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FilmForth Guide

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FilmForth FAQs

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1. Is FilmForth for Free?

Yes! FilmForth is a free video editor with no-purchase-in-app.

2. Will the Effects and Materials Get Paid?

No! All the built-in effects, music, and videos are free to use.

1. How to remove Watermark with FilmForth?

So far, FilmForth won’t support removing watermarks from videos. But FilmForth provides no-watermark video editing. Or give the Picture in Picture feature a try to change the watermark by covering it.

2. How to Add Music to Videos with FilmForth?

FilmForth provides 3 ways to add music to a video. 1). Free built-in music FilmForth provides lots of free built-in music that users can apply to the video they are editing. 2). Select music from computer Choose the certain background music from the computer and apply them to the video. 3). Voiceover FilmForth supports the voiceover feature which can record the audio users need for the video.

3. How to Add Text to Videos with FilmForth?

Animated text is available on FilmForth now. Users can learn the detailed steps from this guide: How to Add Text to Videos via FilmForth. Only 3 steps to add animated text to the video.

Step 1. Upload the video to FilmForth

Add Video Clips Add Video Clips

Step 2. Upload the video to FilmForth

Add Text to Video Clips Add Text to Video Clips

Step 3. Save the video

Save the Video Save the Video
1. Poor Video Quality When Exporting

FilmForth allows users to adjust output settings. Video quality is closely related to Video Resolution, Frame Rate, and Video Bitrate. It is recommended to keep these parameters the same as the original video.

Adjust Video Settings Adjust Video Settings
2. No Sound in Exported Video

Re-export the video. If it still failed to export the audio, then remove the transitions that were added to the video before.

3. Video Lost Part of its Sound after Exporting

Make sure which part of the sound was missing. And then remove the transition corresponding to this sound part. Re-save the video.

4. The Exported Video Is Blurry and/or Laggy

Download Duo Video Converter from the Microsoft Store and use the video converter to convert your original video to MP4 format. Or change the setting of the original video to a lower resolution. Also, edit the converted video and export it again.

5. Unable to Export the Video

Save or export your video clip again. Uncheck the “Use hardware-accelerated encoding” option to try exporting again. Or change the video resolution and frame rate.

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