How to Edit a Video in YouTube Studio Editor and Alternative in 2022

This article goes through the detailed steps of how to edit YouTube videos through YouTube Studio editing.

Thursday August 18, 2022 4:18 PM PDT by Karen Greene
YouTube Studio Editors

YouTube Studio Editors

Creating content on YouTube, you have to make the right cuts, join frames flawlessly and perform a gazillion edits to make it right. Anything that seems inconsistent and rough around the edges would disengage the viewers. With the shoestring budget, hiring a professional to edit the videos is out of the question. YouTube’s very own Studio editor can get the ball rolling. But don’t get your hopes up as it has pretty basic editing features. When you are past the standard trimming and cutting, it’s time to look for a video editor that can edit YouTube videos.

Have many YouTube videos in the pipeline, but the editor is slowing things down? Edit YouTube videos without pulling your hair out. Being a video content creator, editing is amongst the crucial elements of the entire process.

So how do we use YouTube Studio Editor to edit our videos? Find out answers below.

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How to Use YouTube Studio Editor to Edit Video

Can you edit videos on YouTube? The answer is positive and there’s a native option called YouTube Studio Editor. Here we learn the nooks and cranny of YouTube studio editors. For minor edits, the editor is pretty handy and helps you make smaller changes to the surface of the video. The following are the steps to edit a YouTube video in the YouTube studio editor.

Step 1. Sign in to your Google account.

Step 2. Head to the YouTube Studio from your desktop browser.

Step 3. Find the Content section in the leftwards bar on page.


How to Use YouTube Studio Editor to Edit a YouTube Video

Step 4. Now, select the video which you want to edit from the Uploads section.


YouTube Studio Select Video

Step 5. In the leftwards menu bar of the video, head to the Editor section.


YouTube Studio Editor Tab

Step 6. Let us trim the beginning of the end of the video using the Trim option given above the video timeline.


Trim Video via YouTube Studio

Since we are trimming the beginning, we move the blue vertical bar towards the right to the point at which the trim is required. The greyed area represents the trimmed part of the video.



Step 7. Click on the Preview button for the dry run to see how it looks. When everything seems good, click on the Save button given above the timeline.

What is YouTube Studio Editor?

YouTube Studio Editor is a web-based video editing tool on YouTube that allows you to conveniently edit your uploaded YouTube videos in YouTube UI.

Pros and Cons of YouTube Editor

YouTube studio editor was formerly known as the creator studio. After going through a complete overhaul of its interface, the studio reached the stage where it is now. You will find features in the video editor of the studio. We get to trim, blur parts of the video, add audio and subtitles to the content.

  • PROS

Edit Uploaded Videos

Requires no computing power of the creator

Extensive music library

Dedicated Studio app

  • CONS

Basic editing features

Rendering edit takes hours

And if you’re looking for another good option for editing your YouTube videos, check below.

How to Edit YouTube video via YouTube Studio Alternative

YouTube Studio gets you across with the basics of editing, but frankly, that’s not enough. A full-fledged video editor can fulfill all your needs and hit it out of the park.

Craft a stunning video and do justice to your professional shot video without requiring a backfoot on any of your creative ideas.

What is FilmForth

Editing videos doesn’t have to be a mundane task. An ideal video editor should put you and your needs in the driver’s seat. Meet FilmForth, which is here to resolve all your editing problems.

Steps to Edit YouTube video via Filmforth

Check-list before we move Forward:

  • First and foremost, install FilmForth from the Microsoft store. Do not trust any setup file from any third-party source.

Download for Free

  • Identify the audience and their device usage to optimize videos. For instance, the resolution, frames, and aspect ratio fits the best for your demographic. It will help produce and edit the video in a swift manner.

Step 1. First, we create a new project to edit the videos. It can be done by clicking on the New Project button.

Step 2. After that, we import a video that needs to be polished. You can use the faster method of drag and drop. On the other hand, there is always the conventional Add Videos/Photo Clips button to do the same.


Steps to Edit YouTube video via Filmforth

Step 3. Pack your bags and get aboard the editing train. Let us look at a few of the many edits possible on FilmForth.

Add Slow Motion

Sprinkle a smidgen of drama to the content. Add the slow-motion and let viewers capture the essence of scenes that demand it.

Step 4. Select the video from the timeline feed, and head to the Speed menu from the tools dashboard.


Add Slow Motion

Step 5. Slide the speed button to the left, lower than 1x. Decrement it by the factor of 0.25x for finding the sweet spot of slow-motion for your video.

You Must Know – For adding slow motion in the middle of a video for a scene, you will need to split the video into parts. Work individually on different scenes by splitting them.

Add Ending/Credit Page

Several YouTube videos have an ending page after the actual content has ended. It is generally a placeholder for promoting other content, along with the plug to subscribe. With FilmForth, you get the option of adding images, colored clips on either end of the video or between clips.

Step 6. Select the video, and click on the Add Color Clip button.


Add End Credit

A video clip of bluish and purple tint will appear at the end of the video. On the editing front, select the color clip and the options to change color; set duration will appear in the tools dashboard.

Add Music to Your YouTube Video

Engage users with the aid of background music in your content.

Step 7. From the edit menu, click on the Audio button shortcut for accessing its menu. It is in the timeline feed.


Add Music Shortcut

Step 8. Click on the Add Audio button, and you will get to the audio import wizard.


Add Audio Button

Step 9. Now click on the Add a local audio file button for adding your music, stored on the local storage.


Import Audio Menu

Step 10. Press the Save Video button for exporting the video.

At a Glance- FilmForth vs YouTube Studio Editor

Differences FilmForth YouTube Studio Editor
Set the FPS Frames can be set Not an option
Add Slow Motion Slow-motion is possible with various speeds Not an option
Blur Faces in the Video Not an option Dedicated option for blurring faces
Audio Speed Option to alter, with the ability to revert it. Not an option
Merge Clips Possible; add clips to the timeline Not an option


The competition is brutal out there on YouTube. You cannot leave a stone unturned in the efforts for producing your videos.

Let the post-production be about the last mile before you upload the video on YouTube for the world and your audience to see. Tangled in the complex editing tools is the last thing any content creator would want.

Take a seat and allow FilmForth to take charge of video YouTube videos while you breeze through the entire editing process.


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