fun with Pets

Does your child love pets? Then get one and start making videos around them.
For instance, for a dog, talk about the best collars and grooming tips, to begin with.

34. Day at the Farm with Kids

Visit a farm in the countryside and lets kids explore the nuances of day-to-day farming.

35. Exercise with kids

There is no harm in teaching basic exercises to kids. Practice it with them and keep them fit in this era of smartphones and online video games.

36. Create Stickers with Kids

Create your own stickers with kids, and you can use the drawing of the kids and turn them into stickers on the door of their bedrooms.

37. Play Indoor Hide and Seek with Kids

Whose kids don’t like hide and seek? They all do. And the audiences will just love to watch what kids will do when hiding or seeking.

38. Road Trip with Kids

Take kids on a road trip and give them a taste of the major enjoyment of us adults. Road trips are absolutely amazing even for kids, they’ll love it.

39. Make a Graduation Slideshow for YouTube

I know there are parents that take a lot of photos of their kids graduating from pre-school, dressing them in the academic dress just like college students. And it’s even better an idea for a YouTube video to be a kids’ graduation slideshow. Learn how to make graduation slideshows.

40. Science Museum Tour

It goes without saying that kids react crazily to novels and new things. And I’m sure you can imagine how funny it can be to take kids to a science museum.

41. Blow Bubbles with kids

Bubbles in the air are not just super attractive to your kids, but also to your YouTube viewers as well. The refraction and reflection of the light make the bubble incredibly gorgeous in the air.

42. Make a Video Montage with Kids

First a special technique to drama, and later in film creation practice, montage is a form of art that has been extended to film. But montage is actually quite easy even for kids. Making a video montage with kids to give kids a time of experience of arts.

43. Build an Indoor Fort

If you’ve got boys in the house, you can build an indoor fort from blankets and pillows with the boys. That works better after a good war movie.

44. Write Stories and Read Them in Videos

Kids with imaginations will love to write their own stories even if they’re still little. And let the kids read their stories to the viewers and let us look at the world in kids’ eyes.

45. Workout with Kids

Go work out with your kids following a Switch game or an exercise YouTube video on your large screen TV living room, film it for YouTube, and let people see how to cure the kids’ little hands and legs move!

46. Costume Matching

Let your kid’s imagination run wild and choose their favorite outfits from the closet to match and display. This will not only improve aesthetic skills but also develop your child’s hands-on skills.

47. Kids Mukang

Let your kids enjoy a meal in front of the camera, and let them comment on the food. But this idea may be more suitable for those well-behaved kids because you have to make them sit in the dining chair and eat well.

48. Gesture Dance

Shoot a video of your kid performing a hand gesture dance with some melodic BGM. These videos are popular on TikTok and are likely to get traffic on the YouTube channel as well.

49. DIY Fashion Show

Encourage your kids to design their own outfits using clothes, accessories, and materials available at home. You could help them set up a small runway to model their creations.

This activity not only promotes creativity but also helps boost their confidence as they showcase their designs.

50. Virtual Classroom

Transform a corner of your house into a pretend classroom. Your kid can play the role of a teacher, explaining simple subjects or telling stories. They could use stuffed toys or dolls as students.

This will be a nice idea to create videos while helping children improve their communication skills and stimulate their imagination.

51. Outdoor Exploration

Plan a trip to a nearby natural setting – it could be a park, forest, or beach. During the exploration, allow kids to interact with the environment, talk about different plants, insects, or sea shells they find, and narrate their experiences.

52. Storytelling

Have your child pick out their favorite storybook and read it aloud. To make it more engaging, they could use their toys to act out the story. This not only improves reading and narration skills, but it can also make story time more entertaining for other kids.

53. Chalk Art

Arm your kids with some sidewalk chalk and let them create their art on the pavement or a sidewalk. Document the process and the final artwork.

54. DIY Projects

Depending on the age and interest of your kid, choose a DIY project. This could range from creating a birdhouse, making a paper boat, or preparing homemade playdough. Guide them through the steps, capturing their progress and final result. You can also use these projects to explain basic scientific concepts for kids.

55. Yoga for Kids

Teach your kids simple yoga poses and breathing exercises. Make sure to explain the benefits of each pose. This activity promotes fitness, flexibility, and concentration.

56. Unboxing and Assembling

Capture the excitement of your kids as they unbox a new toy, furniture piece, or bicycle. Record the process of them figuring out and assembling the parts.

57. Dress-Up/Role Play

Encourage your kids to dress up as their favorite characters from books, movies, or cartoons. They could even reenact scenes, create dialogues, and role-play scenarios.

58. Kids Book Reviews

After your child finishes reading a book, have them share their thoughts about it. They can talk about their favorite characters, parts they found exciting, and what they learned.

Top Free Video Editors for Beginners to Create Kid Videos

The right tool can turn any simple idea into an entertaining kid’s YouTube video that not only attracts viewers but also helps gain subscribers. Dive in and explore these recommendations to enhance your kid’s YouTube video creation journey.

1. FilmForth – The Most Reliable Video Editor for All

Editing videos is considered a complex and challenging activity. However, there are a few video editors, such as FilmForth, which are as easy as they can get.

FilmForth Overview

FilmForth Overview

You can remove and add voiceover a video from the editor itself. Along with that, external audio files can be added as well. Some transitions can be easily added into the video as FilmForth owns lots of fantastic transition effects.

Talking about visual features, you get the effects that are the filters in modern Internet lingo. Apply them and compare them with the default filter during the compare button.


  • All-in-one access to video editing and YouTube video resources.
  • No watermark over any published video.
  • Photo slideshows can be converted into video.
  • Very easy to use for all levels of computer users.
  • Can convert videos into 4K.


  • External subtitle files cannot be added so far.

2. LosslessCut



LosslessCut, the Chromium-based editor, keeps simple, catering to quick trim and paste needs while editing. Talking about its USP, it can batch-convert a bunch of files into a specified format.

With its plethora of audio filters such as Bass&Treble, Compress, Bandpass, Expander, etc., you will never have to compromise on the audio quality and requirements.


  • Straightforward meta-data editor for media files
  • Lossless trimming of videos without skimping on quality.
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Edit history can be viewed to undo unwanted errors.


  • Does not support full-fledged encoding and decoding.
  • Takes lots of time to export videos sometimes.

3. Olive

Olive Video Editor

Olive Video Editor

Feature-rich video editor who is currently in beta. Brace yourself for some bugs now and then. The editor is available for 64-bit OS only as of now, across Windows, Linux, and Mac.

All quick-button functions such as trim, paste, zoom, etc., can be accessed using the keyboard shortcuts.


  • Software engine color management using OpenColorIO.
  • New features are being added with every update.
  • 4K rendering relies on the pre-caching of files.
  • All features can be accessed using keyboard shortcuts.


  • Not beginner-friendly
  • For 64-bit OS only so far

The Last Words

YouTube and other social video-sharing platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and others are onboarding new users every day. The consumption of content has reached a different, peculiar, and dynamic demographic.

Look for YouTube inspiration based on recent trends in social media and study your audience.

Study YouTube analytics to find what content works for your audience. Don’t forget to analyze your competitor’s content to see what is working right now.


Karen is a professional writer with a background in column writing who enjoys resolving complex topics and explaining them in interesting ways.

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